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Where would I be without Facebook?

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Antonia Tue 14-Dec-21 22:16:46

On my FB feed.

Oopsadaisy1 Tue 14-Dec-21 22:19:47

You could make sweet music together

MissAdventure Tue 14-Dec-21 22:22:53

Many a good tune played on an old fiddle.

JaneJudge Tue 14-Dec-21 22:23:36


MissAdventure Tue 14-Dec-21 22:24:54

I think we're Bach- ing up the wrong tree...

EllanVannin Tue 14-Dec-21 22:28:32

Don't buy him an L.P. for Christmas.

crazyH Tue 14-Dec-21 22:30:50


MissA - you have hit the right note 🤣🤣

Antonia Tue 14-Dec-21 22:30:50

I am very tempted to add him as a friend...

MissAdventure Tue 14-Dec-21 22:34:52

Add him to your Lizt.

merlotgran Tue 14-Dec-21 22:35:12

Did you investigate the seven mutual friends?

Antonia Tue 14-Dec-21 22:36:53


Add him to your Lizt.


Antonia Tue 14-Dec-21 22:37:51


Did you investigate the seven mutual friends?

I'm intrigued, I'll do it tomorrow..

Calistemon Tue 14-Dec-21 22:51:34

Whatever he's drinking, I'd like one, please 🎶🎵🎶🎵🎶

Witzend Wed 15-Dec-21 08:54:10


love0c Wed 15-Dec-21 09:08:08

I think there is an awful lot of people out there that would be much happier if it had never existed.

BlueSky Wed 15-Dec-21 10:07:08

Very happy with Facebook, couldn’t do without it! smile

BigBertha1 Wed 15-Dec-21 10:13:50

I enjoy FB but keep it under control - I think!!!!

BBbevan Wed 15-Dec-21 14:50:52

Never been on it, never wanted to. Sadly I know from family it can cause a lot of hurt, anger and grief

Elegran Wed 15-Dec-21 15:54:28

That is probably down to the people on it, and how they use it. If they weren't on facebook, they could well be causing the same amount of grief some other way.

NotTooOld Wed 15-Dec-21 16:40:02

Elegran grin

I find it useful to see what the DAC are up to. I also use our village FB page to see what's going on/being sold/wanted etc. I would miss it if it disappeared.

MayBee70 Wed 15-Dec-21 16:48:21

On the subject of Facebook friends I’ve made lots of friends from all over the place. Some replying to things I’ve posted and some that share my name. I’m usually quite careful with which friend requests I accept. But, the other week I accepted a friend request from someone in America. The reason I did so was that he lived in an area where I’m supporting the sanctuaries in his area that are rescuing mustangs that have been rounded up by helicopter and sent to kill pens. He then said why are you speaking to me if you’re in a relationship. It made my blood run cold because half of my Facebook friends are male and are genuine friends. Of course, I blocked him straight away. But it really freaked me out and taught me to be less trusting in future.