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At what age did you retire from work ..? For me it was at 59

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Oldab Thu 12-May-22 15:56:14

59vfor me ..I felt like work was just taking all of my time , no work life balance I was working from 8 am till 7 pm and I just could not take it anymore after 22 health improved , my mind my sense of well being ..I do not have the money now , but my mind is at ease..not stressed ..I can easily see my nurse every week now for my warfarin blood test ..when I was working 8am till 7pm it was virtually impossible ..

Vintagejazz Thu 12-May-22 16:31:46

Just turned 60 and hoping to retire this year.

I just have no interest anymore. It's already starting to feel like a different life, even though I'm still in it.

Lucca Thu 12-May-22 16:37:41

66, but was part time from 60. Went back at 67 for six months to help in an unexpected situation.

Redhead56 Thu 12-May-22 16:42:10

61 I worked with my husband part time running family business. It gave us a good living but I was glad to leave.

Zoejory Thu 12-May-22 16:42:45


M0nica Thu 12-May-22 16:46:07

53. I was made redundant into early retirement. I tried to get back to work, but nobody was interested in employeeing me, I had an occupational pension, that was part of the redundancy package, and DH was still working, so we managed.

In the end I worked as a volunteer with Age Concern (as was) and I did work for them as a paid employee for 6 months to cover my manager's maternity leave.

I was quite glad I left work when I did, little as I wanted to go, because in the years between my leave date and getting my state pension at 60, all the generation above me - parents and 2 pairs of childless aunts and uncles all began to need help and I was glad I had the time to look after them, rather than juggling work and care, which so many people end up doing.

BlueBelle Thu 12-May-22 16:46:09

69 I wanted to work to 70 but it wasn’t to be

Woodmouse Thu 12-May-22 16:55:53

Mercifully 53.

aggie Thu 12-May-22 16:57:04

59 and 9 months , I was to go at 60 , but things got difficult and I threw in the towel , it was suggested that I “ went on the sick “ for 6 months !
I was so mad I gave in my notice , then used my leave so that I was away before my leaving registered with my colleagues ,
Looking back it could have been constructive dismissal, but this was 24 years ago
I had a call this week from a chum to remind me we qualified 63 years ago Eek , how did that time go so fast ?

Sara1954 Thu 12-May-22 17:02:42

67 and still working !

MrsKen33 Thu 12-May-22 17:07:55

62 so been retired 15 years. Where has the time gone!!!!!

Grandmabatty Thu 12-May-22 17:08:44

Nearly 60. I could do it as I had an occupational pension which meant I could afford to go. I also had a lump sum and downsized. That was nearly four years ago.

nadateturbe Thu 12-May-22 17:08:45

Medically retired from CS at 59 with M.E. Union said I wouldn't get it, so didn't help. I got it myself.
Was so glad I didn't have to struggle in any more. It was a nightmare.

Shinamae Thu 12-May-22 17:09:09

69 and still working, I do enjoy my job but could not manage on my state pension alone as I have no other pensions so it’s a good thing I do enjoy my work as the money definitely comes in handy albeit only 24 hours a week..

BlueBelle Thu 12-May-22 17:14:33

Still working 8 years on I just don’t get paid now ???

Sofa Thu 12-May-22 17:16:17


HowVeryDareYou Thu 12-May-22 17:19:15

I haven't retired, but had to stop working 10 months ago, aged then 62, due to ill health. I won't get a state pension for another 3 years (never paid into a private or work one). Being at home all the time is almost driving me mad.

biglouis Thu 12-May-22 17:24:18

I retired from employed work as a university lecturer at 60. However I then expanded my selling occasional antiques side hustle to become full time self employed. Ive had an interest in the world of antiques since the 1960s and like most dealers began as a collector. I take the equivalent of three months vacation each year and am doing something I love.

BlueSky Thu 12-May-22 17:32:39

65. I was planning to stay till 70 but reorganisation offered us voluntary redundancies so I took it. Glad I did as the place I loved is now unrecognisable.

Zonne Thu 12-May-22 17:38:12

65 and 10 months - relatively recently. Almost immediately afterwards, I managed to injure myself, so lots of the things I’d planned have had to be postponed, and I’m bored witless.

tidyskatemum Thu 12-May-22 17:43:38

58. I was made redundant,along with 3/4 of the other staff in the charity I worked for when David Cameron’s government took away our block grant. My parents lived 80 miles away and both were in rapidly failing health so I never even looked for another job but spent the next 5 years organising carers, taking them to appointments and generally running round after them. Luckily I got Carers Credit, which boosted my NI contributions so I got a full state pension, albeit 5 years later than some of my friends.

travelsafar Thu 12-May-22 17:45:10

62 and three quarters!!!! that was the date given to claim state penssion. On reflection i should have hung on for another year and i would have got the higher rate of SP. I did return as a bank carer to save for a holiday but sadly my health took a turn for the worse and that stoppped. If i didnt have health issues i probably would still be doing the bank work as i enjoyed it very much. Usually did 1 or 2 shifts per week of 5hrs each plus i only chose morning shifts, didnt want to work evenings. I did weekends too. It was a lovely job. Now i might need help myself once i get my hip replacement done in July.

UserNamesAreOverrated Thu 12-May-22 17:45:59

It will be six weeks from today, and I will still be 65. I cannot tell you how much I am looking forward to uninstaling the work apps, removing the email accounts (four of them!), and deleting the work folders I hold on my laptop for work in progress.

I can hardly believe it, but it's true and it's 49 days away.

Bellanonna Thu 12-May-22 18:08:33


Germanshepherdsmum Thu 12-May-22 18:16:41

I decided to retire at 62. Almost 9 years ago. I was absolutely knackered with the hours,
the pressure and the commuting and it’s been wonderful not to have a head full of work stuff all the time.