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Good Morning Sunday 13th March 2022

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Michael12 Sun 13-Mar-22 06:01:04

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dark and wet outside here in brackley tis morning.
Today , a general clean up this morning before lunch and then settle down to watch cycling on TV .
Yesterday , I went got the bus straight to Bicester ,as the Buckingham bus driver was late again , but had a god couple of hours.
Take Care,

grandMattie Sun 13-Mar-22 06:16:38

Good morning from a grey, light E Kent. As we are hurtling towards the equinox, the days are getting lighter -only to be put back with BST reversing it the follow week!
We had another Marydoll type of day yesterday…. I went to the chemist for the new prescription, they didn’t have all the items. I went home and called all the local chemists, they didn’t either. I called the hospice and they gave me the numbers of several a bit further away. Called them; the first one was engaged, the second was on answerphone, the third replied. I asked if they had any morphine patches. Yes, they did, just one box of 4 patches. Perfect, I replied, I only need one box. Hang on to it for dear life, while I get my shoes on and drive over!
They were very kind, though I hadn’t known one needed identification for morphine, I hadn’t locally.
So DH is now set up with is patch, new antiemetic and liquid morphine for the few days it takes for the patch to settle in.
He had the first proper food in about 4 days. The two AC called their dad, which pleased him enormously. Not so the result o& the England/Ireland rugby match.
Today, early church, then see what the day brings. Oh, and our resident retired bishop is visiting this afternoon.
Take care dear friends. Carpe diem. 🦩🦩🦩🦩

Gagagran Sun 13-Mar-22 06:23:21

Good Morning Mick and everyone from a dark and wet south coast .8.2c. Heavy rain in the night woke me up so an even earlier start to the day than usual.

We've been watching the cycling too Mick and enjoying the scenery. It's a good way to travel, via the small screen!

DD assure me that all went well with the move of her stuff into the flat and the new regime of her staying there Monday to Friday begins tomorrow. It will save her driving 400 miles every week so quite a lot of fuel. Her DH and DS will manage quite well at home but they will all miss each other. Reminds me of your regime but in miniature Ash! (Hope your DH is feeling better).

Nothing planned for today apart from the usual pottering and making of meals but I have a stack of 8 library books to dig into so will not be lost for something to do. I am rationing the amount of news I watch as I find it so hard to deal with right now.

Sending kindest regards and thoughts to all who are struggling with health issues or anxiety of any kind. It's hard. sunshine

cornergran Sun 13-Mar-22 06:38:17

Morning Mick, morning All from a damp and draughty corner of Somerset. Not very cheerful out there.

Not cheerful in here either as I’ve barely slept. Mr C has had no such problem, just as well if one of us is alert today. No idea what we’ll do, very little I suspect. Must send birthday greetings to our granddaughter, 16 today, no idea how that happened.

Collected my new reading and computer glasses yesterday, I’m not sure the reading glasses are as they should be. I’ll persevere a bit.

What a kerfuffle to collect thr much needed medication grandmattie, let’s hope for an easier process in the future. I’m also finding processing the news more than hard gaga, once a day is enough for us both here

Take care everyone. Hope Sunday is gentle with us all

MawtheMerrier Sun 13-Mar-22 06:44:29

Good morning all from N Bucks.
It’s funny how the weather seems to alternate - Friday we had driving rain, but Thursday and yesterday were the most glorious Spring days. Let’s see what today brings.
I took my sisters in law to Bletchley Park and we spent hours there. It was fascinating, as those who have been will know! We found the names of 2 family/friend connections - but I can’t tell you as I’d have to kill you.
It’s actually my birthday today, BIL’s was on Wednesday, son in law 1 on Thursday, D 1 on Friday, D2’s MIL yesterday and me today.
I’ll be on my own, however, although I saw 2 of our 3 daughters on Thursday and Friday, but little Remy (6 months) has Covid as does his Daddy , (SIL3). I believe they’re not poorly with it, but of course we cancelled them coming up to me for lunch. That’s Covid isn’t it? You make plans, you cancel plans, you reschedule plans and sometimes you have to cancel them again. I just hope little Otis still gets his birthday party in Lloyd Park next Saturday, he will be three but hasn’t had a party yet!
Not sad here , as I have got friends popping in and I think Rosie needs a quiet day at home with me plus I didn’t want to have to leave her to go out for lunch or tea.
GrandMattie you will be kept busy, often the best way and I wish you fortitude and patience and of course a pleasant day to all.

Beechnut Sun 13-Mar-22 06:49:46

Good Morning everyone from Severnside. It’s damp but lovely to wake up to light.

Glad you were able to get your DH his patches Mattie. When my DH started to take TKI’s he was taken into a little room with the pharmacist and given a review of all his pills.

