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Good Morning Tuesday 28th December 2021

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Michael12 Tue 28-Dec-21 06:06:41

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dark and wet here in brackley this morning.
Xmas on the IOW in Shanklin , arrived on Thursday afternoon via Lymington /Yarmouth crossing , got to hotel , and settled in , on Xmas Eve a morning trip to the Busy Bee Garden centre, followed by lunch ,and in the afternoon a trip to a busy Newport , Xmas Day apart from the usual meals and a xmas gift , Boxing Day an afternoon trip t Osborne House , before returning home yesterday which thanks to heavy traffic and accidents on A34 and M40 causing more delays it took 5 hours to get from Portsmouth to Brackley including 45 minutes at Chiveley .
Overall it was good , we 11 meals between Xmas Eve and Boxing 3 meals each day , plus the coach firm who organised the break , gave everyone a Xmas box when getting on the coach.
Take Care,

Pantglas2 Tue 28-Dec-21 06:19:21

Good morning Mick and gosh you’ve been busy! I felt tired just reading about all you’ve been doing over Christmas!

Things have been a lot quieter at mi Casa with both of us recovering from colds and apart from a lovely time and meal with friends on the big day, we’ve been hibernating!

Trotting out today for provisions and a stroll around Antequera market in the sunshine 🌞- our forecast for the duration is 20 degrees which will hurry our recuperation 🙂

Will pop back later and check on all your mischiefs .....

Scentia Tue 28-Dec-21 06:24:45

Good morning all from East Staffordshire, not sure what the weather is doing today.
It sounds like a lovely holiday Mick
Up early to get showered and ready for a shopping trip with DD and DGD we are off to Leicester for the first time in years.
We are entertaining on New Years Day and having the DC and DGC for the day. I must get some stuff in!
Take care everyone and stay safe.❤️

Beechnut Tue 28-Dec-21 06:46:07

Good morning everyone from Severnside where it is dark and wet.
I almost felt your sunshine Pant and hope to feel some more later as I hope to have a FaceTime with my brother and sister in law.

You sound like you enjoyed your Christmas away Mick. After a holiday I like to get home and to have delays not good but they can’t be helped upon times.

I have hoovering to do and carry on with my sewing job. There are a few in the family sick bay so I’ll check in and see how they are.

Stay safe if out and about 🎄🦩

grandMattie Tue 28-Dec-21 07:10:11

Good morning from a dark, stormy Bristol.
I’m glad you had a good time, Mick.
We’re off home this morning, but it looks like we’re going to be following the storm. I hope there aren’t any delays.
Yesterday was peculiar as we saw “West Side Story” at 1030am! DH was on cloud 9 as it is his most favourite film and was singing happily beside me. Although beautifully filmed, with fantastic choreography etc., I spent it in tears because of the threatening behaviour of all the boys, the constant underlying violence and the poverty of body and spirit of the Jets tore me apart.
Packing and travelling today. We must stop somewhere to get food as, although my freezer is full, I have two wilted courgettes, half an onion and a lettuce in my fridge!
I hope everyone stays safe and enjoys the last day of the holidays. Carpe diem. 🦩🦩🦩

Susan56 Tue 28-Dec-21 07:15:18

Good morning from Shropshire.Haven’t looked outside but can hear the rain battering against the windows.

Sounds like a busy but enjoyable Christmas break Mick.

We are looking after the children for a couple of hours while DD1 meets our niece for lunch out.

Wishing everyone the best day possible and safe journeys to all travelling home today🌻🦩

Jaxjacky Tue 28-Dec-21 07:22:40

Good morning all from a dry, windy S Hants. I’m enjoying these mornings as MrJ’s alarm clock is off for a while, I wake up when ready.
I bet you saw more of the IoW that I’ve seen Mick and I live practically opposite, sounds like a good break.
Washing to do this morning and a walk later, we got drenched yesterday on our late walk.
Have a pleasant day all 🦩🦩

Nannytopsy Tue 28-Dec-21 07:33:36

Good morning Mick and all his followers. It sounds like a good break Mick which I think lots of people are longing for.
We have to collect our clicked shopping today then do some cooking for close family visiting tomorrow. There was a hint of drier weather later today. I do hope so - I have had enough of grey skies and rain.
I hope the day is kind to everyone.

Grammaretto Tue 28-Dec-21 07:44:15

Good morning from the Scottish Borders. Rain expected today.
Mick your IOW trip sounds fab.
I have DSis &BiL staying. It's good to have company. I may set them to work today or take them on a Highland jaunt. Depends on the
Have a happy day if you can

Daisytwoshoes Tue 28-Dec-21 07:45:54

Morning mick and all .
It’s blowing a Gale here this morning
Sounds like you had a lovey Christmas on the IOW mick
Not much planned for today .had a very wet walk yesterday.but it was nice to get some fresh air and exercise after all the food and drink consumed over the last few days .

