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Good Morning Friday 18th March 2022

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Michael12 Fri 18-Mar-22 06:00:45

Good Morning Everyone,
Its daylight here in brackley, but also signs of early morning mist or fog .
Today, I will do a small local shop ,and then get the bus to Bicester for a couple of hours and a browse and maybe get a beer as well as a coffee .
Return , another beer hopefully , followed by a nap and cycling on TV.
Take Care,

Ashcombe Fri 18-Mar-22 06:11:26

Good morning, Mick, and all who follow on another fine one in Torbay!

My Covid symptoms subsided during the day to return with a vengeance in the evening. For the second night in a row, the cough has driven me to sleep in a reclining chair rather than in bed. Overnight, I’ve had earache on the side where labyrinthitis struck last year and pain in my arthritic shoulder. It seems as if the virus seeks out our weak places!

I was cheered by these flowers sent by DD2 via our favourite local florist, whom DH was pleased to meet when she delivered them, as he often sends me flowers via this company when he’s in France. They even delivered on a Sunday when Valentine’s Day fell then in 2021! 💕

Sending caring thoughts to all in pain or with problems. 🦩🥰🇺🇦💐🦩

grandMattie Fri 18-Mar-22 06:17:23

Good morning from an apricot skied E Kent.
Bad day yesterday. DH was so sick that we had to have a pen antiemetic pump/driver put in. Miraculous. Within 20 minutes he was nibbling on some Matzo, the first food all day. Meanwhile, my ingenuity was severely put to the test, to try and make a carrier for this large oblong (think long bag of sugar but heavier). Did it! A bit Heath Robinson, but it works.
The rest of the day was spent in rounds of phone calls re. Fridge/freezer, car service, hospice…. Everyone, but everyone, is being incredibly kind and helpful. It is heartwarming.
We are having newWills drawn up and we’re due to see the solicitor today. DHwanted it postponed. I said that they could come here, which they are!
I’m also finding it hard to cook anything for myself as DH likes to sit in the kitchen/diner. It’s very off putting cooking with someone feeling sick, and the reverse, feeling horribly nauseous with cooking smells.
Today? Gardener, solicitor, new (exorbitant) cleaner and everything else in between, I think, judging how a quiet day yesterday turned into a gunfight for my attention.
Have a good day all. I hope that those feeling poorly and receiving treatment are helped. Carpe diem. 🦩🦩🦩❤️🦩🦩❤️

grandMattie Fri 18-Mar-22 06:18:12

What lovely flowers, Ash. Obviously the florist knows your taste!

Sar53 Fri 18-Mar-22 06:23:55

Good morning from a foggy Leamington Spa.
A very busy late afternoon and evening yesterday getting 6 and 13 year old granddaughters ready and out the door for the first of two dress rehearsals.
They were both shattered when they got in and have to do it all again tonight.
DD1 and SIL will be home later this morning.
I shall have a lazy day, reading and knitting.
Have a pleasant Friday whatever you do xx

Sar53 Fri 18-Mar-22 06:25:30

flowers for GM xx

cornergran Fri 18-Mar-22 06:26:59

Morning Mick, morning All from a misty corner of Somerset.

A long, exhausting if thoroughly enjoyable day yesterday. A treat to spend time with out son without younger ones around and a very enjoyable afternoon putting the world to rights with a wonderful old friend. Will return soon to the cemetery. Foolishly I forgot to put the silk flowers in the correct container. Oh dear.

Today is more routine. Some errands to run and perhaps a beach walk which we would enjoy. See when the mist clears. This afternoon a couple of friends to phone.

Hope you feel much more comfortable soon ash, beautiful flowers to cheer you. Covid has certainly woken up again. Numbers here are escalating. Several young people at our granddaughters party last weekend are now covid positive, we hope she’ll escape.

Thoughts are with all poorly people. Hope Friday is kind to us all.

cornergran Fri 18-Mar-22 06:28:59

flowers for you grandmattie. You and your husband are very much in my thoughts.

Ashcombe Fri 18-Mar-22 06:35:51

Yes, indeed, grandMattie, regarding the colours!

What a time you're going through currently and, as ever, you think only of the kindness received from others. Dear lady, all your generosity to others (one imagines, over many years) is being repaid!

