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Good Morning Monday 21st February 2022

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Michael12 Mon 21-Feb-22 06:04:29

Good Morning Everyone ,
Its twilights outside this morning but dry and there is some wind here in brackley .
Today , nothing planned but watch cycling on TV late morning from the UAE .
Otherwise a quiet day ,and planning for next weekend .
Take Care,

BlueBalou Mon 21-Feb-22 06:18:32

Good morning Michael, it’s dry but windy here in north Wiltshire, no rain forecast yet for today.
Messy week here this week with a new boiler and a wood burner stove being installed so plenty of clearing up and cleaning later in the week 🙄
I hope everyone has a good week x

cornergran Mon 21-Feb-22 06:24:11

Morning Mick, morning All from a wild corner of Somerset

Disturbed night with howling wind. Apparently 60+mph gusts. First job will be to check if the remainder of the fence is still with us. I am worried about danger to walkers if another piece flies although I know many have far worse to deal with.

Cottage pie to make today with plenty over for freezer meals. Other than that I’m not sure what today will bring. Some sorting perhaps.

Thinking of everyone managing sadness, health issues, damage or flooding from the storms. Hope Monday is calm for us all with a smile along the way.

Scentia Mon 21-Feb-22 06:30:32

Good Morning all from East Staffordshire where it is windy as a windy place out there!
DH was taken in to hospital last night with a suspected heart attack. It is not a HA but they are doing lots of tests today. He is such a fit man too, he had just come in from a 15 mile run when he fell ill❤️
Have a good day folks.

Beechnut Mon 21-Feb-22 06:36:36

Good Morning everyone from Severnside. It’s a dry start by the looks of it.

I found part of one of my big shrubs had toppled when I went to the compost bin. I’m thinking of some revamping that area now.

I should be ok without my pills Ashcombe. I know we aren’t the same person but I remember DH doctor took him off his same ones for a while when she was investigating what was wrong with him.

Your friend would probably appreciate a letter Urm. I love to see something other than a bill drop through my letterbox. One of the people I write to still likes to use an ink pen.

I had quite a nice day yesterday and even spent some time looking at photos on the laptop. The video we made for DH 60th birthday brought more smiles than tears I’m glad to say.

One more week and we’ll be in March hopefully with more sunshine and the spring flowers to cheer us 🌼🌱🦩

cornergran Mon 21-Feb-22 06:44:04

Goodness, scentia, hope you get positive news today. A worrying time for you.

Ashcombe Mon 21-Feb-22 06:48:55

Good morning, all from a calm Torbay after a day of strong winds yesterday with more expected later on.

I’m so sorry to hear about your DH, Scentia, and hope he is comfortable today and will soon have some results from the tests with ongoing treatment to keep him well. It must have been a shock for you both.

The photo shows a recent impulse buy in my favourite colour which I wore for the first time yesterday. The shop had to order them in my size (3) and when I collected them on Thursday the charming manageress presented me with daffodils and a further 10% discount on the sale price as it was National Friendship Day!

Have a good week, everyone! 🦩🥰🦩💐🦩

grandMattie Mon 21-Feb-22 06:53:14

Good morning from a clear, bright I sh E Kent.
Goodness this is late for me! I was beyond tired last night, in bed by 2115 and fast asleep by 2200. I didn’t wake up until 0630. A rarity for me as my usual waking up time is between 3and4am!
Oh, scentia, I hope your DH is ok and it nothing too serious.
We had a very nice but exhausting day with Philip’s friend and family. The little girl was a tornado. All that noise wore both of us out completely.
DGS stayed an extra night, to his mother’s displeasure. Not happy to be caught up in her wrath…
Cleaning and sorting things out. I’m going to Bristol on my own tomorrow returning Thursday morning first thing. DH doesn’t feel well enough to do the train (or car) journey. I hope we get results soon. It is very wearing to have so much constant unexplained pain.
I hope today’s storm doesn’t bring more problems to those in the west.
Carpe diem. 🦩🦩🦩❤️☀️☀️❤️🦩🦩

baubles Mon 21-Feb-22 06:54:29

Good morning Mick, morning all from blustery South Lanarkshire.

How frightening for you both Scentia, sending my best wishes to you and your DH.

I’m off to work again but hopefully this will be the first of only two working days this week.

Have as good a day as possible everyone.

Gagagran Mon 21-Feb-22 06:56:16

Good Morning from a breezy 5c south coast. We are promised sunny spells today with the winds easing tonight.

