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Good Morning Sunday 5th December 2021

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Michael12 Sun 05-Dec-21 05:58:07

Good Morning Everyone ,
Up early as usual, its dark, but signs of rain outside here in Brackley .
Plans yesterday changed , the Buckingham trip never happened , I caught the bus to Bicester instead , as it arrived first .
Later met up with my sister as she is visiting , we went out had some drinks ,and then went to a local Turkish Restaurant for a meal , which was nice .
Today , she returns home , but she and her hubby have plans to visit there daughter in Canada for Xmas, but seeing something on the red button as to travel , they will have to be tested before they can travel regardless of jabs etc .
Take Care,

Scentia Sun 05-Dec-21 06:08:04

Good Morning all from East Staffordshire where it is damp yet rather mild I feel, unless that is just me!!
I am taking the DGC swimming this morning as DD really wants to get on with some decorating, I have refused point blank to go to a running race with DH as he was advised to stop running until he has had all the tests for his heart but he feels if he takes his spray he will be ok but as he is an adult, it’s totally his choice.😡
I will to a small shop in Morrison’s as it is next to the swimming pool and I can add a few stocking fillers to the shopping bill, that way DH will never know I’ve got them!!!
Have a lovely day folks and smile if you can😀

Pantglas2 Sun 05-Dec-21 06:08:44

Morning all from a dark and dry north Wales where I’m busy pouring 🍾🥂🥂🥂🥂cos its my birfdae! And I finally get my penshun wot I bin waytin fore🥳

We’re trotting off to lovely charming York for a few days so can I ask for some dry weather from you Yorkshire
Lasses please - a smidge of 🌞 would be a bonus!

Might be busy touristing til later in the week but will definitely catch up with the bizzinesses each evening - stay safe everyone and have a peaceful Sunday x

grandMattie Sun 05-Dec-21 06:10:09

Good morning from a dark, wet E Kent.
Sorry your trip didn’t happen, Mick, but pleased you managed to see your sister.
I didn’t leave the house yesterday, but did a load of online shopping, and wrote to my GP, explaining why I think I ought to see him. My heel is a lot worse now.
I started three little tote bags for SiL’s nieces. We shall see the little girls, 1, 2 and 5, over Christmas.
Today, I shall be going to help at Sunday School. The leader has asked for a couple of my little Christmas stories involving DGS turning into “SuperFlan” complete with rocket boots, flying into Bible/nativity situations to be read to the children while they craft…. Very flattered. We shall be finishing our Advent window for 20th December. It will be displayed at the railway station as one of the leaders is in charge there.
Hope Marydoll had a lovely time with her “Dollie”, as did all the others who entertained the GCs. Trust that those with difficulties have an easier day. Love much and love well. Carpe diem. 🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩

grandMattie Sun 05-Dec-21 06:11:56

Happy birthday Pant. 🎂🥳🎉

Scentia Sun 05-Dec-21 06:24:34

Happy Birthday to you Pant

Ashcombe Sun 05-Dec-21 06:28:14

Good morning, all you early birds! It’s dry and dark here in Torbay with wind then sunshine expected later.

My goodness, quite a few posts already! Happy birthday, Pantglas2! It sounds like you’re celebrating in style! A Turkish meal sounds like a treat, Mick. Scentia: I can understand your misgivings about your DH running against the medical advice. I hope all will be well.

grandMattie: I hope your correspondence with your GP bears fruit. It really is concerning that many of us are finding it nigh on impossible to see doctors in person. Your church activities sound brilliant! I’m due to play the piano for our early service today as our regular accompanist is still unwell.

The photo is one of the trees I helped to decorate at our theatre, a converted church where we are required to keep the beautiful stained glass windows. Insurance costs are high but it’s worth it! Have a blessed Sunday, everyone! ✝️

Sar53 Sun 05-Dec-21 06:29:58

Good morning from a wet Essex by the sea.
We had a good trip to a craft fair yesterday plus a pub lunch. We would normally go by train, 6 stops about 20 minutes but they were working on the tracks so there were replacement double decker buses. We sat upstairs at the front and the journey took 50 minutes. Neither of us had been on a bus for years but it was good fun and you get a great view on the upper deck.
DH is off to rugby with his grandsons, I think I'll start wrapping presents 🎁.
Roast chicken later.
I hope Sunday is a good day for everyone xx

Sar53 Sun 05-Dec-21 06:30:48

Happy Birthday Pant 🎂 🥳 🎉 🎈 x

Beechnut Sun 05-Dec-21 07:05:50

Good Morning everyone from Severnside. It’s dark and wet.

