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Now Nerdle!

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FarNorth Mon 31-Jan-22 12:47:48

Are you into sums? Nerdle is for you.

It's similar to Wordle, but with numbers composed into sums.
You can choose an 'easier' mode with 6 squares across instead of 8. Best of luck smile

CraftyGranny Mon 31-Jan-22 22:32:56


*Miss Marydoll* ?. Please Miss, I’ve done it in 4 too. Does that mean I go to the top of the class. ?

On yer bike Doodle, I dun it in free.

Those English classes are beginning to pay off !

CraftyGranny Mon 31-Jan-22 22:34:41

Oh, and muse did too also as well

Marydoll Mon 31-Jan-22 22:51:31

Trying to defend myself here, it was my first try. I may watch from the sidelines, in case I embarrass myself! wink

LadyGracie Mon 31-Jan-22 22:57:06

I can't do Wordle or Nerdle, I'm not that way inclined, never have been.
My sister calls me dopey.

FarNorth Tue 01-Feb-22 01:05:23

Sorry Miss Marydoll, we always did sums in my school blush
Calculations it is.

FannyCornforth Tue 01-Feb-22 01:24:06

3! ?
Is actually not being very good at maths an advantage ??

FannyCornforth Tue 01-Feb-22 01:26:26

Like Marydoll I had the correct terminology drummed into me.
The kids were also supposed to know that ‘product’ was the result of two numbers multiplied.
This was something that I often forgot myself!

muse Tue 01-Feb-22 10:07:58

Good night's sleep has done wonders for the little grey cells.
Mini Nerdle in 3
Big Nerdle in 4

Blossoming Tue 01-Feb-22 10:17:17

I decided to give it a go, and to my surprise got it in 3. My brain cells are functioning better than I thought grin

muse Tue 01-Feb-22 10:38:58

Well done the 3s.

Was it for mini or big nerdle Blossoming and FannyCornforth??

FannyCornforth Tue 01-Feb-22 10:40:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

FannyCornforth Tue 01-Feb-22 10:40:57

Shit! I’ll ask for it to be taken down! Sorry! ?

FannyCornforth Tue 01-Feb-22 10:42:31

I can’t post anything without stuff appearing in the background.
Sorry again

muse Tue 01-Feb-22 10:43:12


?I can see your opening line in the screenshot.

FannyCornforth Tue 01-Feb-22 11:01:52

I know! I’ve asked for it to be removed! ?

Blossoming Tue 01-Feb-22 11:04:27

It’s this one muse, I think it’s big Nerdle.

CraftyGranny Tue 01-Feb-22 11:14:07

mini Nerdle 13 2/6

?????? #nerdle

I think I will try the big one next

FannyCornforth Tue 01-Feb-22 11:16:19


Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Phew! ?‍?

CraftyGranny Tue 01-Feb-22 11:23:25

Well, I did the Big One and failed miserably.
That will teach me to show off! But I will try again tomorrow.

muse Tue 01-Feb-22 11:37:38

?Brilliant Blossoming

Sarahmob Tue 01-Feb-22 12:50:54

Nerdle 13 3/6

???????? #nerdle

Much better this afternoon

FannyCornforth Tue 01-Feb-22 12:53:23

Can someone explain please how one can access/ see/ share the simplified coloured squares, with no extra stuff?
As posted above
Thank you!

Blossoming Tue 01-Feb-22 13:32:15

I just do a screen print and crop it. I’m using an iPad. So it gives me that option. If you’re using a phone I don’t know but if expect there’ll be a similar function.

Marydoll Tue 01-Feb-22 13:44:24

There is a button which says Share, it goes to my clipboard and then I can paste directly into my post. No faffing needed.

notgran Tue 01-Feb-22 15:07:37

I have just done my first Nerdle. I usually hate math type stuff but this was fun. Finally Algebra is of some use. Left school over 50 years ago and this is the first time it's been needed.

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