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Good morning Monday 28 February 2022

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grandMattie Mon 28-Feb-22 06:00:51

Good morning from a dark chilly E Kent.
Last day of February, where did it go? Tomorrow is Shrove
Tuesday - pancakes for all meals. Does anyone make Staffordshire oatcakes? They are delicious, but my recipe makes enough for about five people so in rarely make them now rather DC have left home.
Was a good girl and did my Spanish homework yesterday, despite having missed my class.
I heartily recommend guinea fowl. We had one, roasted, last night. It was delicious.
I hope today is good to all my favourite people. Carpe diem. 🦩🦩🦩🦩☀️🦩🦩☀️🦩

grandMattie Mon 28-Feb-22 06:03:57

Ukraine and the plight of its people fill my thoughts, yet I forget to mention them. Praying with all my strength that it ends, that there is no WWIII (and that someone removed Putin somehow). 🙏

Gagagran Mon 28-Feb-22 06:26:19

Good morning Mattie and all who follow. It's a bit milder at 7.6c here on the south coast and the chilly wind has gone round to the south.

Another tooth catastrophe yesterday when a second crown broke off so another visit to see if Harry the dentist can fix this one. I think my teeth are wearing out (much like the rest of me!) .

Nice visit yesterday from DD, to collect her bike, which DH had serviced for her to use at the flat in her commute to university. She updated us on all her progress organising things for getting the keys on 9 March.

Pleased to see my footie team won the Carabao cup. Very exciting penalty shoot out to decide the result. I have been a distance supporter for over 60 years but never been to a match to see them play.

Hope Mick has had a good weekend break in York and that Urms has landed safely in Malaga and found the sunshine.

Ukraine is still very much in my thoughts and the heart-breaking pictures of miles of people, mainly women and children, seeking refuge in neighbouring countries makes me so angry. Who will rid us of Putin and his evil ways?

Take care everyone and have the best day you can.

BlueSapphire Mon 28-Feb-22 06:37:50

Good morning from an overcast, still dry morning in Northampton, although rain is forecast later. Will have to make my own way to yoga on the bus as my friend is still suffering from a chest infection. Afterwards will go into the little cafe for a coffee while I await my bus home.

Then a spot of tidying up and general pottering and will spend the afternoon reading, maybe a bit of gardening of it stays dry.

Yesterday was beautiful weather for rugby, but unfortunately another tale of a close.defeat and nail-biting finish. Came home and poured a glass of wine.

Praying for Ukraine and its beleaguered people and that Putin comes to his senses..

Wishing all a good Monday.

grandMattie Mon 28-Feb-22 06:38:41

Sorry, my head isn’t really there today.
Yes, I hope that Mick has had a lovely break in a beautiful part of the world, and that Urms landed safely and is now enjoying the sunshine in Malaga…. Thanks for reminding me, gaga.❤️

Beechnut Mon 28-Feb-22 06:50:22

Good Morning everyone from Severnside. It’s dry with pretty pink tinged sky to the east.

I was successful in my garden mission yesterday and even made a start on the ivy that covers a large part of the ground at the end of the garden. I’m starting at the boundary and working my way in. I came across a few spiteful brambles.

Pottering this morning and I may make a birthday card. I’ve also a new chicken dish to try.

Have a good day all and take it steady this coming week Marydoll 🦩🌺

Ashcombe Mon 28-Feb-22 06:51:50

Good morning, all from a dull but dry (so far) Torbay.

I echo the thoughts of grandMattie, Gagagran and Blue Sapphire this morning as the world waits in fear for the next next move from this megalomaniac. A Russian man spoke passionately on the News last night of how his countrymen do not support his actions and the frustration of being governed by an undemocratically elected government. At church, much of yesterday's service was devoted to the subject.

Yesterday, I began turning out clothes not worn in ages and have already nearly filled a bin bag. There will be more!

I hope our travellers have arrived safely, especially Mick and Urmstongran and that those who’ve been unwell are recovering. Good luck with your crown, Gagagran!


baubles Mon 28-Feb-22 07:02:30

Good morning all from foggy South Lanarkshire.

