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The Flip Side Of "I Have Never"

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Naninka Fri 18-Mar-22 15:23:25

DanniRae recently asked us what we'd never done. I want to flip that:

What are some of the [riskier] things that you have done?

I'll start:

I have bungee'd.
Heavy petted on a train.
Said the F word accidentally in front of a student (at school).
Survived breast cancer.
Survived a massive DVT.
Married twice.

GagaJo Fri 18-Mar-22 15:30:34


Some of mine I can't put on here!

* Survived cancer
* Done a 13 hour flight (screamed and cried)
* Lived in 4 other countries
* Been married (never again)
* Worked for rape crisis
* Been on a school campus while a gunman was being chased by the police

AGAA4 Fri 18-Mar-22 15:39:27

I was caught in a forest fire in Canada.
I moved single handedly from a 4 bedroom house to a 2 bedroom bungalow.
Survived breast cancer.
Survived a very severe asthma attack.
Went out dancing when I was 9 months pregnant.

Riverwalk Fri 18-Mar-22 15:42:03

In 2010 went down to the bottom of the Grand Canyon on the back of a mule - stayed overnight and came up the same way!

(The pics are not mine)

Skydancer Fri 18-Mar-22 15:44:54

Lived and worked in another country
Burned my house down (accidently)
Apprehended by police for taking alcohol to football
Expelled from college
Been a whistle-blower

Framilode Fri 18-Mar-22 16:15:22

Been down a coal mine.
Flown in a helicopter.
Done aerobatics in a 2 seater plane with a parachute on my back.
Been picked up in a Black Maria.
Swam in Lake Victoria with a hippo 30 feet away (I didn't know until somebody shouted me).

Oldwoman70 Fri 18-Mar-22 16:15:54

Done a 23 hour flight several times
Been the only person to stand up to a bullying boss, much to his surprise
Defended a young girl being racially abused because she was wearing a hijab (I was in my late 60s at the time!)
Survived cancer

kittylester Fri 18-Mar-22 16:41:00

Wow!! Best I can manage is standing on a table at MORE than 9 months pregnant so I could see Leo Sayer (!?!)

Serendipity22 Fri 18-Mar-22 16:41:24

Written 7 books, 5 consisting of over 60,000 words.

Been to San Francisco when i was 16.

Moved house with 2 children on my own.

Met the women who have birth to me that didnt particularly want to know me

I am certain there are MANY MORE but on this spur of the moment, i can't think of anymore.

Some very brave ladies out there

ShazzaKanazza Fri 18-Mar-22 16:45:49

I’ve got a tattoo
Been to China 3 times and ridden on a tandem with a Chinese guide through beautiful scenery
Said the C word in front of my parents. Luckily I was too young for a clatter.
Eaten durian. The world smelliest fruit and love it.
Sunbathed naked on a beach.

Lucca Fri 18-Mar-22 16:48:27

Launched a ship.

Curlywhirly Fri 18-Mar-22 17:22:08

Well, not much compared to you lot! I'm a right wuss.

Though I did give birth to my second child without any pain relief at all!
He weighed 7lb, which was quite good for me, as I'm only 5' tall 😯

BlueBelle Fri 18-Mar-22 17:47:54

Been on the highest commercial white water rafting river when I was 70 (never again)
Had coffee with some KGB in a locked room in Moscow
Went on a cable car alone up a mountain to a hospital to give birth aged 21
Flown in a Lancaster bomber (noisy)
Had sex in some very strange places (not telling)
Been escorted home in an armed vehicle when caught out in a curfew
Had a python round my neck (very heavy)
There’s more but that ll do for now

kircubbin2000 Fri 18-Mar-22 18:26:29

Slept in a barn where a murderer came and chatted to me sitting on my bed!
(He had shot his pregnant daughter's boyfriend.)
Driven several drunk men home after I had drunk 5 pints.

I'm very risk averse now.

tanith Fri 18-Mar-22 18:43:35

I went topless swimming on a French beach
Flew to the bottom of the Grand Canyon in a helicopter and ate a champagne breakfast
Drive a tipper lorry on the M25 whilst it was being built
Climbed up and down the Rock of Gibraltar walked across the Windsor suspension bridge there.
Walked the Strip in Las Vegas and drove across Death Valley to Los Angeles.

Nothing scary compared to some here but scary to me.

ShazzaKanazza Fri 18-Mar-22 18:45:45

Wow! I have lived a sheltered life compared to these posts.

GagaJo Fri 18-Mar-22 18:52:07

I'll do a bit more, seeing as how we're getting risqué.

* Sunbathed naked on a nude beach, post breast cancer when I was all scarred and maimed (it was liberating).
* Had sex in a zoo.
* Done 105 mph down the M1.
* Climbed out of the window and sat on the roof at midnight (aged 11).

EkwaNimitee Fri 18-Mar-22 19:12:51

Stood on the crater edge of a rather lively volcano and watched the boiling spouting lava below
Sauna’ed in a tent on Tierra del Fuego then dived into the icy waters ( probably give me a heart attack now!)
Got married at 21 even though I had sworn never to, worked out though.

blossom14 Fri 18-Mar-22 19:27:24

Driven a sledge pulled by huskies( and broke my shoulder)
Skied down a ladies world cup piste ( took me 20 minutes)
Taken on a bank and won significant compensation.
Survived two drowning situations.
Had sex on a train.

Cherrytree59 Fri 18-Mar-22 19:31:19

Hmm well think I can't really compete
Sadly not had sex in a zoo, kudos to you all you feisty GNers😀
but here goes .

Have been driven at over 110+ miles down a UK motorway (work related)

Swam across a river on New year's day (charity)

Rode pillion up and down Picos Mountains whist photographing Golden Eagle from back of motorcycle.

Gave all my spare tights away to some young students, whilst on a trip to Leningrad (now St Petersburg),
But did draw the line at giving my jeans away.

Have paraglided and hot air ballooned also rode a camel in Sahara.

Whilst swimming with Turtles in the Caribbean sea, had one nibble my toe thinking my silver nail polish was a tasty fish.

mrswoo Fri 18-Mar-22 19:47:38

Stayed a night in a brothel in Nairobi (by mistake - thought it was a very cheap hotel)
Spent a night in a tent in the Masai Mara game reserve
Flew in a sea plane in Vancouver

Overcame my fear of flying to have all the above adventures.

boheminan Fri 18-Mar-22 19:55:09

I took myself off to France on my own, hitched around on my ownshock
Have had 4 lovely tattoos - 1 more to go
spent many years on a commune
reported my abusive ex partner to the police

Blondiescot Fri 18-Mar-22 20:19:17

I've done a charity parachute jump and abseil, also been on a motorway at more than 110mph (all perfectly legal!), and competed in motor rallies for many years- including breaking my collar bone when our car did a triple somersault!

Rosie51 Fri 18-Mar-22 20:21:49


Launched a ship.

Ooo posh! Did you smash a champagne bottle against the hull?

Oldwoman70 Fri 18-Mar-22 20:23:45

A couple more:

walked across a rope bridge suspended in a tree canopy
visited Uluru (Ayers Rock)
been inside a pyramid
watched fire walkers in Fiji (not brave enough to try it myself!)
drunk kava (bitter but resulted in feeling very relaxed)