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Have you ever protested someone is wrong only to realise it is indeed you that is wrong .

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Serendipity22 Sat 12-Mar-22 10:59:25

I ask this because I was reminded of my embarrassment only the other day ( thanks for that!)

The story goes ( This is about 20+ years ago ) I bought a small TV for 1 of my children's bedroom. I bought it, carried it through the shopping centre ( there wasn't all this hone delivery that there is now ) got it home, faffed about with it, faffed some more, it wouldn't work, tried again, nope!

I boxed it back up, drove like a mad woman back to the shopping centre, very cross, walked in the shop, plonked the box on the counter and said IT DOESNT WORK !!!!

The man plugged it in, pressed a botton and DA DAA it burst to life, he then looked at me and asked "Have you read the instructions?"

I umm'd and arr'd then as my face turned crimson, i admitted i hadnt ( hahaha ooooops )

Who looked a fool !


Oldnproud Sat 12-Mar-22 11:11:35

There was the time I got someone out to my 'broken' cooker, which was still under guarantee.

The oven wouldn't come on.
The engineer arrived, turned a couple of knobs, or pressed a button or two, and on it came.

It turned out that I had accidently set oven timer function.

I didn't even know it had a timer!

Oopsadaisy1 Sat 12-Mar-22 11:17:27

Well I’m not always right

But I’m never (ever) wrong……

Grandmabatty Sat 12-Mar-22 11:26:54

Not long ago my internet stopped after a power cut. I did all the things you are supposed to do, including standing nearly upside down trying to read the password which is a peculiar mix of upper case, lower case letters and numbers. Nope. Nothing worked. In high dudgeon I phoned BT and got a lovely girl from Waterford who talked me through it all. She checked the line was fine. Finally she asked if I had switched it off instead of on. Reader, I didn't even know there was a button to switch it on, and yes, I had inadvertently switched it off while fumbling and muttering dark thoughts. I was embarrassed, she was kind. Which in a way made it worse!

timetogo2016 Sat 12-Mar-22 11:34:00

Dh did exactly the same,i couldn`t stop laughing.
I have a plaque in my kitchen which reads, " when i`m right no-one remembers,when i`m wrong no-one forgets".

Tizliz Sat 12-Mar-22 11:52:32

In the middle of an argument with my husband I asked (probably yelled) “have you considered that you might be wrong”. Answer “ I am never wrong”.

JaneJudge Sat 12-Mar-22 11:57:00

My husband once accused a decorator of stealing our ghetto blaster only to realise the decorator had the same one
yes he apologised, what a knob smile

I am less gung ho

Josieann Sat 12-Mar-22 12:03:07

I bought a girl puppy years ago and 3 days later took it back to the breeder because she had given me a boy! I insisted Lilly was actually a Billy!
I had to apologise when she examined the underneath and explained that the bits on puppy girls can be swollen and look like something on boys.

Oldnproud Sat 12-Mar-22 12:07:56

Two days ago, we spent nearly an hour searching for one of DH's hearing aids.
He was absolutely adamant that I must have moved it off the table where he had definitely left it, and I was just as adamant that I had not.

He was rather sheepish when, after searching everywhere (including the rather full and smelly kitchen rubbish bin) he eventually came to tell me that he had found it - in his ear!!!

Hellogirl1 Sat 12-Mar-22 12:11:30

A good few years ago, when I looked after my small grandson, we heard a strange buzzing noise from the cupboard under the stairs, where the electric meter is. I rang what was then the electricity board, and they sent 2 men out to investigate. After about 15 minutes in the cupboard, they came out, one of them holding out a brown paper bag, which was buzzing. I t was a toy car, which ran around the outside of a tubular container, and had accidentally been left switched on! Red faces? Definitely. Mind you, it did take them a while to find it.

Casdon Sat 12-Mar-22 12:23:41

Yes. I bought an office chair for my son, went mad when I got home from IKEA (over 40 miles away) because there were no screws etc. with it so I couldn’t assemble it. I drove back to IKEA in a temper, took it to the service desk to complain- and the person at the desk unzipped the cover of the chair, and there they were, inside. He also pointed out where it said that in the instructions. I felt a right plonker.

Nannarose Sat 12-Mar-22 12:24:53

I haven't - or at least only mildly - because I am the sort who would tend to back down, or double check.