Please take care of yourself and I shall be keeping you and your DH in my prayers. ✝️

MawtheMerrier Fri 18-Mar-22 06:38:07

Good morning from Misty N Bucks.
I am sorry to hear you have been suffering so Ashcombe somehow I had missed that you had Covid. I hope the symptoms subside soon and you can be more comfortable.
GrandMattie you sound as if you have been thrown in at the deep end. From experience, I would say take all the help -offered or paid for - you can get and look after your own health- physical and emotional (that thing about putting on your own oxygen mask first)
Today I have a meeting at a Cruck Barn which I am going to use as a venue for an Arts Society Special Interest Day in April, to check out the AV facilities and everything else, and then Book Group in the afternoon.
Wishing you all a pleasant day!

TopsyIrene06 Fri 18-Mar-22 06:40:09

Grandmattie Kind thoughts for you both today.

grandMattie Fri 18-Mar-22 06:46:28

I am Maw. People are being so incredibly kind and helpful, especially when I put them in the picture. I insist it isn’t “poor me” but a necessity and it is amazing how helpful they become. The lady at John Lewis went over and above the call of duty to help me. She was shocked when I asked for her manager’s namesoicoukd praise her to the heavens! 😊

mumofmadboys Fri 18-Mar-22 07:03:24

Sending love and prayers grandMattie

Gagagran Fri 18-Mar-22 07:04:16

Good Morning everyone from a clear sky and the promise of a lovely day here on the south coast 5.0c. It does lift the spirits to see the spring light and the sun about to creep up over the horizon.

So sorry that things are so difficult Mattie but your indomitable spirit shines through and you deserve all the kindness and support being shown to you and your DH. I echo Maw's advice about the oxygen mask too. Even if you only nibble on sandwiches or fruit or a piece of cheese you have to eat (and drink) to keep your strength up. Thinking of you a lot. flowers

We had a lovely afternoon tea yesterday and were so well looked after by the caring staff at the hotel. Felt quite spoilt! They even gave us a doggie bag with the left over cakes (I prefer sandwiches and the warm scones) to take home. A real treat.

Today we have to do a bit in the garden and I need to finish my click and collect order for tomorrow.

Take care everyone and have the best day you can. sunshine

Chrissielou Fri 18-Mar-22 07:10:03

A very foggy start in Oxfordshire today, hopefully it will clear quickly.
GrandMattie sending you flowers and a big warm hug.
Ashcombe I hope the symptoms will subside quickly, so sorry you are suffering.
We received great news of DD1's scan results, shich we're so much better than we dared hope. The trial has been very successful and puts her in a very good place to start chemo on Monday. Her delighted consultant who is leading the world wide trial called her his star patient!
I'm so very thankful for their awe inspiring skill and dedication.
My thoughts to all who are travelling a similar journey; I value your kindness, its helping me so much.

BlueSapphire Fri 18-Mar-22 07:11:14

Good morning everyone from a very misty Northampton, but looks as though it will be nice once it clears.

A visit to the shops today to pick up my laundered summer duvet, (didn't get round to it yesterday), and also the items that Sainsburys didn't have in my order yesterday. May have a light lunch in the M&S Cafe.

An easy dinner, home-made chicken curry from the freezer, just rice and poppadoms to cook to go with it.

Thinking of you dear "grandMattie* flowers, and also hoping that Ash feels better soon.

Jaxjacky Fri 18-Mar-22 07:12:20

Good morning all from a hazy S Hants, sun later.
gMattie your days are a whirl, I can only echo others with their kind concern for you 💐.
That sounds rubbish Ash soon gone I hope, gorgeous flowers.
I have lunch with a couple of friends today in Lyndhurst, a pleasant drive through the forest awaits. Tesco deliver later and I might get a couple of things done in the garden.
Have a good day all 🦩🦩.

kittylester Fri 18-Mar-22 07:18:14

Good morning all from North Leicestershire where it is also misty.

Our new cleaner will come this morning. If last week is anything to go by, she is a real find.

DD1 has her meeting with the consultant today for a proper diagnosis and treatment plan.

GM, I echo Maw's advice re the oxygen mask. You need to be well so you can do your best for your DH. Please look after yourself.