A very Happy Birthday to you Pant. You sound like you’re enjoying yourself already. Enjoy your penshun 🎉🍾🎉

My favourite daughter will be here later so I’m preparing a chicken dish for us. I’m getting very lazy about proper meals for myself and even if I plan something and buy the ingredients I find something else to prepare that is easier. Probably why I’m a fan of Urms SOAP dish.

A sort out in the garage will be on the cards and some of the stuff for the tip may have to go in the shed until I organise a tip slot run.

Enjoy your Sunday all 🍂💐🦩

notgran Sun 05-Dec-21 07:26:13

Good morning from a dark Hampshire. To-day we were going to see a friend's production of an Offenbach opera. Our plans were to include going to the Natural History Museum to see their Wildlife Photography Exhibition and a nice meal out. Of course as often seems to happen with plans made in advance, it ain't happening. Husband has a dreadful cough (not COVID) which would disturb everyone in the theatre, we will not be "those people". So it will be another day at home. I'm hoping I can get him energised enough to lay out the Christmas train set as once that is done I can put up the Christmas Village and other decorations. I have started moving ornaments to make space and cleaning surfaces. So not the day I planned but it should be a productive one.

kittylester Sun 05-Dec-21 07:33:54

Good morning all from a chilly and dark North Leicestershire.

We are aiming to finish the Christmas shopping today. We only have a few bits to get - never been so organised.

Gwenisgreat1 Sun 05-Dec-21 07:42:37

Good morning all from dry Harrogate - we have a lot of sunny showers forecast for the next week, you might manage to dodge them in York pantglas - it’s a long time since I’ve been there. Enjoy it, the Xmas market is there!
Yes, GrandMattie find some treatment for your foot, it sounds so painful.
Today my DGD is being christened, not sure how she will react, she is 5 after all.
Last night DHand I went to the Everyman cinema and saw Andre Rieu. It was fantastic. If you get a chance - go!! I believe it’s on again on Tuesday what a Showman!! It was streamed from a live show in Maastricht, the audience participation was amazing.
Have a great day everyone

Grandmabatty Sun 05-Dec-21 07:44:51

Good morning all. Polmont is sitting at 1°. It's cold and fairly clear. Happy birthday Pant. Have a lovely time in Yorkshire spending your pension!
Yesterday was housework day. I finished putting out all my Christmas stuff. Today I will definitely write cards. I've moved them from the spare room to the living room so that's progress. Apart from that, nothing is planned. Have a good day all.

brook2704 Sun 05-Dec-21 07:48:00

Good morning everyone from Cambridge where it looks a bit wet
A very Happy Birthday Pantglas enjoy your special day and enjoy York. I’ll give you a wave when our train stops there tomorrow! 🥂🥂💐🎉🎂
Not sure what we’re doing yet today except I know this morning were helping to finish putting up the Christmas decorations

Hope your DH cough improves soon notgran and you can get out and about
Hope the Christening goes well Gwen

Thinking of everyone with worries, take care all whatever the day brings 💐

baubles Sun 05-Dec-21 07:48:26

Good morning Mick, morning all from cold but dry South Lanarkshire.

Glad you enjoyed your meal with your sister Mick.

Happy birthday to you Pantglas, have a great trip.

Doing my tea lady thing again this morning after which I’ll crack on with decking the halls and will also write a few Christmas cards.

Wishing everyone a peaceful Sunday. 🦩🦩

Greyduster Sun 05-Dec-21 07:54:43

Good morning Michael and all GNs. Haven’t got a handle on the weather yet, it’s still pretty dark in South Yorkshire. Sounds like you had a nice day with your sister, Mick! Nothing much doing here today. I have a small shop to do and will make some soup, I think. My lovely cold has settled on my chest so I don’t intend to spend too much time outside. DD is taking part in her running club’s annual Percy Pud race this morning. All runners get a Christmas pudding - and very nice they are too - and it raises a lot of money for charity.
Hope the day is kind to you all, whatever you have planned.

Grandmajean Sun 05-Dec-21 07:59:21

Happy birthday 🎂 Pantglas Hope you have a lovely day.
That sounded like a nice day out for you Mick.
Doesn't feel too cold here in Cheshire but still quite dark and dismal.
Time to get a few Christmas decorations up I think.

GrannyGravy13 Sun 05-Dec-21 07:59:48

Morning all.

