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Good Morning Wednesday 20th April 2022

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Michael12 Wed 20-Apr-22 05:57:16

Good Morning Everyone,
Its bright but cloudy here in brackley this morning .
Yesterdays trip out went OK , but still feel less than 100% to usual self.
Today ,apart from a local shop , will be watching cycling from the Ardennes, both women's and men's races on TV.
Take Care,

grandMattie Wed 20-Apr-22 06:08:59

Good morning from a clear E Kent.
I’m sorry that you’re still feeling under the weather, Mick.
Yesterday went well, except that I thought the cleaner was coming - no, it’s today! And I was expecting a call from the palliative care consultant, but she never called.
The girls were lovely with their granddad; Iris is teaching him Makaton signs because his voice is going. DGD1 was busy setting up the iPhone they have given me.
Today, the cleaner, the consultant (I hope), the solicitor to sign and witness our Wills. I also have a haircut on the books…
With any luck, DH will be taken off the syringe driver today. Good because it’s rather intrusive; sad because we had got used to the daily visit and become fond of the district nurses.
Carpe diem, dear virtual friends. 🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩☀️❤️🦩

Oopsadaisy1 Wed 20-Apr-22 06:38:59

Good morning Mick , Granmattie and all who follow from a dull Oxfordshire. Hope you both have a better day today.

My pile of ironing is falling out of its basket in the airing cupboard so that has to be sorted this morning. then I need to get the runner bean sticks up, let’s hope it stays dry.

Had another ‘sick day’ yesterday, still seem to be suffering from the effects of Covid, I need to get my mojo back!
Hope everyone manages to find things to smile about today and hugs for those who aren’t so chipper.

harrigran Wed 20-Apr-22 06:39:04

Good morning from a misty NE.
I have been awake since 5am when the heating switched on, must have cooled down because it wasn't on at all yesterday.
Got all the bedding washed and dried on the line outside, got the ironing done too.
Sister and BIL are on holiday visiting the GC, only been gone 48 hours when I got a message to say BIL had covid. I now have to test because I was with them all Saturday afternoon and in their car because they took me for my vaccination.
Thoughts are with you grandMattie, I can empathise.

BlueBalou Wed 20-Apr-22 06:42:51

Good morning Michael and grandMattie, a bright start here today.
I hope you’re feeling perkier soon Mick and that your day goes smoothly grandMattie.
I had a good 1:1 dog training session yesterday so there’s plenty of practice needed to drill recall into easily distracted DDog 😄
I have to take my car into the garage today, a lovely friend is bringing me back home (no public transport to here from our nearest town 8 miles away🙄) and another friend will take me to collect it later.
DD and her DDog are popping in sometime, I’ll dog sit while she and DH traipse around the county taking boxes to storage and collecting ‘stuff’.
I hope everyone has a good day today x

BlueBalou Wed 20-Apr-22 06:44:22

👋🏻 harrigran and Oopsadaisy1

Urmstongran Wed 20-Apr-22 06:45:40

Here’s Matt!

Good morning everyone from south Manchester. The 6:35am to Liverpool Lime Street has just pulled into the train station. I’m up before the alarm I set (again ha!). Our second day of minding the grandchildren and we were told their lovely childminder has Covid so we will do the school drop off and pick up tomorrow and Friday! It’s handy we don’t fly out to Malaga till Saturday. We can be quite useful when we’re home ...

I have a manicure and pedicure booked at the salon at 2pm so I shall leaving grandad in sole charge until their mum gets home - which will be late as she has a senior lead team meeting after work. I’ll let him know as I depart that he’s in charge of tea time! I’m good like that.

Enjoy Wednesday (already?) those who can. x

Gagagran Wed 20-Apr-22 07:00:45

Good Morning everyone from a sunny and bright south coast 7.9c and set to warm up.

DH is out with his bike club today and going to lovely Arundel. He carefully plans different routes for their rides and has a faithful group who like going with him because of that.

Our cleaners are coming today and then I have an empty with several things on my "to do" list which may get done. Or not. grin

Glad your DH enjoyed seeing the girls Mattie and hope everything goes to plan today with the scheduled visitors. flowers

Have the best day you can everyone. sunshine

GrannyGravy13 Wed 20-Apr-22 07:04:17

Morning Mick and all

Oh I could do with some Malaga weather Urmstongran I am very tempted to book a fly and flop break

Mick I hope you are back to your normal self soon, enjoy your cycling.

grandMattie trying times, it’s good that your DD and GC are spending time with DH

Off to the gym later, structural engineer team are apparently setting up the laser measuring devices this morning. So the work is finally underway.