A sunny day yesterday so I thought I’d swop my jobs over this weekend and went out into the garden. Spent far too long out there really and was stiff as an old boot last night.

I had a look at the iPad covers Blossoming and thank you. It gave me some ideas.

Have a good day all and enjoy your roasts 🌼🦩

Beechnut Sun 13-Mar-22 06:53:10

Wishing you a Happy Birthday Maw 🎂🎉🍷
I hope that Rosie is settling down after her ordeal. Her wound looked nasty.

baubles Sun 13-Mar-22 07:19:49

Good morning Mick, morning all from cool and cloudy South Lanarkshire.

Pleased you got the medication in the end Mattie.

Happy birthday Maw, enjoy your day.

Early Mass today as we are childminding later. DGD’s birthday outing is to somewhere which has a climbing wall and skywalks so not suitable for the younger ones. We’ll have fun with them instead.

Wishing everyone a good Sunday.

Gwenisgreat1 Sun 13-Mar-22 07:29:41

Good morning all from dreich Harrogate
What a palaver getting DH’s medication GrandMattie but you’ve got it and DH will soon be pain free.
Happy Birthday 🎂 *Maw, hope Rosie isn’t suffering too much after the attack.
Didn’t do too much painting yesterday, spent too much time sorting my tubes of paint out, and making notes of the ones I need to re-order. That’ll be a job to do tomorrow.
Not going to church today, it’s two churches together and last time I went it was very crowded with not a mask in sight! Pity they’ve stopped videoing the services too. Might try a walk today, though have had a bad night so see how I feel.
Have the best day possible folks

brook2704 Sun 13-Mar-22 07:35:03

Good morning everyone from Inverness where we’ve light grey could and dry. I’m hoping it stays dry so I can potter in the garden later
A very Happy Birthday Maw enjoy your special day! 💐🎉🎂
We had a busy enjoyable day yesterday with lunch in town with DD2 and DGS and a bit of shopping afterwards. Later on the DGC are arriving for a sleepover as DD2 and SiL are going out this evening
Thinking of everyone with worries and struggles, hope today is gentle and take care all whatever the day brings 💐

ShazzaKanazza Sun 13-Mar-22 07:36:02

Good Mornjng Mick and everyone from a dull Hull I think we have some rain today. Not going out as I’m cooking Sunday lunch for DC and DGC. Baby is coming over as well and DH is looking forward to his first cuddle as he said he’s not been able to wrench her off me yet lol. Our night with friends was cut short when they had to shoot off for a family emergency. But up to then it had been lovely.
grandMattie hope your DH gets comfort when his morphine patches kick in. 💐
Cornergran I got new distance glasses for driving last October and I’ve persevered with them even though they make me feel like I’m sitting on the road.
Happy birthday MawtheMerrier hope you have a lovely day.
Take care everyone and hope Sunday brings moments of joy🌻

Gingster Sun 13-Mar-22 07:37:20

Good morning all. It was bright and sunny when I got up but now it’s raining and breezy!
A day indoors for us I think. No school runs, ballet classes or singing groups to go to, so a relaxing day, reading . Lovely!

Twin grandsons (almost16) are meeting their dad today. First time in about 13 years. I’m interested to hear how it pans out. Their mum has told them to go with an open mind and not have high expectations! 🤔. They are excited to see him though!

Happy birthday Maw 🥳. Have a lovely day.

Hoping you all have a restful day. 🌱🌿🌷

GrannyGravy13 Sun 13-Mar-22 07:37:36

Morning Mick and all

Glad you got DH sorted grandMattie

Happy Birthday dear Maw 🎂🥂🎈

Covid has infected our family, DS4, his wife and their children aged 4 & 2 all positive along with DS3’s 13 yr old who despite having two jabs has been very poorly.

A lazy day for me today ( Urmstongrans lessons are working #lazygran)

Rack of lamb with dauphinois potatoes and lots of green veggies for dinner.

Have a peaceful day friends

Keep safe and well folks 🙋‍♀️🦩

GrannyGravy13 Sun 13-Mar-22 07:39:01

Gingster I will keep everything crossed for your dear boys, I do hope the reunion goes well 🤞🏻

Ashcombe Sun 13-Mar-22 07:46:22

Good morning from a cloudy Torbay.

We are late waking after a busy night at the theatre for the final performance of Funny Money. I covered the Manager's rôle during the play to enable DH to watch. (He is feeling much better, thank you, Gagagran). There is even more enthusiasm from our audience members for our productions now after the long period of closure. Some are discovering the little gem of our premises for the first time.

Happy birthday, Maw! Typical that Covid has intervened on the day itself but you seem to be making the best of it. Nothing seems straightforward with medical care these days, grandMattie, but it’s good your DH has some relief.

