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Valentines cards and gifts.

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Sago Mon 14-Feb-22 08:14:04

30+ years ago I gave birth to our second child, our first son.
I had laboured all Friday 13th and had an emergency section in the early hours of the 14th.

My lovely husband came back to see us at lunch time, he announced that the florists were charging a fortune for flowers as it was Valentine’s Day and handed me a brown paper bag with a courgette inside.

Amazingly we went on to have a third child.

I have told him not to bother with 14/2!

Do you receive gifts?

Beechnut Mon 14-Feb-22 08:20:06

Sometimes I did and sometimes I didn’t.

kittylester Mon 14-Feb-22 08:21:16

We always exchange cards but, this year) DH has surprised me with a booking for my favourite restaurant in a couple of week's time - to recover from half term.

Grandmadinosaur Mon 14-Feb-22 08:34:48

That made me laugh about the courgette Sago
We usually do small gifts but I told him we weren’t bothering this year. I did get him some of his favourite chocolate though and he got me some lovely flowers.
We passed a florist yesterday that was open and a young man was sheepishly going in. I commented how it makes me laugh these
people pressurised into buying gifts for loved ones on this one day when it should be all year round.

Maggiemaybe Mon 14-Feb-22 08:39:44

I normally get flowers, but himself is isolating at the moment so will be excused. I’ve bought him a giant Toblerone which I hope we’ll be sharing.

M0nica Mon 14-Feb-22 08:40:13

Our wedding anniversary is on 17th February so we have never bothered with Valentines day. A nice quiet meal out together on the 17th without any of the razzmatazz, schmaltz and fake romance of the 14th - and a damn sight cheaper and better (for the meal)

JaneJudge Mon 14-Feb-22 08:41:51

He gave you a courgette in a paper bag? grin please tell me where you put it

we don't bother as I think having a wedding anniversary is plenty to be getting on with

Kim19 Mon 14-Feb-22 08:44:00

Never had so much as a card from my husband for this 'load of American rubbish' celebration. However his line of reasoning and suitable alternatives were quite enough for me over all our years ttogether. He was indeed a good 'un.

J52 Mon 14-Feb-22 08:47:33

We always exchange cards, sometimes a little gift if either of us sees anything appropriate.
We also go out for a special meal, this year the Valentine tasting menu at a local Italian restaurant.
After the birth of our first child DH brought me a bag of mini Danish pastries, I’d been addicted to them during the pregnancy. Better than flowers!

BlueSky Mon 14-Feb-22 08:51:40

We always exchange cards, also I usually get a small gift, soft toy, chocolates, red roses, etc. Most importantly he shows that he cares about me all through the year in many ways. Yes we are still in love!

kittylester Mon 14-Feb-22 08:53:13

My post child birth presents have always been cuddly monkeys. confused

ShazzaKanazza Mon 14-Feb-22 08:57:03

My DH always likes to cook a meal for me at home on valentines night..We’ve got some halibut out for tonight. A candle and a glass of wine and that’s us happy. I’m going to pop out and see if I can buy him an orchid inside a vase he commented on how much he liked them.

AGAA4 Mon 14-Feb-22 08:57:21

My post box will be crammed with Valentine's cards as usual 🥰

tanith Mon 14-Feb-22 09:00:18

I always got flowers and very ‘wordy’ card from DH, I do miss him so. Might treat myself to a bunch.

BlueSky Mon 14-Feb-22 09:02:44

For you Tanith flowers xx

ShazzaKanazza Mon 14-Feb-22 09:14:35

💐 you should definately treat yourself as a memory to your DH

Josieann Mon 14-Feb-22 09:20:23

Hope you all have a loving day!

Farzanah Mon 14-Feb-22 09:31:07

There is an anti Valentine/commercialism movement this year with apparently huge sales of anti Valentine cards and gifts. Haven’t seen any courgettes but an animal charity is selling litter trays with your ex’s name engraved on the bottom for example 😍

Soroptimum Mon 14-Feb-22 09:32:44

I got a gorgeous flower arrangement delivered on Friday, couple of days early so the flowers will ‘come out’ more - practical DH! Unfortunately they are red and white so I’ve had to stick a daffodil in with them. Mum was a nurse and would have been horrified.

Juno56 Mon 14-Feb-22 10:11:38

We exchange cards but not gifts. Having said that, he did present me with a packet of Munchies this morning (2 for 1 at the Co-op) 😄.

MayBeMaw Mon 14-Feb-22 10:12:51

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone.

Josieann Mon 14-Feb-22 10:17:03

grin Yup, MaybeMaw. Woof, woof!

Josieann Mon 14-Feb-22 10:19:07

Charming, single young (can be gentle) man looking for a Valentine.
Full of fun and mischief, will take your breath away, loves muddy fields, enjoys food and treats, has a comfy bed to share, maybe with you? ♥️♥️♥️

Redhead56 Mon 14-Feb-22 10:19:16

My husband usually gets me a bottle rose Cava my favourite and flowers a few days before. He refuses to pay triple the price on Valentine’s Day I don’t blame him it’s the same on Mother’s Day rip off prices.

Jaberwok Mon 14-Feb-22 10:25:57

My DH usually comes in bearing daffodils , picked in our Lane!!!This year however, he is having a hip replaced, so a text message has had to do!!