Sorry to hear about your DH Scentia and hope you get good news today. It's never easy waiting for a diagnosis. flowers

Found my wedding ring in bed this bed. My fingers seem to have shrunk so I need to get it made smaller I think or I risk losing it. That would be a shame after 57 years! Meanwhile I have a silver one to wear, which is a better fit.

Nothing much planned for today so I shall be in Mr Micawber mode.

Have the best day you can everyone. sunshine

Marydoll Mon 21-Feb-22 06:59:46

Good morning Mick and all from a very windy Glasgow.

Scentia, what a shock for you and your husband, I hope the hospital get to the bottom of things quickly. Sending best wishes for a speedy recovery. 💐

Gillangran, I hope you had a lovely day yesterday. 💐 for Gingster, I hope there is some progress today.

DH is golfing (he is mad, playing on an extremely, hilly golf course in this wind). I shall enjoy my empty, just pottering about.
I didn't sleep well, still feeling ropey after my fourth vaccination, anxious over silly things about the wedding next week, being well enough to get through the day and not letting the happy couple down etc, etc. Silly, I know!! It will be alright on the day.

For those going through difficult times, withing you a peaceful and gentle day. day.

Urmstongran Mon 21-Feb-22 07:11:38

No Matt, it’s Monday.

Good morning everyone from south Manchester where we have Storm Franklin outside. The sound of fierce gusts of wind woke me several times in the night. We’ve just had a text asking if we can bob over at 8am to run the grandchildren to school rather than them being dropped off at their childminder’s which then entails a 20minute walk to school. Of course we can! L’il Miss would get knocked sideways in this. 3 named storms in one week is pretty grim. Sadly, for some people, flooding in some areas is forecast now.

Oh Scentia what a worry for you last night. Thinking he was having a heart attack after a run must have been scary for you both. I hope tests reveal the cause and that whatever it was is eminently treatable. Love the boots Ashcombe!

Stay safe. x

grandMattie Mon 21-Feb-22 07:19:43

Love the boots, Ash. When would you wear them? And what tiny feet! Mine are 6 1/2-7…
Marydoll, I have only one thing to say to you - Rest, rest, rest… fill your mind with your sexy mandarin/Korean detectives to empty your head. Best wishes for the wedding.

Grandmadinosaur Mon 21-Feb-22 07:21:48

Good morning from East Yorkshire where it is extremely windy and raining. I’ve been awake for a while being woken from a bad dream.

Yesterday we’d nipped out for a coffee and to get things from B&M late morning. We were returning home and waiting on a red light at a T junction with a tight corner. We witnessed a large Co op delivery lorry coming through miss the corner and plough in to the florist in the corner. It was like one of those slow motion movements. DH ran across to help whilst I rang emergency services. It turns out the driver having just left the Co op had come to after blacking out. He remembered going through the traffic lights but nothing after that. It was only a moment of seconds. There were 4 fire engines also attending as they had to make the building safe and the person in the flat above did not want to leave the property. I walked home whilst DH stayed as long as required.
No plans today I will be staying put indoors where I can find plenty to keep me occupied.

Sorry to hear about your husband Scentia and I hope the hospital can get to the bottom of things.

Take care and safe everyone.

Jaxjacky Mon 21-Feb-22 07:22:32

Good morning Mick and all from a still breezy S Hants, dry though.
A shock Scentia hopefully some good news soon.
I also hope Gingster has power back and can start clearing up.
I have some admin updates to do today and a bit of housework, out for a walk this afternoon.
Have a pleasant day all, thoughts with those struggling 🦩🦩.

Grandmadinosaur Mon 21-Feb-22 07:25:18

Forgot to say I love the boots Ashcombe

Yes * Marydoll* do rest and try not to stress. Easier said than done I know.

Gingster Mon 21-Feb-22 07:26:17

Good morning all and we are back in Essex.
Our power at our Suffolk cottage was still not recovered ! A ‘scout’ came along and made the hanging cables safe but said as it is a holiday home , we are not priority and it could take up to a week to be fixed. Still 5000 people without power in Suffolk!

That did it! Dh was up and running ! ‘We’re off’ he said.
We had a very hairy and rocky journey home, especially over the Orwell Bridge! 💨💨💨.

So lovely to be home with heat, light, hot water etc. You don’t realise , til you havent got it. . A nice hot bath! Bliss! 🛀.