Have a safe journey all those who are travelling today.
Have a good day everyone . thoughts to those struggling or feeling under the weather💐

Gagagran Tue 28-Dec-21 07:50:20

Good Morning everyone from a dark south coast. Heard rain again in the night but it seems to have stopped. Yesterday it was torrential. Think we might get more today too.

We had a lovely time at DD's yesterday, with great food and a highlight was seeing DGD and her boyfriend as well as our only DGS. We had all done LFTs and all were clear. After lunch we played charades and had quizzes and it was so good to have a dose of our old normal Christmas fun. Missed all that in 2020.

Today is a quiet day and will involve some pottering activities. We don't celebrate New Year as such but I might plan a nice meal for 1 January as I shall be adding to the click and collect shopping order. I fancy making the baked butternut squash with mushroom nut roast that was one of the dishes on offer yesterday and was scrumptious!

Glad you got back from the Isle of Wight Mick and it sounds as if you were well looked after despite the travel delay. Nothing beats your own bed though after being away!

Safe journey home Mattie and sorry you didn't enjoy West Side Story. I share your feelings about. It's never been one that appeals to me. I am going to see The Nutcracker with Moscow City Ballet in early January and that's much more my taste!

Hope all travellers have easy and safe journeys and we all find some sunshine in the day.

Gwenisgreat1 Tue 28-Dec-21 07:51:46

Good morning all from dark Harrogate. Hoping it’s going to be. Dry day.
You sound like you enjoyed your Break, Mick. IOW is somewhere I’ve never been to but would like to explore.
Good to hear your are enjoying the sunshine pantglas. How long are you in Spain for?
Today I am hoping to get into town for some bits and pieces. Will try to dodge the crowds.
Hoping were appropriate all are recovering from the various ailments and no more COVID upsetting plans.
Have the best day possible!

Marydoll Tue 28-Dec-21 07:54:55

Good morning all from Glasgow, glad to see your are safely home Mick and had a good break.

Another poor night's sleep and a still bit under the weather, so a quiet day of zero activity for me. I'm sending Mr MD for bread and milk, (who knows what he will bring back) with the warning to get in and out of Asda, without dithering. Omicron seems to be running amok here.

My close friend and neighbour had a full house on Christmas day, now everyone there has had to have a PCR test as her six year old DGD, Dollie's classmate, has tested positive. The guests included two people, who are CEV. It's very worrying to say the least. My family, despite negative lateral flow tests, declined to hug me on Christmas Day, because I'm CEV, it really hurts, but I do understand that they are trying to keep me safe, but I'm a very affectionate person and this isolation does not sit well with me at all.😪
Of course the backlog means that my friend and her family may have to wait ages for the results, definitely one Christmas they won't forget in a hurry!

I intend to try and stay off the internet today. I wish retailers would stop sending me discount codes for their sales. I have no willpower whatsoever! 😉
However, I managed to pick up some much reduced birthday gifts for DD, and stuff for myself, so I can justify my surfing! 😁

Wishing you all the best day possible and virtual hugs for all who need them. A special mention for the Covid warriors, those dealing with serious health problems, Maria, her wee grandson in hospital and his family. 💐

GM, safe journey home, I suspect you will be glad to be back in your own house, you don't sound like your usual self. 💐
A trouble free journey for those travelling, if you are meeting family and friends, enjoy!

NannyJan53 Tue 28-Dec-21 07:59:42

Good morning from a dark Black Country, so yet to see what the weather is like.

Due to go on a walk this morning with a group of friends, unless it is raining heavily, then it will be postponed. We will make a decision around 9.30a,m

I feel exactly the same about West Side Story grandMattie to me it is glorifying gang violence.

Glad you enjoyed your IOW break Mick I have only been there once and enjoyed it.

My DS will be 46 tomorrow! shock. It doesn't seem possible I am a Mum to a nearly 50 year old! I am only 40 myself wink

Wishing you all a good day, and a safe journey for any of you travelling today.

Gingster Tue 28-Dec-21 08:00:08

Good morning from a still dark Essex.

After sorting out the house having visitors on Boxing Day, I had a relaxing afternoon , reading and watching tv.
No plans today but will see what turns up. The weather is so dreary , we’ve only been walking the dog around the neighbourhood. She really needs a good run. 🐶

We usually go up to our seaside cottage after Christmas and have a couple of weeks there with a few friends/family visiting , but we need to stay put as DD needs us nearby. She has another hospital appointment tomorrow for redressing and hopefully results of the biopsy. 🙏.

