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Good Morning Friday 18th February 2022

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Michael12 Fri 18-Feb-22 05:59:18

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dark , the storm arrived earlier as I could hear howling winds in the night, at the moment its raining with a slight drop of windspeed .
Today after a small local shop, I am planning on getting the bus to Bicester , but will monitor situ once daylight arrives .
Fish & chip day from the chippy before cycling on TV, from warmer climates .
Take Care,

Elspeth45 Fri 18-Feb-22 06:08:30

Wild, wild storm here in Sydney. We lost power for 19 hrs! Rechargeable hearing aids went flat! All good now.

grandMattie Fri 18-Feb-22 06:09:30

Good morning from a very windy E Kent. The wind and rain remind me of the cyclones of my childhood, during one, our kitchen roof came off. It was very scary!
We have cancelled everything today and will batten down. I hope everyone stays safe. Thinking especially of gS and family.
While DH was having his scan, I was making a little tote for Philip’s BF’s 4yo daughter who is coming to lunch on Sunday. I’m delighted with it.
Nothing much else today except everything crossed 🤞….
May the weather gods watch over you and spare you the worst that such storms can throw at you. Carpe diem. 🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩☀️🦩☀️☀️

grandMattie Fri 18-Feb-22 06:10:11

Sydney NSW?

grannyactivist Fri 18-Feb-22 06:20:02

On this day 32 years ago I welcomed my eldest son into the world and he’s grown up to be a thoroughly decent son, husband and father. I like him a lot. 😉

Beechnut Fri 18-Feb-22 06:36:48

Good Morning everyone from Severnside.
The wind has picked up by the look of my front garden tree. I’ve made a chamber pot to start the day. I’m rather scared if I’m honest.
I did my shop yesterday so have nothing to go out for unless I’m told I need to emergency wise. I’ve told Beechnutella that I’ve charged everything.

Thinking of GrannySomerset today.
Stay safe all 💨🦩

Beechnut Fri 18-Feb-22 06:38:16

Forgot to compliment you on the bag Mattie. It’s very pretty.

Georgesgran Fri 18-Feb-22 06:40:09

Good morning from Durham.
It’s snowing - but we are supposed to miss today’s storm.
Lovely bag gM - it’s recipient will be delighted.
I’ll monitor the weather but must get some food in for DGS1’s stay this weekend.
Take care out there everyone.

Ashcombe Fri 18-Feb-22 06:43:30

Good morning all from a very windy Torbay! I often travel North to visit my family at half term so I’m glad I’m not this time!

Tonight, I have tickets for a play in Paignton but I’m wondering how accessible the roads will be. A question of wait and see. Already we have two major long term road/bridge works causing diversions around the area.

What a super design on the tote bag - so appropriate for today, grandMattie!

Thoughts with GrannySomerset. I hope travel isn’t disrupted for any attendees. 💐

DH sees his rheumatologist today who will report on findings and proposed treatment for his osteoporosis. Apparently, it’s windy in France but less so than here.

Take care and stay safe, everyone. 🦩💐🦩🥰🦩

Elspeth45 Fri 18-Feb-22 06:52:41

Yes Grandmattie! But calm now, warm and sunnt

Elspeth45 Fri 18-Feb-22 06:53:59


Jaxjacky Fri 18-Feb-22 06:54:21

Good morning from a blustery and showery S Hants, worse to come, I need to nip out for milk then I’m in.
I’ll be thinking of GrannySomerset today too.💐
Wonderful bag gMattie you have excelled yourself 👏👏.
Take care all 🦩🦩.

cornergran Fri 18-Feb-22 07:05:13

Morning Mick, morning All. Wind is howling now in our red zone corner of Somerset. Wet too with a coastal flood warning for high tide.

Yesterdays trip went well although we discovered our friend had fallen the day before, stuck on the floor for a couple of hours before she could get herself up. Decided not to use her lifeline button to summon help. Her scheme has a falls team, for the life of me I don’t understand her thinking. No bones broken anyway, we were tempted to confiscate her step ladder. We all enjoyed lunch. Sat looking out at the lake rather than walking around it as that would have been too much for our friend.

Can’t help but be cross at the timing of the storm as it’s now unlikely we can get to a much anticipated family celebration meal with our granddaughters. Two motorways are probably not wise today. Oh well, there’s a larger gathering next Wednesday, fingers crossed we make that.

That’s a beautiful bag grandmattie, just right. Thoughts are with grannysomerset.

Be careful out there today everyone. It’s not a day for risk taking.

Grandmajean Fri 18-Feb-22 07:14:36

Morning from Cheshire where the wind hasn't really got up yet. It is coming , though. Am a bit worried and can't help thinking that wouldn't have given it a thought twenty years ago !
Stay at home if you are in a red zone everyone.

Marydoll Fri 18-Feb-22 07:15:23

Good morning Mick and all from a snowy Glasgow.

I just wanted to send my best wishes to GrannySomerset, for the difficult day ahead.

Hoping that everyone will get through the storm safely.

BlueBalou Fri 18-Feb-22 07:18:13

Morning all!
It’s definitely blowing a hoolie here in north Wiltshire but it isn’t as bad as I suspect it might become later. DDog needs a walk so that will be interesting, at least I have plenty of ballast!
Cooking with the DGCs this morning, I’ve been told we’re making a Victoria sponge by 5 year old 😋, 7 year old wants to make pizzas for lunch so that’s me sorted!
Stay safe everyone.