Sorry your plans changed yesterday Mick

Happy Birthday Pantglass

It’s dark, raining and breezy here in S E Essex, not pleasant at all!

Yesterday was very productive at Gravy Grange GrandpaGravy put up the lights at front of the house and the reindeers on the roof, along with bringing the Christmas tree in from the garden. My first job will be to put the lights on the tree so that the GC can decorate it later (I will adjust their decorating once they are in bed). Then I shall finish decorating the house, things will be in different places this year (up high) due to The Imp and his curiosity 😂😂😂

I managed to get a lot of wrapping up of gifts done, along with some batch cooking for the freezer.

Roast Chicken for lunch later

Keep safe and well folks 🤶🎄

Greyduster Sun 05-Dec-21 08:00:07

Happy Birthday to you, Pantglas! Have a lovely day!🎂🎉

AGAA4 Sun 05-Dec-21 08:05:07

Good morning from North Wales.
Happy Birthday to Pantglas 🎂🎉🎈
I think I have my Christmas arrangements sorted but who knows these days.
I had a very long phone call yesterday with a friend. Just gassing away for hours about nothing in particular.
Will try to be more productive today.
Thoughts with all who are not well or have troubles this morning. Wish everyone a peaceful day.

Pittcity Sun 05-Dec-21 08:06:48

Good morning from rainy Colchester. Just about to leave to travel down to the south coast to visit my parents with my sister. It's our annual present swap. We used to have a family party to do this but age and circumstances have changed this.

Happy Birthday Pants 🎂🎁

Love to all x

BlueSapphire Sun 05-Dec-21 08:09:49

Good morning everyone from a dull grey Northampton. Shall not be venturing out today. Had enough of the cold yesterday watching rugby, where I am pleased to report that my lucky socks did their trick and we came away with a comfortable bonus point win, 40-19. Was wrapped up in several layers, thermals and a blanket over my knees. A glass of red wine during the second half warmed the cockles though! And enjoyed a warming hotpot when I got home.

Was informed by email yesterday that delivery of younger DGD's Christmas present has been delayed by over a week, so got on line and ordered something else just in case. If the first present arrives in time the alternative can be saved for her birthday.

Will be writing the Christmas cards today; always do them the first week/Sunday of December, so will put some Christmas music on to enjoy, and get in the mood. No cooking today; I have a cottage pie (courtesy of Charlie Bigham!) to put in the oven for my tea.

Happy birthday 🎂 Pant! Have a good one!

Take care and stay safe everyone.

Oopsadaisy1 Sun 05-Dec-21 08:21:39

Good morning Mick and all who follow , Happy Returns Pant hope you have a lovely Birthday week.
It’s dull and damp here in Oxfordshire, we are off to the Hospital this morning for MrOops to have a PCR test then we have to Isolate until his operation later in the week. Let’s hope I don’t run out of milk before then, I should have got some yesterday, but I did the Christmas cards and forgot.
Oh well.
Have a good day everyone and hugs to all who need them.

Marydoll Sun 05-Dec-21 08:26:00

Good morning all from a frosty Glasgow.

I have been awake from five, woke feeling nauseous, so eventually got up and made soup. I have no appetite these days, but still fat, but can always manage some home made soup.

DD and SIL have tested positive for Covid. SIL has been working from home and the only place SIL was in over a week, was a visit to the vaccination centre for his booster, which has certainly opened a can of worms. Thank goodness, despite being my designated carer, I haven't seen DD in a week. It looks like she caught it from my SIL, as she was negative until Friday.
Thankfully, they are both triple jabbed, but obviously I'm really worried.

Wee Dollie was such a tonic yesterday. However, I have learned that she cannot keep a secret, repeating things her mum and dad have said.
Papa and I will need to be very careful in her presence! wink
She helped her papa put up the conservatory tree, while I sat and supervised observed. It was lovely to see her so excited.

What a worry for you, Scentia. I hope your husband sees sense. Perhaps you could remind him of the rule about using the spray.
If you have used it twice in a row, with no obvious relief, the third time, instead of reaching for the spray, reach for the phone and dial 999.
Also ensure you have aspirin in the house, the first thing the ambulance handler will ask, is if you have chewable aspirin in the house. I hope it won't come to that, but better to be prepared.

Wishing you a pleasant Sunday, everyone.
We are putting the lounge tree up today, but we cannot find our forty year old family crib anywhere. ☹ It is indeed a mystery, since its not small!. 😕
Of course, as usual it must be Mr MDoll's fault! wink