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Harry’s ‘pop’ at Charles

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Bluebellwould Mon 06-Dec-21 11:46:10

Harry has apparently had another pop at his dad this time regarding the payment for honours debacle. Harry seems to keep on attacking Charles and I wondered if there might be a particular reason for this. In all of the multitudinous reports on their estrangement I haven’t seen anyone wondering if H is doing this because he believes/knows Charles is not his dad. I am not suggesting that is true but it may be his ‘truth’ as others have put it. Perhaps it would go some way to explain his seeming lack of belonging. Just musing on a grey day, please feel free to wade in or not as the case maybe.

Germanshepherdsmum Thu 09-Dec-21 14:40:12

Stranger and stranger.

Germanshepherdsmum Thu 09-Dec-21 14:41:06

Or perhaps Meghan said Not just now, but if you wait a while…

Anniebach Thu 09-Dec-21 15:03:43

Megan , marginalised and abused, surely this was a joke 😅

trisher Thu 09-Dec-21 15:09:26



Oh I see it's common to speak out when you are marginalised and abused. Keep quiet, stiff upper lip and all that! It seems GNers are still living in the 19th century. Wake up and smell the coffee and realise no one has to put up with poor treatment and speaking out isn't common it's brave. (God help women if this attitude is ever usual again)

Poor treatment?
You have inside knowledge of that do you, trisher?

I feel sorry for the staff who were abused.

Ah yes the staff who allegedly were bullied, only the investigation which was due to report on that hasn't done so yet. And the whole thing stemmed from an e-mail sent in 2018 which means for 2 years the palace were happy to condone bullying and it only became a problem when M&H left . (And allegedly the two staff named have said they were never bullied)

Do you have insider knowledge that she wasn't maginalised or abused Callistemon? Isn't a woman speaking out enough for you?

Germanshepherdsmum Thu 09-Dec-21 15:15:13

Nobody has to believe her just because she’s a woman.

trisher Thu 09-Dec-21 15:26:39


Nobody has to believe her just because she’s a woman.

Nobody has to believe any woman, but a family with a history of mistreatment and disfunction shoud surely have some relevance to the whole subject,
If she was a lone voice you might wonder but the people the family has historically mistreated are many.

Josianne Thu 09-Dec-21 15:35:49

I agree that Diana and maybe others were badly treated, but that is why the family has fallen over backwards with the next generation of those who have married in eg. Catherine, Mike Tindall and Meghan herself.

Germanshepherdsmum Thu 09-Dec-21 15:37:41

I agree Josieanne. I don’t believe Meghan was mistreated. She just couldn’t get her own way all the time.

trisher Thu 09-Dec-21 15:52:26

Well there you have it? Why on earth if you think others were treated badly would you not believe she was, or even think anything has changed.? The only difference is she had the presence of mind and the ability to leave and she did so.

Josianne Thu 09-Dec-21 15:57:27

even think anything has changed
because it has trisher. Things have evolved rapidly to accommodate the newcomer. For example Meghan was invited to sleep at Sandringham with Harry at Christmas before they were married for a start.
I'm sure there are more but I have to do the ballet run now.

maddyone Thu 09-Dec-21 16:03:27

It is alleged that Megan abused her staff, but as that is unproven I stuck to facts in my post about how Megan was not abused. Just because a person dislikes the royal family and is probably a republican doesn’t give them the right to spout unproven allegations trisher. So for example, we know that that some parts of the press wrote disgusting racist drivel, straight outta Compton being a good example. But we don’t know that any member of the royal family made racist remarks. We also know that Megan lies, hence the lie about getting married in the garden three days before the actual wedding took place, and thus dropping the Archbishop of Canterbury in it up to his neck! Poor man, he had to diplomatically refute this embarrassing allegation. If Megan can be shown to have lied about such an important thing as where and where she got married, we are left to wonder how many other lies she may have told.

maddyone Thu 09-Dec-21 16:04:45

where and when she got married

EllanVannin Thu 09-Dec-21 16:31:09

Harry's had an awful lot bottled up since his mum died, probably before that but certainly since with one thing and another.
There'd been no-one left to talk to or for him to grieve properly and discuss his feelings the same as we would and who better than a " stranger " such as Meghan to open up to ?

Bad feeling has to come out sometime rather than it festering inside you. It must have been unbearable when he was a child so it's bound to come back and bite them all in the behinds at the palace as well as leaving Harry with a bad case of PTSD.

Anniebach Thu 09-Dec-21 16:36:10

She apologise to the courts for forgetting emails she had exchanged with an aide who was briefing the author of a book
about her and Harry, was she speaking the truth ?

I don’t think she was

JenniferEccles Thu 09-Dec-21 16:58:16

Around the time the couple left for the US I remember reading a comment from a palace aide who said that the staff as well as the royal family completely refuted Meghan’s assertion that not enough was done to help her settle in.

The aide pointed out that the couple had the wedding they wanted, the staff they wanted, the house they wanted and the overseas tours (for instance Africa) were specifically picked to appeal to Meghan and her interests.
Yet none of this was enough, was it?

It’s all such a shame because she could have been a genuine asset to the royal family.

Like a lot of people I do wonder if she ever had any intention of trying to fit in or if the scuttling back home after a set time was the plan all along.