What a shame the film upset you so much GM .

Glad you had a good time on the IOW Mick.

Enjoy your sunshine Pantglas 🌞

Wishing you all a gentle day.

Newquay Tue 28-Dec-21 08:00:41

Morning all-can’t see weather yet here in Staffs. Dryer forecast later; hopefully meet a friend for a walk at local NT.
Am envious of you Gwen-in Harrogate-where our DD2 is with DGC. Would love to be there today

Oopsadaisy1 Tue 28-Dec-21 08:00:49

Good morning Mick and everyone from a wet and blustery Oxfordshire. Mick the A34 is nearly always a nightmare especially on Bank Holidays, we usually cut over the Downs when we go down to visit (what’s left) of MrOops family. Pleased you had a good time.
Starting to take the decs down, only the dining room, sitting room and hall to do, these I’ll take down gradually so by Jan.2nd they will all be packed away.
MissOops is unwell and the friend she visited last Wednesday (after her Booster on Monday) has Covid, she’s off to get a PCR today, That poor girl is having a very long run of bad luck, bless her, but she still keeps smiling, they should have been looking at houses tomorrow, but she will have to cancel when the Agents reopen.

Have a good day everybody and I hope we all find something to smile about today.

brook2704 Tue 28-Dec-21 08:10:18

Good morning everyone from Inverness where it’s cold, grey and dry. Your holiday sounds good mick I’m pleased you enjoyed it
I’ve nothing much planned for today, maybe a walk later if it stays dry and I might continue with my Christmas jigsaw, a present from DD2. We’re planning a visit to DD1 in Cambridge over New Year so I’ll be getting on with the packing for that trip too. Hopefully all LFTs will be negative.
Safe journey to everyone travelling today
Thinking of everyone with worries and struggles, hope today is gentle and take care all whatever the day brings 💐

Pittcity Tue 28-Dec-21 08:13:44

Good morning from rainy Colchester.
Woken late today by the bin lorry. Yesterday's rain meant we only left the house to put the bins out. Doing nothing really makes you tired.
Hope it dries up for a while as a walk would be welcome. We have plenty still to eat and had ham, egg and chips last night...a favourite.

Welcome back Mick, glad you had a good time.

Love to all 🦩 x

Ashcombe Tue 28-Dec-21 08:20:11

Good morning from a wet start in Crewe.

I'm pleased Mick had an enjoyable break but sorry to hear of the frustrations of the return journey. I hope grandMattie has an easy journey home. We, too, will be travelling home today.

Have a good day, everyone, whatever you have planned. 🦩🦩🦩

Alygran Tue 28-Dec-21 08:22:32

Good morning from the High Peak. I haven’t looked out yet so not sure of the weather.
Driving home today so I hope it isn’t foggy across the Woodhead Pass.
I’ve had a lovely Christmas break with the family.
Sounds like you had a good break too Mick.
Safe travels to everyone on the move and good wishes to all.

Chrissielou Tue 28-Dec-21 08:24:57

Good morning, its a blustery wet day here in Oxfordshire, we live 'in the middle of nowhere' in quite an exposed location so the wind is howling round us! Another wet muddy dog walk, DH will take one of our GSs to the barbers later, DD1 is trying to avoid going out as she has recently had a diagnosis and needs to avoid catching covid with such a weak immune system and prior to the start of chemo. I'm making the most of being off work, poor DH goes back tomorrow. Enjoy your day.

monk08 Tue 28-Dec-21 08:26:30

Welcome back Mick and a good morning all from the Black country where its wet and windy.
Nothing planned for today will carry on reading my book. Might do some ironing if the mood takes.
Safe journey for those travelling and virtual hugs where needed.
Enjoy your day and may you all find some 🌞.

Mapleleaf Tue 28-Dec-21 08:29:23

Good morning all,

Another dreary day here in South Yorkshire.The rain is battering the window.

Managed to get out for a walk yesterday, it was surprisingly mild, and it was nice to get outdoors for a while.

Glad you enjoyed your IoW break, Mick. It sounds as if the tour company packed a lot into your short trip.

Hope you all have a good day, whatever your plans.

dragonfly46 Tue 28-Dec-21 08:31:01

Good morning from Leicestershire where it is tipping down.
DD is leaving today so hope the rain stops.
The dog is staying til after New Year so definitely hope the rain stops.

Hope everyone has a good day.