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It's a flipping worry

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kittylester Sun 27-Feb-22 20:28:09

when the Antiques Road Show features a piece of office equipment that I used when I started work.

Exactly how old am I?

sodapop Sun 27-Feb-22 20:32:17

I saw some domestic equipment in a museum some years ago that I remember using. It's a worry kittylester smile

Maywalk Sun 27-Feb-22 20:53:47

If thats a worry ladies mine must be a nightmare because I still have my old zinc dolly tub in my garden which now has a Rosemary growing out of it.
It is well over 72 years old. I used to wash for 6 of us in that with my washboard and ponch.

I love watching the Antiques Roadshow.

Auntieflo Sun 27-Feb-22 20:59:06

Was it the Sumlock Comptomer Kitty. Cos I used one as well.
I went to the Sumlock school in Aldwych, straight from school with two friends. Do you have a badge pin?

kittylester Sun 27-Feb-22 21:04:03

It was auntieflo. I also used a postingmchine butI didn't have a pin badge. I am really not that old.

M0nica Sun 27-Feb-22 21:05:26

Oh gosh, I remember them too. I had a holiday job in the pay office at Harrods and there were all these women using these machines. I was covering for someone on holiday who worked out their payslips, plus any other 'sensitive pay' slips by hand.

I was in awe of their skills.

kittylester Sun 27-Feb-22 21:06:11

Flipping phone

I used a posting machine!! Honestly, I am not that old.

Callistemon21 Sun 27-Feb-22 21:09:57

My sister used one of those comptometers!

And I remember my mother using a zinc dolly tub with a wooden dolly Maywalk
It then went in the garden to catch rainwater and I used to get a jugful of rainwater to rinse my hair.

Grammaretto Sun 27-Feb-22 21:16:30

The Royal Museum of Scotland has on display some 1960s pyrex dishes donated by someone I know!

You've used things for years and you have finally finished with them - imagine saying "Darling, let's donate these to the museum" grin

The dish was similar to this

GrannySomerset Sun 27-Feb-22 22:57:54

Still using the dish though the lid was dropped on the flagstoned kitchen floor of the last house but two many years ago. Think ours was a wedding gift in 1962!

Callistemon21 Sun 27-Feb-22 23:13:47


when the Antiques Road Show features a piece of office equipment that I used when I started work.

Exactly how old am I?

I don't think you're an antique yet kittylester as I'm sure you're not 100 years old.

However, you could be vintage and definitely priceless!

BlueSapphire Mon 28-Feb-22 06:48:35

I am still using Pyrex casseroles that we were given as wedding presents in 1972. Also a Philips hand mixer that I bought in Singapore in 1969.

nadateturbe Mon 28-Feb-22 06:53:16

I used an adding machine similar but much smaller. We had to go on a training course. grin

Calendargirl Mon 28-Feb-22 06:58:49

At the bank where I worked, we were gobsmacked when a time-and-motion chap came to check us out, and he used this little object to do his additions on. Didn’t need to use an adding machine.

It was a pocket calculator.

Gagagran Mon 28-Feb-22 07:24:23

We had 17 Pyrex casseroles for wedding presents in 1965. None left now as they gradually broke or were passed on. We really needed towels and sheets as we hadn't any!

TillyTrotter Mon 28-Feb-22 07:40:20

There were 2 Comptometer operators in my first General Office job kitty . I would watch their fingers pressing all those buttons so quickly, and wonder how the heck they did it!

I used a Telex machine which printed messages onto punch tape (series of holes), attached it to a ‘conveyor’, dialled a destination number, then pressed a button to feed the tape through the machine - and a message would type onto paper in another country.
That was a bit of magic too, I thought.

lemsip Mon 28-Feb-22 07:49:06

I worked hugh accounting machines when I started work in was a 'National' and the other was a Burroughs which I preferred.....used to do the accounts and balance them each month......I remember the small table top Olivetti machines.
my sister worked on a comptometer machine

grannyrebel7 Mon 28-Feb-22 07:50:52

I had to laugh when a colleague referred to Call the Midwife as a period drama. Made me feel positively ancient!

Chocolatelovinggran Mon 28-Feb-22 07:56:46

Posters, we are not antiques, we are modern collectables.

LullyDully Mon 28-Feb-22 08:06:39

It always amuses me when they buy old tat on Bargain Hunt which is ' retro and cool'. Rusty angle poise lamps go for a fortune as do bashed up old filing cabinets.

Grammaretto Mon 28-Feb-22 08:13:37

My first and only office job aged 15 was as a Saturday girl in the invoice department of Peter Jones in Sloane Square. I addressed envelopes in my best handwriting. There were some others in the office on typewriters but I never saw a calculator. That was 1963.

fiorentina51 Mon 28-Feb-22 08:58:55

I'm mid century vintage!

grannylyn65 Mon 28-Feb-22 09:12:37

I’m a little teapot

M0nica Mon 28-Feb-22 12:15:55

I remember my employer buying the company's first electronic calculator in about 1966. It was the size of a large type writer was only capable of the four basic mathematically functions. It cost £300 (£6,000 in 2022 prices). For an extra £100 (£2,000) we could have a square root key!

Less than 10 years later you could walk into Smiths and buy a handheld calculator with basic functions and many more mathematical functions for under £10 (£140)

Nannarose Mon 28-Feb-22 13:32:37

I am still using kitchen equipment that qualifies as 'antique'!