Gagagran Fri 18-Feb-22 07:19:53

Good Morning everyone from a windy and wet south coast. Mild at 10c. Hatches are battened down here as the gales are set to increase this morning before diminishing this afternoon.

Vertigo seems to be in abeyance again this morning so I am hoping that it is in retreat. Did get a useful tip from a GNetter on a PM which I will try.

DS and his DD are due to fly back from a week ski-ing in the French Alps tomorrow morning so I am hoping that the flight goes ahead and is not too bumpy. Will relax once I hear that they are safely home.

It's bizza day for us today - whatever I can scrounge from the fridge and cupboard. Luckily DH is not fussy food-wise and in fact made me a very nice lunch yesterday. He rarely cooks but managed a simple, tasty meal and I appreciated it very much.

Keep safe everyone affected by Eunice - she will soon be on her way eastwards. sunshine

brook2704 Fri 18-Feb-22 07:22:23

Good morning everyone from Inverness where luckily we’ve not got the severe winds here but a forecast of heavy snow instead. I think I’ll be having a day in today too
Thinking of grannysomerset on such a difficul day
Take care if you’re going out to the theatre tonight Ash hopefully by then the worst will be over
Another lovely bag GM
How awful for your friend cornergran I hope she’s ok now
I hope everyone stays in if they can today and stays safe, it’s a shame about disrupted plans but of course safety comes first 💐

GrandmaSeaDragon Fri 18-Feb-22 07:27:02

Good morning from Rutland, where it’s raining and the tall trees at the end of the garden are already blowing around quite alarmingly. We have TPO’d trees known to be infected with honey fungus near the house, but not allowed to remove them unless dead, so am always anxious when winds are forecast.

Condolences to Scentia and Lins on their sad news yesterday.

Pretty bag for a little girl grandMattie, she will love it.

No positive news from SIL in Perth re finding Father’s Will and he is increasingly being bound up in red tape to try and find out anything. Hopes to return next week, the 3DGS are really missing him this half term week and they’ve now been struck by a sickness bug too.

Hope everyone stays safe and connected through the day and wishing all those who must be out and about, safe travels.

Gwenisgreat1 Fri 18-Feb-22 07:34:11

Good morning all from wet but not yet windy Harrogate
Yesterday went to Lidl and Lo! I found the Veggie Box. Wow! Pit I’d already had bananas delivered from Sainsburies. Gave a lot to DD. Today will do a stew with loads of the veggies and probably a load of soup.
I also washed sheets yesterday and got them nearly dry outside!
The little girl will be delighted with the bag GrandMattie
My thoughts are with GrannySomerset.
I’m sorry for those whose plans are disrupted by the awful weather.
Welcome Elsbeth I take it you are “down under”?
Have the best day you can folks

Urmstongran Fri 18-Feb-22 07:37:11

Here’s Matt.

Good morning everyone from south Manchester. It’s calm here at present which I’m grateful for as our daughter will be picking me up at 9:30am. I’m going with her to Clarke’s shoe shop where she has an appointment (yep that’s a thing these days) to get the children’s feet measured for new school shoes. Afterwards we will have a coffee then she will drop me home.
Fingers crossed no sign of Eunice here until mid-afternoon as forecast.

Enjoy Friday all who can but special thoughts go to you today GrannySomerset with your family and friends attending (weather permitting) your late husband’s funeral. An emotional day ahead indeed. x

Gingster Fri 18-Feb-22 07:40:31

Good morning all from the Suffolk seaside. It’s very grey with the sea and sky merging into each other . The sea isn’t particularly rough as the wind is coming off the land. Not too bad at the moment but East Anglia will suffer this afternoon as the storm passes into the North Sea.

We’ll take the dog out before it gets too strong - there’s a sheltered path off the beach, so that’s the way we’ll go.

Grannysomerset - 🙏

Hoping you all keep safe today. 🤞🙏 🌪

baubles Fri 18-Feb-22 07:42:12

Good morning Mick, morning all from South Lanarkshire where we have a little snow.

I’m hoping the snow doesn’t worsen as I have to get to work and more importantly I have to get back!

Sending my good wishes to GrannySomerset today.

I hope no one is seriously affected by the incoming storms. Coorie in and try to stay warm.

ShazzaKanazza Fri 18-Feb-22 07:43:46

Good morning Mick and everyone from a very wet Hull. No real wind yet but it’s on its way.
Really love that bag GrandMattie you are one talented lady. I’m going to message you to make me one they are so cheery.
Today we’ve still got covid possibly hanging over us. I’ll do another LFT today. Mum and uncle all fine yesterday but I’ll see how they are today. My uncles home haven’t told him he has it at the moment. Still distancing from DH. Hate sleeping separately from him. But it’s important he has his endoscopy.
Please stay safe everyone today. Hope your families all get to where they need to be safely. Hope there is some joy in the day for every today.

NannyJan53 Fri 18-Feb-22 07:44:17

Good morning from a wet Black Country. No wind at the moment, concerned that we have a funeral to attend in Telford, and will have to leave here around midday.

It was a lovely sunny day yesterday for our walk from Baggeridge to Himley, with a coffee stop at the end.

Thoughts with GrannySomerset today.