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Liz Hurley and Amanda Holden

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GagaJo Thu 16-Dec-21 22:56:36

Why oh why are this brain dead pair so constantly in my online news feed?

I'm so irritated by them that just the sight of their names p* me off. Has a women heading towards 60 really got nothing better to do than constantly take selfies of herself in a bikini?

rafichagran Thu 16-Dec-21 23:06:20

I really cant say it bothers me. I dont think they are brain dead, they have had good careers.
Who cares if they take selfies, it's up to them. Dont let it irritate you just ignore it. Far worse to worry about.

Calistemon Thu 16-Dec-21 23:13:33

It's a bit chilly for bikinis!
They'll catch their death of cold as my Mum used to say.

Tell them to put a vest on.

Ladyleftfieldlover Thu 16-Dec-21 23:23:13

Just don’t read about them. Simple

Galaxy Thu 16-Dec-21 23:24:30

Liz Hurley looks incredible and certainly much healthier than I do.

GagaJo Thu 16-Dec-21 23:25:42

Possibly Galaxy. But what does she DO? A news story, fair enough.

Kate1949 Thu 16-Dec-21 23:55:20

It's Carol Vorderman (aka Jessica Rabbit) who keeps coming up on mine, telling me how wonderful her life is.

Chewbacca Fri 17-Dec-21 00:09:14

Miaow 😼

Rosie51 Fri 17-Dec-21 00:13:10

What a horribly judgemental post! How on earth do you conclude they're brain dead? Neither are to my taste, and I can't say I pay any/much attention to reports about them, but as two very successful women I doubt very much they're brain dead. Indeed it takes an alert, on the button, brain to ascertain current trends towards popularity.

Rosie51 Fri 17-Dec-21 00:14:03


Miaow 😼

Most definitely!!

Kate1949 Fri 17-Dec-21 00:14:56

I don't think they're brain dead. The opposite really. They're making the most of their opportunities. It's just a bit annoying.

Pantglas2 Fri 17-Dec-21 07:13:33


It's a bit chilly for bikinis!
They'll catch their death of cold as my Mum used to say.

Tell them to put a vest on.

That one made me smile Calistemon - a vest is something you wore when your mam felt cold....😄

mumofmadboys Fri 17-Dec-21 07:17:28

Wish I looked like them!

Ro60 Fri 17-Dec-21 07:22:45

They don't come up on my news feeds - although that could be about to change - especially if I mention their names 😎. I think if you show an interest in one, they send you more of the same dross topic.
Depends how smart my smart cookies are.

tickingbird Fri 17-Dec-21 07:23:49

They both have very fit bodies and look amazing. I don’t understand why it would bother you. Think if I looked like that in my fifties I’d be taking selfies. Live and let live.

Beswitched Fri 17-Dec-21 08:05:06

There is a general thing nowadays of making people celebrities for the slightest of reasons.

It must be a bit soul destroying for genuinely talented actors, musicians etc who would kill for the kind of publicity others get for appearing in a reality programme, being related to someone famous, or being an ex of a well known person.

I do think Amanda Holden is an OK actress, but she seems to have treated Les Dennis quite badly.

Lexisgranny Fri 17-Dec-21 08:15:52

Perhaps I wouldn’t go so far as brain dead, but I would prefer to see far less of both of them, but would agree that I would add Carol Vorderman and her never ending selfies to that list. Ps no way, never, ever, would I like to look like Carol Vorderman!

Sparklefizz Fri 17-Dec-21 08:56:42

Plastic surgery and Botox all round.

Galaxy Fri 17-Dec-21 08:58:23

Liz Hurley's body isnt down to plastic surgery alone that looks like lots of hard work. Makes me tired even thinking about it.

rafichagran Fri 17-Dec-21 09:08:38

This thread is also ageist, what's pushing 60 got to do with this?

LadyGracie Fri 17-Dec-21 09:09:00

I'm not against them but do get fed up of them 'popping up'.
Ditto Fergie, Megan, Gary Linekar, Carol Vorderman.

Lincslass Fri 17-Dec-21 09:09:04

Beautiful women, let them enjoy it while they can. Don’t read if it annoys you. I actually admire them for keeping in shape etc. Although having plenty of money does make that sort of keep fit lifestyle easier I would imagine.

Sparklefizz Fri 17-Dec-21 09:14:20

I think it's a shame that Carol Vorderman, who is a very intelligent woman with a high IQ, seems to prefer to be known for her bottom.

Kate1949 Fri 17-Dec-21 09:50:23

I probably sound bitter, which I am, due to all the problems I have had with my physical appearance. However, when I see my granddaughter comparing herself to these 'stars' and striving to to look the same it's upsetting. Good for them that they look good, but they shouldn't keep shoving it in our faces.

Lucca Fri 17-Dec-21 09:54:46

What is a newsfeed ??