I’m off to work for a rest after my weekend with DS and the children who are going home this afternoon. It’s been lovely having them and my
D- out-Law enjoyed her time without them, just resting and pleasing herself for a few days.

The child who threw up on Saturday night did it again last night, I’ve no idea why and it isn’t a normal occurrence for her. It’s odd.

Wishing everyone a happy Monday.

cornergran Mon 28-Feb-22 07:03:30

Morning All. The rain and wind have arrived in our corner of Somerset. Yuck describes it well.

The MRI passed easily enough yesterday, car park spaces galore so time for a cuppa before the torpedo tube. Wandered some shops before returning home, no purchases just needed a stretch.

Mr C has an early audiology appointment. So far not cancelled, hoping for third time lucky. World events are adding to my general sense of unease, images from Ukraine trigger tears.

Hope your ‘crowning’ is both painless and successful gagagran. Be good to hear urms had safe landings and mick has enjoyed his break away.

Take care everyone. Hope Monday is gentle with us all.

BlueBalou Mon 28-Feb-22 07:05:06

Good morning everyone from a damp Wiltshire.
I echo the thoughts too, just what will stop the lunatic (short of a bullet) 😢
I should be having a wood burner installed this week, hope there isn’t too much mess 🤞🏻I actually have a potential gardener coming Wednesday, heaven knows I need it!
Hope everyone has a good week x

Marydoll Mon 28-Feb-22 07:06:39

Good morning all from a cloudy Glasgow, where it is currently
8°C. Thank GM for opening up. According to my smart watch, I have had 1 hr and 39 minutes sleep. I'm surprised it's that much! I suspect I won't be doing much today. 💤💤💤

I too, cannot stop thinking about the poor people of Ukraine. How can one man, have so much evil within? I always naively thought good triumphed over evil, now I am not so sure.
DH and I were discussing this yesterday, the thought of war with Russia terrifies me.

GaGa, I feel your pain. Just before the pandemic, I needed two crowns, replaced. They were eye-wateringly expensive, even on the NHS. I hope you get things sorted.

We had an unexpected flying visit from the prospective bride and groom yesterday, to drop off Dollie's flower girl dress and shoes.
It gave me an unexpected opportunity to go later and see Dollie. However, DS1 and DIL were not amused that the highly stressed happy couple hadn't taken the time to drop it off at their house and that Dollie's shoes didn't fit. Nothing a few insoles won't fix!
As usual, I am stuck in middle, but I would make an excellent peacemaker for the UN!

Sending my best wishes to all and wishing Mick a safe journey home and that the sun is up in Malaga! 🏖

Sar53 Mon 28-Feb-22 07:08:51

Good morning from a bright Essex by the sea.
DH was a happy bunny after his team won the Carabao Cup yesterday.
Today I am meeting up with two ladies from Gransnet. We haven't seen each other for a few months so lots to talk about over lunch.
I also think about what is happening in Ukraine 🇺🇦 and have shed a tear for what they are going through.
Enjoy Monday whatever you may get up to xx

Gingster Mon 28-Feb-22 07:09:21

Good morning all and it looks dry and brightish here in Essex.

Today I have a lunch date with Sar and GrannyGravy. Really looking forward to it. 👋. I have a few dropping off errands to do first but will endeavour to be down the seafront by 12 or soon after.

I’ve been awake since 4 o’clock with so much going through my mind , not least of all the Ukraine situation. It’s heartbreaking 🙏.

Hoping you all have a peaceful day. 🌿🌱🌷

GrannyGravy13 Mon 28-Feb-22 07:11:28

Minoring grandMattie and all

Off to meet up with to of our good morning friends later, really looking forward to a catch up in real }ife as we are meeting on the sea front can we have a little bit of your Malaga sun Urmstongran

Thinking if others less fortunate and in terrible circumstances

Keep safe and well folks 🙋‍♀️🦩

Lins1066 Mon 28-Feb-22 07:22:52

Good morning all from a showery S Welsh coast, I want yesterday's sun back please.
I'm a bit bleary eyed having tracked DD's plans over the Rockies from Denver to Las Vegas in the early hours.She had a great time with her friends, one of the places she visited was the Red Rocks Amphitheater, it looks an amazing place. She is going on a three day tour tomorrow to the Grand Canyon and Monument Valley. I feel like Alistair Cooke in his Letter from America 😀, I used to listen regularly to his programmes and enjoyed them.
A quiet day today I hope though I have some sorting to do.
Take care everyone.

