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Open All Hours: Friendly Night Owls ?

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FannyCornforth Sun 24-Apr-22 16:26:51

Hello ?
Back by popular demand (well, two people have asked me to start a new thread)
If you are awake at goodness knows what time; or are Australian (hi Nanna8), this is a thread for chat, companionship and me boring on about ‘kettle cuisine’
See you later x

Mollygo Sun 24-Apr-22 18:46:52

See you later-probably about 1 am.

Blossoming Sun 24-Apr-22 18:49:03

Could have done with this last night!

kittylester Sun 24-Apr-22 18:51:12

We had a poster called Nightowl in the very early days. I met her at the first meet up I ever went to.

Thought you might like to know that.

nightowl Sun 24-Apr-22 19:28:03

I’m still here kitty although I don’t post very often now smile I remember meeting you, and Maw and a few others who seem to have drifted away. It was a lovely afternoon.

Oh, and I’m not much of a nightowl these days, more of a dormouse confused

kittylester Sun 24-Apr-22 20:21:32

Hi, good to see you. After I posted I wondered if you were still here.

It was a nice day.

BigBertha1 Sun 24-Apr-22 22:17:24

I think I may but have been there in my previous year incarnation.

nightowl Sun 24-Apr-22 23:03:02

Ooh I’m intrigued now BigBertha!

crazyH Sun 24-Apr-22 23:33:04

I’ll probably be back about 1a.m. to see how it’s going. Mind you I have youngest son and family staying over for a few days while they’re having work done on their house. So I’m rather tired. We’ll see…

TheodoraP Mon 25-Apr-22 02:53:37

Oh looks like everyone has gone to bed, woke up after being asleep for just 2 hrs, my sleep pattern needs serious attention

Kim19 Mon 25-Apr-22 03:09:00

I sleep fitfully. It's no.problem now that I'm used to it. Retirement accommodates it nicely for me. Currently having a short visit with my best friend. Lovely. We're going out for a nice lunch later. Life is currently rather kind.

TheodoraP Mon 25-Apr-22 03:21:37

That's brilliant Kim19 how come your awake

Kim19 Mon 25-Apr-22 03:26:08

Just body clock I guess. Nothing new or problematic. Just finished Wordle. That was enjoyable.

Mollygo Mon 25-Apr-22 03:33:11

The useful thing about being awake now is my brain is better at Nerdle. I’ll give Wordle a try too. Thanks for the reminder Kim19.

TheodoraP Mon 25-Apr-22 03:37:46

I have work in the morning and hate that I can't sleep but just need to be more active in the day I think. Its a new thing for me not being able to go back to sleep

How come you awake Mollygo

FannyCornforth Mon 25-Apr-22 09:50:52

Good morning all!
I’m pleased to see that the thread was of use.

It’s especially nice to see Nightowl herself smile

Kim it’s sad that we won’t be chatting with Rufus here, bless him and his extremely varied lunch menus.
I subscribe to The Oldie magazine on his recommendation, and every time I read it I think of him.

I slept for 12 hours without waking once! My sleep is all over the place.
I have an appointment with my orthopaedic surgeon late this afternoon, so I should get a date for my hip replacement?

See you later

Mollygo Mon 25-Apr-22 15:02:15

TheodoraP, sleep is all over the place, partly because of recent Covid.
I’m reading a lot of books rather than acknowledging insomnia. Thank heavens for Kindle.
One unexpected benefit is that if I’m awake at stupid o’clock, I stand a better chance of booking a place in the aqua fit class!

Mollygo Mon 25-Apr-22 15:04:30

Good luck with your appointment FC. Hope the hip replacement appointment is forthcoming.

FannyCornforth Mon 25-Apr-22 15:04:31

Hello Molly
Yes, I do lots of ‘life admin’ in the early hours. And a lot of online shopping blush
I finally have a date for my hip replacement! It’s Friday 17th June. I’m so excited!

FannyCornforth Mon 25-Apr-22 15:05:19

Thank you Molly, I only needed a phone appointment and he brought it forward

Mollygo Mon 25-Apr-22 15:05:44

Crossed posts FC, but hurray for the appointment! Make sure you stay well enough to use it.

ExDancer Mon 25-Apr-22 15:12:30

I'm pretty thick when it comes to computers.
What does one have to do to join this Chat?

FannyCornforth Mon 25-Apr-22 15:14:56

I don’t know what you mean ExDancer, anyway, you’re here, so you’ve joined!
Welcome! smile

FannyCornforth Mon 25-Apr-22 15:17:56

Thank you Molly
You should join us on the Nerdle thread; there’s only the six of us.
It’s very select!

Mollygo Wed 27-Apr-22 01:27:41

It’s another wakeful night! Unfair, since I’ve done lots of exercise and stuff on my to-do list!