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Now Nerdle!

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FarNorth Mon 31-Jan-22 12:47:48

Are you into sums? Nerdle is for you.

It's similar to Wordle, but with numbers composed into sums.
You can choose an 'easier' mode with 6 squares across instead of 8. Best of luck smile

muse Mon 31-Jan-22 12:57:31

Thank you FarNorth. Numbers are definitely my thing.?
I tried it yesterday when you suggested it.

Just done both. I changed the setting and started with Mini Nerdle with 6 columns. Got that in 3.

Got Nerdle in 5 like you.

Sarahmob Mon 31-Jan-22 13:14:27

Boy that was tricky

Nerdle 12 5/6

???????? #nerdle

FannyCornforth Mon 31-Jan-22 14:56:23

I did it in 4!
8 squares.
My first go and I have dyscalculia.
Beginners’ luck of course ?

FarNorth Mon 31-Jan-22 15:12:21

Well done, FC. ??

Aveline Mon 31-Jan-22 15:18:36

Can't do it. Am surprisingly successful at Sweardle though

FannyCornforth Mon 31-Jan-22 15:39:26

Thank you FarNorth smile

Mollygo Mon 31-Jan-22 18:46:49

Well done FC. I got it in 4 as well.

Mollygo Mon 31-Jan-22 18:47:14

Why 3 pics? Don’t ask!

Marydoll Mon 31-Jan-22 19:26:26

I cannot get my head round this. Could someone please explain, what I am supposed to do? I suspect I may be over thinking this.

Yours Sincerely,

#Confused of Glasgow!

CraftyGranny Mon 31-Jan-22 19:45:12

mini Nerdle 12 3/6


My first one, Yeah

CraftyGranny Mon 31-Jan-22 19:49:34

Oh Miss Marydoll, I hope this helps

Red symbolises a correct number in the wrong place
Green is a correct number in the right place
Black is a number that does not appear in the sum

Alygran Mon 31-Jan-22 19:54:06

Mary you make up a sum using the blocks for each character. The mini one has 6 characters so could be 4+6=10.
Then the colours tell you right character and right place like Wordl. You can should be able to work out what the equation of the day is. Maths rules apply.
The question mark symbol has more info and settings gets you to the mini version which might be the better place to start. It was for me.
Hope this makes sense. Good luck.

FarNorth Mon 31-Jan-22 19:59:21

Click on the question mark at top of the Nerdle page to see the rules.

Marydoll Mon 31-Jan-22 20:07:11

Thanks all, I had worked out the colours part, but as usual, I was looking for something much more complicated. blush. I do it all the time! It was driving me to distraction!!

On a lighter note, and tongue in cheek, the maths "pedant" in me (remember Miss Marydoll's Maths Class thread) squirms at the use of the term sum. Sum means add The correct word is calculation , which we hammered into the weans (and teachers) on a daily basis.
By the way, what is the maths equivalent of a pedant? Suggestions on a postcard, please.

Thanks again, Far North.

Marydoll Mon 31-Jan-22 20:14:30

Cracked it, thank you all!!! ? Onward and upwards.
mini Nerdle 12 4/6


Doodle Mon 31-Jan-22 20:23:40

Miss Marydoll ?. Please Miss, I’ve done it in 4 too. Does that mean I go to the top of the class. ?

ixion Mon 31-Jan-22 20:36:43

Er - do I only get one go a day like Wordle??
Have just completed the 'easy' version in 4, while I get the hang of it. Not really a 'numbers' person, so a bit of a struggle thus far...

Doodle Mon 31-Jan-22 20:38:41

Yes ixion only one a day so no excuse for you to miss cleaning the Argy toilets ?

ixion Mon 31-Jan-22 20:45:50

OK Doodle.
I shall up my game to the Big Girls' 8 column version.

That will guarantee that I am otherwise engaged.
I've graduated from practical to, er, cerebral challenges, now, I have to tell you.
Toilets can wait...

Marydoll Mon 31-Jan-22 20:48:54


*Miss Marydoll* ?. Please Miss, I’ve done it in 4 too. Does that mean I go to the top of the class. ?

Well done Doodle, one of my favourite pupils! I hope you will continue to be on your best behaviour, I am still having nightmares about the maths class!
I may have to contact Miss Charleygirl. wink

Alygran Mon 31-Jan-22 20:55:43

Apologies Miss Marydoll. It’s a long time since I was in a Maths class. ( 1974 A Level Further Maths) . I’ll remember to call it a calculation next time ??

Marydoll Mon 31-Jan-22 21:00:32

Go to the top of the class, Aly. ?

To be honest, when I was sitting my Scottish Higher Maths exam, it was also called a sum.
Before I retired there was a drive to encourage staff and pupils to use the appropriate maths vocabulary. There were dire consequences if you didn't do that! wink

ixion Mon 31-Jan-22 21:11:05

I didn't have much of a numbers inclination at school, much to my mathematician father's disappointment.
He was very insistent that I wasn't ever dealing with Maths homework- it was just 'sums'!

muse Mon 31-Jan-22 22:07:01

Steady on ixion.
Be kind to her Miss Doodle. ixion might have to cope with a share or times tomorrow ?. Those lavs could have to wait.

I'm quite fond of a challenging equation so easing myself gently into Nerdle. Mini Nerdle first and then the big one because I suspect the multiplication and division will be lurking soon.

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