Of course I’ve left bread in the bread bin and veg in the fridge. My lovely neighbour will rescue it and hopefully make use of it. Flowers on the way to her 💐.
Thankyou all for your lovely supportive messages. You are all so kind. ❤️

Oh my goodness Scentia - what a shock for you both. Hope your dh gets results and gets sorted. 🙏

Ash - what fabulous boots and what a ‘snip’. 🥾🥾. 👍

GM - what a shame your gs’s mum wasn’t happy about him staying an extra night. You would think she’d realise he needs his gran at this time. 😥.

Lucky you found your ring gaga. You might have lost it while you were out somewhere! 57 years is a long time and you would have missed it dearly!

Marydoll - I’m sure all will be well. Natural to be anxious but once the wedding day is here, just enjoy it. 👰‍♀️💒.

Looking forward to next Monday GG and Sar. 👋

Keep safe and cosy everyone. The storms haven’t gone yet. 🌪

Grandmabatty Mon 21-Feb-22 07:29:34

Good morning all from Polmont where it's 6°. Clear skies and fairly calm. There's some debris in the street, although I heard nothing in the night. Lovely boots Ash and what a nice story. Scentia what a fright! I hope your dh is fully recovered and they can sort it out.
I changed over curtains yesterday and my knees are suffering today. All that hoisting myself up on a dining room chair and down again many times has done the damage. However I am very happy with the new mustard colour scheme in the living room, so much so that I ordered new orange cushions and an ochre vase and yellow glass candlestick. They arrive today.
I am going nowhere today. I have stomach pains which woke me early so a quiet day ahead. Dd is dropping by with cake so that'll be nice. Have a good day all.

FannyCornforth Mon 21-Feb-22 07:32:00

Morning all
Scentia you poor thing, how scary thanks
I really hope things get sorted very soon.

My DH has been ill in the night.
Very confused and imagining things. I’m hoping that it’s (just) a bladder infection.
He’s keeps talking in his sleep.
I’ve given him one of my secret stash of antibiotics and some paracetamol.
Waiting for the GP to open at 8.
I feel sick

Pittcity Mon 21-Feb-22 07:39:11

Good morning from a cold and windy Colchester.
Too many people on this thread already who had an eventful weekend and need a big hug. I'm sorry that I'm not patient enough to name you all but I send love ❤️
I'm going a bit stir crazy being on day 4 of the storms. It's supposed to calm down this afternoon so I'm making a shopping list.
Lots of love 🦩 x

Gwenisgreat1 Mon 21-Feb-22 07:39:34

Good morning all from wet and windy Harrogate
What a shock Scentia hope your DH recovers quickly and the tests give some answers flowers
I hope you soon get your electrics back on Gingster very difficult for you. This weather makes life so difficult for so many.
Marydoll take the opportunity of your empty to look after YOU!
Today it’s all phone 📞 calls to the hospital, my bank, and my friend in Alloway!
Thank you for your kind comments about my snow scene that seems so far away now!
Have the best day you can folks

GrandmaSeaDragon Mon 21-Feb-22 07:41:49

Good morning from an extremely windy Rutland. After a hospital appointment this morning, I was planning on driving to DD, 3DGS and puppy in Hertfordshire, but thinking this may not be a sensible thing to do seeing how it looks outside. SonIL hopes to get flights home later this week. There appears to be no Will and the police have been unable to trace or contact Father’s wife so there seems little else he can do. Just seeing a blue light flashing along the main road in the direction of the A1 and thinking of all those in distress whether due to ill health or the storms. x

NannyJan53 Mon 21-Feb-22 07:42:43

Good morning from a dull and slightly windy Black Country.

Stayed over at DD’s Saturday night whilst they went out for a belated Valentines meal. I took girls to local pub for a meal. DGD aged 10 was saying how she could now have the jab, but wasn’t keen (she had Covid last Oct). Then said it’s child abuse making us have the jab! Children certainly have strong opinions these days.

Today is U3A canal group, with a speaker, which sounds interesting.

Sorry to hear about your DH scentia I hope they find out what happened and he is well soon.

What a shock Grandmadinosaur just hope driver is ok and building secure!

Wishing you all a safe day

NannyJan53 Mon 21-Feb-22 07:45:03

Fanny just read your post, hope you can get through to GP and your DH will be ok flowers

Chrissielou Mon 21-Feb-22 07:48:59

Good morning from a very windy but dry Oxfordshire. Scentia so sorry to hear of your DH's hospital dash, I do hope he is home and back running again very soon. So very frightening for you all.

Ashcombe I love the boots! Completely my style too.

DH has a very bad cold which so far isn't covid, testing each day and keeping well away from DD1 though, just a cold, let alone covid, could prove very serious for her.
Have a good day everyone.