NanKate Mon 28-Feb-22 07:26:37

Good morning grandMattie and All.

Cold and clear in South Bucks.

Woke up early to wake our DS who is with us for 2 nights whilst on tour. It’s lovely to have my dear boy home.

Mary I feel for you with your role as family mediator, that’s my role too.

Just watched a poignant video of over a 100 Ukrainians stop a Russian tank by simply walking peaceably blocking the route, what brave people. Putin is mad man and I hope his cronies realise this and despatch him. The Ukrainian President is a shining light and I pray that he survives this unjust war. 🙏

Chrissielou Mon 28-Feb-22 07:27:37

A grey morning after some beautiful sunny days in Oxfordshire. Today my DD1 has the final drug trial session before starting 6 months of traditional chemo. It's been a bit of a roller coaster and not without its dramas, two allergic reactions and a faulty picc line were just a couple of the issues.
The world is in a precarious place right now, so much suffering. Hard to imagine how it came to this.
We must all try to find some joy and beauty in our day today.

Pittcity Mon 28-Feb-22 07:29:31

Good morning from an overcast but milder Colchester. I preferred the 🌞.
Full on family day yesterday left us shattered so I have the cleaning up to do today. Will also need a supermarket trip as they ate everything.

Pittcity Mon 28-Feb-22 07:30:06

Whoops, posted before sending love to all 🦩 x

brook2704 Mon 28-Feb-22 07:30:20

Good morning everyone from Inverness where after a sunny dry day yesterday the rain has returned.
Thanks for opening up GM and I hope Mick is enjoying his break in York
Today I’m off to the gym for a splash around at my Aqua class and if it’s dry this afternoon a bit of gardening.
I really hope you enjoy your get together Sar, GG and Gingster have fun!
My heart goes out to the Ukrainian people especially the children who must be so terrified
Take care all whatever the day brings 💐

kittylester Mon 28-Feb-22 07:32:21

Good morning all from a wet North Leicestershire. There was a lovely sunrise.

Today, I have my first singing lessons for 3 weeks - doesn't auger well!! Ironing later.

Can I make a plea to everyone spring cleaning their wardrobes to consider donating them to Ukrainian refugees. The Polish Centre in our local town is a collection point as are the Polish supermarkets.

And, can someone please do something about Putin.

GrannyGravy13 Mon 28-Feb-22 07:35:10

Oops by the time I pressed post Gingster and Sar53 had beaten me to it, see you soon x

Ladyleftfieldlover Mon 28-Feb-22 07:35:52

Morning all from West Oxfordshire. As is often the case I have no idea about the weather as I’m still in bed. I’ll be up at 8 am. Someone mentioned guinea fowl. We much prefer it to chicken and in fact had it on Saturday. It makes wonderful stock too and I have a batch ready to freeze. I woke in the night after a nightmare. The 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse must be laughing at us. Very uncertain and worrying times. However, life goes on for the moment and we have a decorator calling in later to give us quotations for the kitchen, lounge, hall and landing and maybe a bedroom.

Grandmajean Mon 28-Feb-22 07:45:38

Good morning from Cheshire where it's raining !
Enjoy your meet up Gingster Sar and Grannygravy
I too ,am very worried about the situation in Ukraine and can't bear to see those poor people so distressed. Wish the Russian population could hear the truth and rise up en masse against this crazy man.
Hope today brings some happiness at some point to all of you.

Ali23 Mon 28-Feb-22 07:51:29

Good morning all from Leicester,
We are off to Norfolk today for a few days. Really looking forward to the sea air and lovely landscape.

My thoughts are with the Ukrainian folk this morning too. I hope their suffering is short and that our government can see its way to supporting any refugees who reach out to us fully.

May we all be safe and peaceful and happy. May no harm come to us.