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petrol is not going to reduce very much,time to dig out those free bus pass's?

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infoman Sat 26-Mar-22 08:41:05

If you have been issued with one,
don't waste this weekend,
its gonna turn cold again this coming week.

Kim19 Sat 26-Mar-22 08:47:01

Yes, covid induced me away from buses and back into my car. However I'm becoming braver in using public transport again. Also, I pick my times away from.rush hour. Petrol costs are certainly a nightmare.

Septimia Sat 26-Mar-22 08:51:55

Great idea - DH and I both have bus passes. The only trouble is there are no buses here at the weekends!

glammanana Sat 26-Mar-22 08:55:30

I am very lucky with my bus pass I use it on buses/trains and the Liverpool Ferry saves a lot on my petrol bill.

Pablo1 Sat 26-Mar-22 08:58:15

Hi all moving to devon soon hopefully soon a y ideas on areas ?but North seems cheaper than south ,

NannyJan53 Sat 26-Mar-22 09:01:11

I am lucky to live within 10 minutes walk of our bus station and rail station. I can use the trains with my pass anywhere in the West Midlands area. I have been using my car less over the past 4 years!

Germanshepherdsmum Sat 26-Mar-22 09:01:52

Bus? Don’t have them round here. Therefore no bus pass, nothing to use it on. But living where I do I really don’t need to go anywhere else to enjoy the sunshine.

Calendargirl Sat 26-Mar-22 09:09:53


Hi all moving to devon soon hopefully soon a y ideas on areas ?but North seems cheaper than south ,

You’d be better starting a separate thread for advice on this.

Aveline Sat 26-Mar-22 09:14:10

I'll certainly use mine as much as possible once I can be sure that Covid has receded. Apart from the petrol, parking costs a fortune round here.

Sparklefizz Sat 26-Mar-22 09:25:20

Covid infections rocketing here. I won't be using buses any time soon.

Whitewavemark2 Sat 26-Mar-22 09:28:58

Not all the time covid is at such a huge level.

Friend did just that and caught covid. She is better now but had two weeks of feeling very ill indeed.

I’d rather walk.

Oopsadaisy1 Sat 26-Mar-22 09:39:40

We have to drive to the nearest bus stop and then find somewhere to park the car.
I used my bus pass when I had Jury Service, but only after I had driven to Oxford, then I used the park and ride.

If we had a local bus service I’d use it.

Kate1949 Sat 26-Mar-22 09:41:42

The bus passes are fantastic. We have used ours all over the country and on local trains pre pandemic . We are getting back to using them now.

rosie1959 Sat 26-Mar-22 09:59:56

Another 4 years to wait yet for a free bus pass
Will be handy when visiting seaside resorts or cities but no use when visiting Jersey where we probably use a bus most

Oldnproud Sat 26-Mar-22 10:26:26

I have another six years to wait for a bus pass - unless the Government scuppers that by fast-forwarding the introduction of the higher retirement ages, which would not surprise me.

And as there are now only two buses a day from here (well, from the next village, a minimum 15 min walk away, and on the other side of a very busy A road), and those might be axed soon given the state of our economy now, I'm not holding my breath.

Dickens Sat 26-Mar-22 10:40:11

Back in the 'good old days' there would be busses running on routes with few passengers (now re-labelled 'customers') and the profitable areas subsidised them. So most people in rural areas had access to their nearest market town or city centre. In which they shopped and spent money, regularly. And some relied on these services to get to work, access healthcare and education.

After de-regulation and 'reform' bus services became unreliable, expensive and dysfunctional. None of which mattered too much to pensioners with passes. Because they lost their busses anyway.

Great if you live in London or another large city though.

AGAA4 Sat 26-Mar-22 10:47:19

I used to use the bus more before covid but use my car mostly now. I will wait till covid has lessened, if it ever does, before using public transport again.

grannysyb Sat 26-Mar-22 11:10:59

I have been on buses, trains and tubes since the start of covid. I always wear a mask and sanitise. Don't use public transport in rush hour as its too busy.

Shinamae Sat 26-Mar-22 11:13:20


Hi all moving to devon soon hopefully soon a y ideas on areas ?but North seems cheaper than south ,

I’m a North Devonian and can honestly say it’s a fabulous place to live not that I’m biased of course!!

Dickens Sat 26-Mar-22 11:21:09


I used to use the bus more before covid but use my car mostly now. I will wait till covid has lessened, if it ever does, before using public transport again.

Might be safer in the summer - using public transport - when the infection rate drops. But I'd be a bit wary in winter...

I think it's going to be a bit of a gamble getting reliable information and stats now because of the lifting of virtually all restrictions.

We'll only know, if and when hospitals start declaring critical incident levels - or if figures show a real decline in people waiting for elective surgery and treatments - whether or not Covid has lessened.

Pepper59 Sat 26-Mar-22 13:00:25

Ive found public transport fine, I will still be wearing my mask though.

karmalady Sat 26-Mar-22 13:08:26

It is obviously good for local business. My small market town was buzzing this morning, people walking into the centre and back with full shopping bags.

Maggiemaybe Sat 26-Mar-22 13:48:31

I finally got my bus pass last year and I’ve made good use of it already. I often walk the couple of miles into town then bus back with my shopping. Good for the environment and good for my health. Our buses aren’t busy at the times I use them, so you’re never close to anyone else. Last time I travelled on the bus home I realised as I got off that I was the only person on it, sitting there with my mask on! I’m sure I’ll get a lot more use out of my pass in the future.

M0nica Sat 26-Mar-22 15:02:53

We do not lack buses, unfortunately I suffer from travel sickness and it is at its worse on uses, stop starting, taking the scenic route and smelling of diesel.

I generally shop once a week, visit several locations and need to get a weeks shopping home and certainly do not fancy taking it on the bus, or walking the over quarter mile from busstop to home.

However the travel sickness, makes catching a bus a non starter.

Ailidh Sat 26-Mar-22 15:25:09

I use my bus pass a lot. Where I live (Fylde) buses are the most masked places I visit.

I moved here on January 17th, and including the 90 mìle journey to get here, I haven't re-filled my tank since.