Keep safe and well folks 🙋‍♀️🦩

Ashcombe Wed 20-Apr-22 07:04:49

Good morning, all, from an overcast Torbay, to which we had a good journey back from Portsmouth yesterday. Thank you for all the supportive wishes. Yes, we were on the M27, Jaxjacky, which was fairly busy so I thought it better to keep both hands on the wheel!

I’m glad you enjoyed your family's visit, grandMattie, and what a thoughtful girl Iris is to teacher her DGD Makaton! Yes, olddudders could understand your point about bonk v banque. Presumably, you had a French parent?

It must be hard for your DD1, losing her hair, Chrissielou. Has she been fitted for a wig by the NHS? A few friends who’ve gone through this found it helpful to wear a cold cap at night, but I expect she has heard about them already. My thoughts are with you.

On arrival home, our spirits were lifted to find an invitation to the wedding of two young folk from our theatre company, who are to be married in July at a village called Dittisham, near Dartmouth.

🤞for you testing negative, harrigran and I hope you soon feel fully well, Oopsadaisy. This virus shows no sign of diminishing. It’s lucky you are home, Urmstongran and a very apt cartoon! Could Matt be implying that our esteemed civil servants resemble sheep?!

Happy hump day, everyone! 🦩🥰🇺🇦💐🦩

baubles Wed 20-Apr-22 07:12:44

Good morning Mick, morning all from South Lanarkshire where we have bright clear skies still streaked with pink.

Sorry you’re still feeling under par Mick.

Fingers crossed that your day goes to plan Mattie.

I found it takes a while to fully recover Oops.

I hope you’ve dodged it Harrigran.

My last day of covering annual leave, just to finish me off I have no volunteers at all today. I’ll be very pleased to get back to my two days next week.

Thinking of all those still in the sick bay. Wishing everyone the best day possible. 🦩🦩

brook2704 Wed 20-Apr-22 07:20:15

Good morning everyone from Inverness where we’ve a clear blue sky and a gorgeous day forecast
Good to hear your family visit is going so well grandmattie
Sounds like you’ll have another very busy day in the shop baubles - hope it goes ok and roll on next week!

I’ll be off for a splash around at the Aqua class later and then across the road for lunch with my pal. I’ve not seen her for a little while so we’ve got lots to catch up on
Hoping everyone finds something to enjoy today and take care all whatever the day brings 💐

Urmstongran Wed 20-Apr-22 07:23:28

baubles you’ll be glad to get home. 😊

Grandmajean Wed 20-Apr-22 07:31:49

Bright but chilly day here in Cheshire.
Meeting friends this afternoon. We'll set the world to rights. If only it would listen !
Great "Matt" today "Urmstongran"

Marydoll Wed 20-Apr-22 07:33:36

Morning all, from a sunny but chilly Glasgow.

I managed to speak to a very supportive GP yesterday, who who told me she was writing a prescription as we spoke and DH could pick it up immediately.
She is going to phone again on Thursday, as she wants to keep an eye on me. I feel so relieved, I felt quite grim, when I was talking to her.

I hope your daughter is not suffering too much, Chrissielou and glad to hear your family are supporting you GM.

Wishing you all a pleasant day.

As I was writing this, Mr MD brought me a cuppa and my crown has just fallen out. The anti virals have given me such a painful mouth, as other medications have done in the past. No chance of seeing a dentist, as I'm still +ve! ☹
Our burglar alarm has packed up and we have a leak in the shower room, but obviously we cannot have workmen in!
We are also supposed to be going on holiday with DD and SIL next week.
Why is life so blooming hard? I could weep!

ShazzaKanazza Wed 20-Apr-22 07:34:59

Good morning Mick and everyone from a bright morning in Hull.
I’m sure you’ll soon feel back to your old self Mick.
It was lovely to hear about your family day grandMattie💐
Hope you manage not to come down with covid Harrigran.

