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The Storm ⛈ 💨

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FannyCornforth Fri 18-Feb-22 08:09:19


I thought that we should have a thread about today’s weather.

Please stay safe everyone; it’s very worrying.

What’s it currently like where you are? x

FannyCornforth Fri 18-Feb-22 08:10:09

Sorry! I didn’t see VioletSky’s thread! So sorry

FannyCornforth Fri 18-Feb-22 08:10:41

I’ll ask for it to be removed

fairfraise Fri 18-Feb-22 08:11:14

Underwhelming at the moment here in South Wales, in a suburb. But I'm not on the seafront or on exposed high roads!

Gwyneth Fri 18-Feb-22 08:11:59

Hello Fanny Nothing happening here in Northumberland at the moment just a dull day although we are promised sleet/snow later. Keep safe everyone wherever you are.

nadateturbe Fri 18-Feb-22 08:14:40

Good morning FannyCornforth
North Antrim ...has been raining but not atm, light clouds with blue sky, sunshine. Looks quite cheerful, must check the forecast.

aggie Fri 18-Feb-22 08:18:59

Hi Fanny it’s very still with a beautiful peach and milky blues sky in Co Armagh , but damp and nippy when I went out to check the plant pots earlier !

Grandmadinosaur Fri 18-Feb-22 08:22:36

Morning Fanny here in East Yorkshire the wind doesn’t seem to be bad at the moment. It is very dark and raining though.
What’s it like in Derby? My family are there.

ayse Fri 18-Feb-22 08:25:28

Many schools are closed today in Bristol. Currently there is a blustery wind but not nearly as strong as was predicted, so the jury is out just now.

FannyCornforth Fri 18-Feb-22 08:26:21

Hello again!
I’d better keep the thread now it’s got comments!
Grandmadinosaur it’s very sunny and raining here. No wind as yet

FannyCornforth Fri 18-Feb-22 08:27:26

Gwyneth I absolutely adore Northumberland ♥️

Witzend Fri 18-Feb-22 08:33:18

Very windy here (outer SW London) but I’ve seen worse. No rain yet.

We are forecast ‘red’ here from 10 - 2.
🤞for all GNers with power lines, big trees nearby, etc.

Riverwalk Fri 18-Feb-22 08:33:56

A bit blustery in London - nothing to see so far!

Grandmadinosaur Fri 18-Feb-22 08:37:38

Thanks Fanny I’ll check on my dad this morning.

silverlining48 Fri 18-Feb-22 08:37:44

South of London it’s raining and windy here but forecast to get worse from later this morning.

MaizieD Fri 18-Feb-22 08:39:55

A light covering of snow and a gentle breeze here in Co. Durham. But we weren't predicted much else.

Hope everyone in the red and amber areas stays safe.

Ailidh Fri 18-Feb-22 08:42:22

Howling gales and driving rain on the Fylde coast.

When I took the dogs out for the 06:45 poop walk, it was mild, dry and slightly breezy for quarter of an hour, and then became cold, sodden and galeicious at the throw of a switch.....

LadyGracie Fri 18-Feb-22 08:44:18

Here in Caerphilly sunny with blue skies and a little bit blowy.

Maya1 Fri 18-Feb-22 08:48:24

Morning Fanny,
Hope you keep safe. We have lots of rain and high winds here in East Anglia. We are about 15 miles from Cambridge.
We are in Amber zone, close to the Red though. I must admit to being quite concerned.
I spoke to an ex fireman on our dog walk and he said not to panic but it's easy said than done. Just make sure bins and garden furniture all secured is what he told me.
Take care everyone.

Urmstongran Fri 18-Feb-22 08:49:25

In the last 10 minutes the sky has turned black, rain is hammering down and strong gusts of wind are starting up here in south Manchester. Weather forecast (amber area) is for worse this afternoon. No-one likes these high winds. It’s the unpredictability of flying objects crashing into cars or people.

I always think it’s tragic when, after a storm, some poor families have a funeral to organise when the sun is perhaps then shining and all is calm. So very sad.

Take care everyone as best you can.

Georgesgran Fri 18-Feb-22 08:53:23

Woke to snow falling - just outside Durham City. Gone now and it’s very still. We had Malik a couple of weeks ago with lots of damage.

Daisymae Fri 18-Feb-22 08:57:33

The post has just arrived which is very early for us. The postman said they need to be back by 10am which is when we go red. However it's mildly blowy. Hope they have over egged the pudding, but they are going to look more than a little silly if that proves to be the case.

Galaxy Fri 18-Feb-22 08:59:19

A bit of snow near Durham. There seem to be a few of us from this area smile

Oopsadaisy1 Fri 18-Feb-22 09:02:42

Sunny but blustery in Oxfordshire, our storm is due to hit later.
MsOops is in Cornwall and her cottage is surrounded by oak trees on a steep high hill, so I’m more concerned about her. At least the College is closed so the GCs are with their father in the city, no trees there.
Fingers crossed, not much more we can do is there? everything that can move is locked away and I’ve persuaded the Oops daughters to stay indoors

Yammy Fri 18-Feb-22 09:07:40

It's sunny but very cold here in the far northwest Fanny, rain and light gales overnight. Light winds as yet but looks really black down to the south towards Morecambe. Glad to hear it's not too bad in Derby.
I'm waiting for news of DDs and family, one in the south Midlands the other in the southwest, her husband came home last night as their branch lines had announced they were closed to today. The trains let people with Friday tickets travel a day early.
The winds are building as I type.
Take care stay safe everyone. shamrock