Have the best day you can, despite Covid affecting some of our families, including my DS, who isn’t too unwell, thankfully. 🦩🥰🇺🇦💐🦩

Pantglas2 Sun 13-Mar-22 07:48:46

Morning all from Manchester airport where I’m enjoying a smaller chamberpot than usual...🤣. It’s a lot busier than when we started travelling after first lockdown and I selfishly rather preferred it when we had the place to ourselves!

Sad news Lauranorder but a lovely tribute from you - your love shone through 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩.

So many folks on here going through some really tough times with their own or loved ones health - I struggle with posting ‘happy’ things in case they’re seen as insensitive, but I also know that all of us have stuff going on in the background that we don’t always post. Please know that I wish you all a better day whatever you’re dealing with 💐

Gingster Sun 13-Mar-22 07:57:52

Thanks GG I’ll keep you posted! 🙏

Grandmadinosaur Sun 13-Mar-22 08:04:14

Good morning from Palma. A cloudy day in store today. We had rain early yesterday must have gone over from your way Urms.

We had an easy day enjoying a long coffee stop at the top floor cafe of El Corte Ingles with fantastic views. I’ll enclose photos of the view. We got the gifts we wanted and as we’ve found lots of things suitable we even have a few bits to put away for that big event in December! Then a bit more browsing while DH went to watch football.
Had lovely tapas in the evening at the place next to the hotel.
Today we are going out for breakfast to a place in the Born. The hotel breakfast is ok but rather repetitive. They do a continental sharing board and then they have a choice of 3 egg dishes that change every day. Lovely but after 6 days we fancy bacon, eggs and toast! So that’s what we will have.
Then going on the hop on hop off bus. Although not pension age yet we must look it as when we enquired the man just told us the pension price straight away! €9 so a cheap way to get around and see things we may not have seen on previous visits.
Sorry this has turned into a novella but makes a change to have something more interesting to report than my usual hum drum life.

HappyBirthday Maw have a lovely day.
💐 GM

Grandmadinosaur Sun 13-Mar-22 08:04:52

My other pair of shoes

Grandmabatty Sun 13-Mar-22 08:06:48

Good morning all from Polmont. 8°, grey skies and damp. Happy birthday Maw. Have a lovely day. Grandmattie a tale worthy of Marydoll! I'm glad you managed to get your dh's prescription.
Yesterday was housework day and I thought it would be a quiet one, but a friend, who I haven't seen for a while, sent me a message inviting me for coffee. We spent a couple of hours putting the world to rights.
Today I have no plans. I'm going nowhere. Chicken salad for dinner. Have a good day all.

hulahoop Sun 13-Mar-22 08:06:50

Happy birthday Mawthemerrier 🎂.Gangster hope meet up goes well .Granmattie glad you got sorted .

Urmstongran Sun 13-Mar-22 08:09:32

Good morning everyone from Malaga where it’s mild, no sun just white cloud. 50% chance of rain though - same for tomorrow and Tuesday. Hmm. I suppose that’s why the Canaries are popular for winter sunshine, it’s more assured.

Himself didn’t fancy Torremolinos yesterday so we strolled down to the marina again (sooo easy!) and sat in the hot sunshine - to drink and people watch for a couple of hours in a buzzy bar on the paseo then we chose one of our favourite restaurants for a delicious steak dinner.

I noticed all the zebra crossings around the marina had been painted over in the Ukrainian colours of blue and yellow which was poignant.

Newquay Sun 13-Mar-22 08:10:56

Morning from an overcast Staffs.
My heart goes out to all either suffering themselves or looking after dear ones. I like OP’s comment wishing fortitude.
“Money lost, little lost
Health lost, much lost
Courage lost, everything lost”

Georgesgran Sun 13-Mar-22 08:11:25

Good morning from a dull, grey Durham. 🎂Maw - my birthday tomorrow, but had my treats yesterday as DD’s at work/busy on the day.
When DH was ill, GM I often had to appeal to his hospital (25miles) over the availability of meds - they were very good. We were introduced to MacMillan and found them useless - Marie Curie were brilliant. Poor Harrigran was abandoned and got no-one! I know you’ll fight for the best help for your DH.
DD1 and I are taking DGS1 to an NT property today - hope it stays dry - not too hopeful.

Sar53 Sun 13-Mar-22 08:16:51

Good morning from Essex by the sea. The weather hasn't made it's mind up yet whether to rain or shine.
I've been persuaded to go to rugby this morning, a big affair apparently.
Roast chicken when we get back.
Happy Birthday to Maw.
I hope all the poorly relatives get well soon.
Have a lovely Sunday everyone xxx