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The boy in the well

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travelsafar Sun 06-Feb-22 11:24:30

So terribly sad that this poor child didn't survive despite all the attempts to save him. I can't begin to imagine how his poor parents feel. sad

tanith Sun 06-Feb-22 11:32:24

Dreadful outcome poor little thing it so nearly worked RIP little chap.

Cabbie21 Sun 06-Feb-22 11:35:05

Devastating news after the the efforts of so many people.

Purplepixie Sun 06-Feb-22 11:36:57

I had a cry when I heard the news. How terrible for the parents. That dangerous area need fencing off as I wonder if any other children/people have gone missing only to be trapped and died like that. Poor little mite - RIP.

BlueBelle Sun 06-Feb-22 11:37:13

I cried so much when I saw this little chap had died all alone in those dreadful dark uncomfortable conditions poor little soul I hope he was unconscious
His poor family and all the people who tried so hard to save him

EllanVannin Sun 06-Feb-22 11:39:58

I was so saddened when I saw the news last night. All the effort put in by the people in such a dangerous area of landslides.
Bless the little fellow. sad

Callistemon21 Sun 06-Feb-22 11:40:05

I hope he was unconscious

Oh, me too, poor little boy.

BlueSky Sun 06-Feb-22 11:44:38

Yes so sad at the outcome, was very much hoping he was going to be rescued alive. Tragic such things happen. RIP xx

glammanana Sun 06-Feb-22 11:45:32

Such sad news I too hope he was unconscious such a brave effort from all those people.R.I.P little man.

nanaK54 Sun 06-Feb-22 11:45:33

It is the saddest news, poor little boy, it would be good to use his name I think
RIP Rayan

Grandma70s Sun 06-Feb-22 11:50:34

I had been watching the rescue attempts for most of the day, in awe at the bravery and persistence of the rescuers. I felt such euphoria when he was finally out - only to be told within a short time that he had died. Just terrible.

Mapleleaf Sun 06-Feb-22 12:12:28

It’s so terribly sad. It brought back memories of the poor little Italian boy who also fell down a well back in 1981. That outcome was not good, either.
I feel for his poor family. RIP little one.

BlueSky Sun 06-Feb-22 12:30:12

Yes Mapleleaf I remember the Italian little boy too, it upset me a great deal at the time, especially as my sons were of similar age.

Sar53 Sun 06-Feb-22 13:10:59

All I could think about was how scared he must have been. RIP Rayan.

Gwyneth Sun 06-Feb-22 13:14:20

Very sad to hear the news this morning. I was feeling positive about the outcome initially as reports were saying they were very close to reaching him and that Rayan was still alive. Devastating for his family and all the people involved in the rescue.

crazyH Sun 06-Feb-22 13:14:22

I too hope that he was unconscious…….can you imagine the terror he would have felt, if he was conscious 🥲

Kalu Sun 06-Feb-22 13:15:01

I was willing this little boy to stay alive and was so sad to read he didn’t make it. Heartbreaking outcome for his family to now live with. Poor baby.

downnotout Sun 06-Feb-22 13:18:07

Genuinely brought me to tears. The boy, his family, the community, the rescue team and the rest of the world looking on and praying the boy would survive. Absolutely tragic.

Serendipity22 Sun 06-Feb-22 13:19:29

I have been following the story and hoping and praying the little boy will be rescued and all will be positive i went to bed lastnight with him on my mind, so much so that I woke up at silly o'clock with him on my mind, read the news on my phone to read he had died, heartbreaking for his parents...

Beyond any words. Xx

Nannan2 Sun 06-Feb-22 13:24:08

In this day & age a rescue of any kind should be a given that it would be successful.

Nannan2 Sun 06-Feb-22 13:25:07

God Bless to Rayan.x

TerriBull Sun 06-Feb-22 13:32:23

Heartbreakingly sad, I had my fingers crossed for him a couple of days ago when I first read about it, but yesterday it did sound as if he may have died now that has been confirmed. A life over before it's barely begun always very distressing so sorry for the poor little boy and his family.

Shelflife Sun 06-Feb-22 17:20:44

Absolutely devasting! Like many others I have been unable to get this small boy out of my mind .

pinkprincess Sun 06-Feb-22 18:50:20

Just found ut he has died poor little boy may God bless his soul RIP

BlueBelle Sun 06-Feb-22 19:07:43

He was alive when they got him out terribull but died soon after The poor parents must have been so relieved then everything dashed His Dad said he only turned his back for a minute he will be distraught