So, actually, the boot is often on the other foot! I remember a snotty friend-of-a-friend telling me about a planned holiday, which was 'right by the sea', and was rather going on about it - they were going with another family and it would be wonderful for children etc. I thought for a bit and asked him how long he thought it would take to get to the sea 'a few minutes walk'. I said to him that I might be confused, because of a similarly named place, but I thought they might be rather further away. I decided to say something because there would have been time to alter their arrangements and proximity to the sea was obviously a big deal to them.
He told me that I obviously didn't know the area, or I would know that he was correct.
So I left it......and .......guess what! I did know because my family had spent several holidays there. I rather thought that he assumed I didn't 'know the area' because it was quite expensive, and I obviously wasn't that well off (but we had friends there!)

Calendargirl Sat 12-Mar-22 12:32:02

When microwaves first came out, and were expensive, we bought one from our local electrical shop. After we had set it up, the glass plate was missing.
We went back to the shop. They said they had never come across a missing one, but took one from another box.
When we were throwing the original packaging away, what did we find but the missing plate, somehow hidden amongst the protective layers! Both DH and I felt we had checked it thoroughly.

Red faces all round.

Kate1949 Sat 12-Mar-22 12:32:23

Several times. Last year our boiler was playing up. We had recently had it moved from the kitchen to the little extension we have and we turned the place where it used to be in the kitchen into an extra cupboard. The engineer couldn't find a fault. He asked us where 'the switch' was. We had no idea what he meant. It was in the cupboard where it had got switched off by boxes of food leaning against it!
Last week my sister had her boiler serviced. Afterwards she could hear a persistent bleeping. She rang the engineer saying he had obviously done something untoward to the boiler. She held the phone out so he could hear the bleep. The engineer said 'Sounds like your smoke alarm to me'. Indeed it was.

Yammy Sat 12-Mar-22 12:33:47

A few years ago I decided to buy a lip brush. At home, I could not get the bristles to come out. I returned it to the shop and said it was broken. The assistant asked if I had read the instruction? She took the removable cover pushed it on the bottom and viola the bristles appeared. I exited rather quickly.
I also got someone out as I could smell gas. When he looked behind the cooker the bayonet was only halfway in I had pulled the cooker out to clean behind it and not checked.
The best one in our family is my mother in law, visiting another town announced she had had a stroke as she felt sick and dizzy and her vision was impaired. Her DH took her to A&E. When they removed her glasses she announced they were not hers. Before she left the house she had accidentally put DS glasses on travelled and had been wearing them for quite a long time.blush

Serendipity22 Sat 12-Mar-22 12:45:55

These are soooo funny hahahahahaha.


SueDonim Sat 12-Mar-22 14:08:11

Not me but a friend. She bought a bag of frozen green beans that was full of stalks and leaves. She took them back to Safeway’s (that’s how long ago it was!) and complained to the manager about quality control and the expense of raising a family etc and things just Not Being Good Enough.

He listened patiently then pointed at the offending bag of beans and said ‘I quite agree with you, madam. I suggest you go to Tesco, where you bought those, and tell them the same thing you’ve told me.’ Her teenage daughter then went off to quietly die in the corner! 😂😂😂

lavendermine Sat 12-Mar-22 14:23:10

Thank you for the laughs. So so funny grin

Dottynan Sat 12-Mar-22 14:56:09

I put my car into the garage to sort out a rattle. They returned it suggesting I find somewhere else to put the jar of boiled sweets under the passenger seat

Serendipity22 Sat 12-Mar-22 15:22:10

Haaaaaaaaaa hilarious...

grannyactivist Sun 13-Mar-22 04:22:52

Surely everyone has done this at some time or another? I know I have, many times, but my husband especially is very patient with me (mostly because he does it too). 🤪

MawtheMerrier Sun 13-Mar-22 06:54:41

Oh indeed.
On Friday I rang JL partnership to protest at why they had not credited me with the full payment on my Partnership Mastercard.
I said I had my bank statement up on the screen in front me showing full payment well before the end of the month and I ran down the payments stopping at M&S Mastercard…..(pause) ….oops
Oops indeed, I haven’t had an M&S card for years, but somehow it was still on my list of regular payees for internet banking.
I never ever protest angrily though as all too often it is me who has been a techno numpty and this time the chap on the phone was lovely and even found me a phone no.for M&S financial services (who had instantly refunded the money)
It’s easier to be a poor old dear than to get stroppy

Chocolatelovinggran Sun 13-Mar-22 07:41:39

A friend had a problem with an unpleasant smell in her car. The garage checked the exhaust, the engine, and then sourced the issue - a very defrosted chicken in the boot. The car was a mini.....

Serendipity22 Sun 13-Mar-22 09:42:29

These posts are just soooo funny to read and lift the mood instantly, we are surrounded by sad upsetting news and its lovely to read something funny that unites us all in embarrassment haaaaa. X

Sweetpeasue Sun 13-Mar-22 09:57:05

Oh thanks so much Serendipity22
These posts have caused DH and I to lol.