Send love and support to everyone who needs it.

Grandmadinosaur Fri 18-Mar-22 07:23:05

Good morning from sunny East Yorkshire.

💐 and hugs today for GM and Ash

My dentist appt yesterday wasn’t pleasant and was I glad to get out of the chair. I now have my temporary crown with a final appt I’m a few weeks. My purse feels increcibly lighter too.

A nice day in store today I’m meeting Shazza for lunch. Lots of catching up and chat will take place! Then a food shop after that.

Bon voyage Brook and hope you have a wonderful time. I think she should be up in the air as I type.

Take care everyone.

Gwenisgreat1 Fri 18-Mar-22 07:23:48

Good morning all from sunny Harrogate
Oh GrandMattie your poor DH. you are having a time of it flowers
Ashcombe sorry your COVID is so nasty, I only had 3 days of sniffles, it was hard self isolating when I felt well!
Yesterday Sainsburies brought the shopping before I’d amended it, which means a lot is missing! DD arrived and she and DH went out for a walk to sprinkle some doggie ashes on one of her favourite walks.
Today we are going a bathroom shop to look at bathroom walls! Then to Asda to get the goods we should have had from Sainsburies.
Have the best day possible folks

Grandmadinosaur Fri 18-Mar-22 07:24:56

So pleased to hear your good news Chrissielou

monk08 Fri 18-Mar-22 07:33:55

Good morning all from the Black country, bit misty but looks like it will be a nice sunny day again.
Sorry to hear of those poorly themselves or their families do take care.
DS coming for tea with the boys, DiL on a girls weekend in Wales.
Meeting friends over the club later.
Enjoy your day and may you all find some 🌞.

Gingster Fri 18-Mar-22 07:36:38

Good morning all and it’s bright here in Essex.

Chrissielou - brilliant news for your DD and of course you.
Onwards and upwards ! 🙏

Ash - I do hope your uncomfortable symptoms ease and you feel a little better each day. 💐.

GM - such a difficult time for you. As others have said ‘look after yourself’. 🌷. Such a strong lady!

Sar reading and knitting sounds good after your hectic day yesterday, 📚🧶. 👍
This morning* I have Book Club and then will meet up with our old pals for lunch. One of our couples are both poorly. The husband Is Housebound waiting for a prostate op and his wife had a stroke last weekend. She was out walking on her own (a very fit lady, not 70 yet). She’s still in hospital. 😥.

We’re thinking of going to our cottage by the sea tomorrow just for a few days. Our DD won’t need us this weekend and we really need to go to check everything, as we left the day after the storm. No power, fences down and the boiler needed attention. Hopefully this has all been done while we’ve been away by our trusty handiman and plumber. 🤞.

Wishing you all a pleasant day. 🌱🌷🌿

Marydoll Fri 18-Mar-22 07:39:34

Good morning all from a very cold, but sunny Glasgow.

GM, as Maw has said you have certainly been thrown at the deep end. Kindness means such a lot, when you are struggling. I pray that today is a better one for you.
I was delighted to read better news of your daughter, Chrissielou and pray for you all on the long journey ahead.

Ash, what beautiful flowers! Get well soon.

I am off out first thing. DH is not golfing, but taking me over to my GP surgery. I spent all day in bed yesterday, feeling very sorry for myself. My GP has left me an urgent heart prescription, but doesn't want it to go to the pharmacy, as the last urgent one was sent to the pharmacy and was mislaid en route!
I have to double all my meds, so he wants to ensure I have enough for over the weekend and the beginning of next week.
Unfortunately, he can do zilch about my RA flare up, short of increasing the dose on my patches, but I have refused. I would have little pain, but would be like a zombie! I have a life to live and grans to meet!!
His parting words were; Behave yourself!!.
Whatever does he mean? 😇

At long last, courtesy of *Grammaretto, I am posting photos of the Glasgow meet. I will leave it to individuals to identify themselves. After all Gransnet is supposed to preserve anonymity!! 🤣

I will need to send the second from my PC. Gremlins in the works! Have a good day everyone.

Gingster Fri 18-Mar-22 07:39:45

Kittylester I hope your daughters appointment goes well today and her treatment can start soon. 🙏