Today we have DGS again, son is dropping him off on the way to work. We went to a park in the west of the city with a helter skelter type slide. He loved it so I might take him back over this morning while DH is at the gym.
He’s getting taken to Chessington world of adventures and London for a couple of days tonight by his mum so he’ll love that.
Urms really laughed at Matt this morning.
Have a good day everyone if you can and hope our covid warriors feel better soon. 🌻🌻

grandMattie Wed 20-Apr-22 07:38:44

Ash! I was born and brought in Mauritius. My mother’s family were all originally from France several generations previously. We spoke mostly French at home, English to dad only, and at school. So we were totally bilingual…

ShazzaKanazza Wed 20-Apr-22 07:39:44

Marydoll so sorry you feel so poorly and down. Everything always seems to go wrong at once just to pile more on you. 💐

Pittcity Wed 20-Apr-22 07:41:29

Good morning from a bright but overcast Colchester. Another mild, dry day. I had to get the watering can out last night.
Wednesday morning coffee meetup as usual.
I'm so glad we moved into town last year as everything is just a short walk away through the beautiful park.
Love to all 🦩 x

Grandmabatty Wed 20-Apr-22 07:44:29

Good morning all from Polmont where it's currently 2° and lovely blue skies again. It cheers me up.
Marydoll how scunnersome about your crown. I can feel the fed-upness on your post. baubles a hard day ahead for you at the shop face. Mick take care of yourself. It's good that you are getting back out. Ashcombe a lovely wedding to look forward to.
Yesterday I managed to how and weed the drive and sweep it up. I have a long drive of pavours and a matching path, both of which collect moss and weeds in abundance. Although I hate the job, the drive looks much better without its covering.
Today I'll visit mum then go to art class. I'll finish the tulip painting and start something else. Have a good day all.

Grandmadinosaur Wed 20-Apr-22 07:44:58

Good morning from East Yorkshire. It is 8 degrees and bright.

Finally got my crown fitted yesterday and a bonus there was nothing to pay. My account was in credit by £40. Not sure how that came about.

Today I think I will go in to the city centre and have a browse in TKMaxx. I’ll probably end up with things I never knew I needed!
I’ll have an easy afternoon then this evening I am going to the theatre to see a show with 2 of the ex dancers from Strictly. It’s been postponed several times due to Covid so really looking forward to it.

It took me a while to get over Covid Oops just take your time. Fingers crossed for you Harrigran
Shazza that slide is called the swirly slide by our GS 🤣

Take care everyone.

Grandmabatty Wed 20-Apr-22 07:45:47

Should say hoe.

Grandmadinosaur Wed 20-Apr-22 07:52:19

Sorry to hear things are grim for you at the moment Marydoll 💐

Gingster Wed 20-Apr-22 08:00:19

Good morning all and it’s a beautiful day ☀️ here In Essex.

Little pooch is due to be groomed at 9.00 so Dh and I might have a wander round Rhs Hyde Hall for an hour or so. Dogs of course not allowed.

Lots of Covid cases around here but fairly mild with no symptoms to speak of. We keep our fingers crossed - that’s all you can do. My Bridge partner had it 2 weeks ago. She’s 90 yrs old , bright as a button and fit as a flea. Back to Bridge yesterday 100%. Amazing lady!

Marydoll sorry to hear of all your worries. 💐. You don’t need the extra ‘blips’ .

Baubles - a tough day ahead for you. You can only do what you can! 👋.

GG hope all the structural work goes well 🤞. A ‘fly and flop* might be a good idea to get away from it all. ✈️.

Wishing everyone a gentle day. 🌷🌿🌱

Party4 Wed 20-Apr-22 08:01:31

Morning all.
Thanks to Mick for his opening do hope you begin to feel more yourself very soon.
GMattie how do you keep track of all your coming and goings.So lovely DGC can bring some sunshine to DH they must be a complete joy to you all.
For all those suffering post covid I wish you a speedy full recovery .We have taken our seniors(90+yrs) for their boosters and all 3 have suffered slight side effects for 2/3 days but now thankfully OK. I had mine in Feb with no problems but there is a 20+yr age difference.
Do hope these will be the last as it's quite exhausting arranging appts,wheelchairs and transporting to inj hub, can only take them 1 at a time with round trip of 35miles.
Today it's childcare as ours are still on school hols.Weather looks good so it will be a general play day and maybe nature walk.
Have a full ironing basket which will have to wait I'm afraid.
Enjoy the day doing what pleases you most.Thinking of those with illness and worries.💐♥️