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Such a close one

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maydonoz Thu 06-Jan-22 17:46:31

This afternoon the weirdest thing happened to me. Having taken down the tree and decorations, I was hoovering up and was in the corridor cleaning under the shoe rack when I happened to notice an old pair of shoes still sitting there. Now these shoes I thought I had put in the recycling bin in a bag with other old shoes maybe some ten days ago.
It suddenly dawned on me that I had put a brand new pair , that was beside the old ones in the bin.
So I dashed out to the bin, which was going to be put out this evening for tomorrow's collection and with the help of DH we had to go through the contents, luckily it was just packaging etc. We eventually were able to retrieve the bag and of course as I guessed there was my new pair of shoes inside. I had worn them once to my DS2's wedding in June and would have been very upset if I had lost them.
Could not believe my luck, I can only think that some angel was watching over me?
Did you have any close experiences that you just managed to save in time?

GagaJo Thu 06-Jan-22 18:15:10

Not quite the same level of importance. But I awoke to the sound of the bin men yesterday. Sprinted downstairs, shoeless, sleeveless and very scantily clad to put the bin out. Luckily it was still not completely light outside because otherwise the neighbours would have had an eyeful.

GagaJo Thu 06-Jan-22 18:15:55

Oh! And I got there in time for our overflowing recycling bin to be emptied. Thank goodness.

Germanshepherdsmum Thu 06-Jan-22 18:21:52

Oh yes. I've had to rummage through the bin more than once to retrieve things. I still kick myself over my favourite trowel which I accidentally put in the garden waste bin - never found another one like it. I doubt it did the composting machinery much good.

Marmite32 Thu 06-Jan-22 18:26:41

Not on the same lines but I was so relieved to see our binmen
turn up yesterday. They whizz round our back close so fast you hardly see them.
I wouldn't like their job.