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Georgesgran Fri 10-Dec-21 12:47:30

Many years ago, I took out an extended warranty on a range style cooker. I kept the payments going for a few years, but when I needed new knobs and discovered these were not covered by the warranty, I did not renew it.
Fast forward a few years and I bought a new washing machine. When the guarantee ran out DH suggested I take on the warranty for a couple of years as I was doing laundry for my DD at the time. The machine broke down in November and after some problems the engineer came out and declared that it needed a new part - the door locking mechanism - which would be available within 7 to 10 days. Since then I have had several messages informing me that the spare part is out of stock, but to be honest it isn’t a great problem as I have managed to wedge the door closed and I’m able to use the machine. My question is ‘has anyone found themselves in the same position and how long did you have to wait until the machine was declared irreparable and you were offered a new one as per the terms of the extended warranty contract?’.

Visgir1 Fri 10-Dec-21 13:28:03

I had a problem with a JL Washing machine, I added on the extended warranty.
After a few years it developed a problem. Phoned JL for engineer to fix.
Apparently fixed, then few months later same problem, re-fixed then again few weeks later it threw a wobbly, as it was still in warranty they had to look at it again.
Phoned JL again who told me that it was a new machine so what was I doing wrong? Err new washing machine???
The previous engineer advised it should have been replaced but nothing happened I was completely unaware of this recommendation.
So I was given a new like for like new washing machine, which was different brand and more expensive.
So, I felt it was worth the extra warranty.

Georgesgran Sat 11-Dec-21 22:32:52

Sounds like you got a good deal Visigirl. I’m going to leave it until New Year, then put some pressure on! The appliance came from Argos and they use D&G for the warranty, so I’m dealing with them. I just have a sneaky feeling they’ll be slow to admit they can’t get the part and declare the machine unrepairable. Hopefully it won’t come to this and the part will be to hand soon. 🤞.

Sago Sun 12-Dec-21 08:52:04

D&G are a dreadful company.
My late mother spent a small fortune insuring every household appliance through them.
She could have had a new washing machine every 18 months for what she spent.
When I eventually intervened and stopped all the payments staff were aggressive.
It’s a huge con.

dragonfly46 Sun 12-Dec-21 08:59:24

Generally I never take out extended warranties but when we had the new kitchen I paid to extend the warranties on all the appliances with Miele. It gave me an extra 10 years and has been a boon. Any little thing going wrong they send a Miele engineer immediately even for minor problems.

FlexibleFriend Sun 12-Dec-21 12:12:09

I have extended warranties with D&G and have never had a problem, they either repair the machines rapidly or replace them like for like where possible.
I also rented out my sons flat and took out warranties on all his appliances and they replaced his washing machine/dryer very quickly as it was leaking into the flat below. I'd highly recommend them.

Georgesgran Wed 15-Dec-21 21:39:21

The good news is the new part is to hand and an engineer will be here on Monday to fit it. The extra warranty has cost £95 to date and my local chap charges £70 for call-out, so think I’m winning, so far.

Deedaa Wed 15-Dec-21 23:05:56

I haven't had an extended warranty for years.I also haven't had any problems with any of my appliances and if one does need replacing they will probably work out cheaper that the warranty payments.

When I had a problem with my washing machine a local chap came out and sorted it for £50.

Grandmagrim Thu 16-Dec-21 08:24:26

I think it’s time they called them what they really are. Single item insurance policies.

henetha Thu 16-Dec-21 10:30:02

I don't believe in purchasing extended warranties.

Teacheranne Thu 16-Dec-21 10:36:33

I try to buy appliances from John Lewis as they usually give a two year guarantee and prices are quite competitive.

mokryna Thu 16-Dec-21 10:39:28

I think that all these machine should made with a dial informing everyone how many times it has been used, not age. This would allow the public to choose the most reliable machine on the market, as every family is different in their use.