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Are You Superstitious

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Audi10 Fri 13-May-22 11:49:10

Since it’s fri 13th, what better time to ask! I’m actually not! Though I wouldn’t purposely walk under a ladder!

Grandmabatty Fri 13-May-22 11:50:43

Happy Triskedekaphobia Day! I claim not to be superstitious, but I wouldn't walk under a ladder. ?

DillytheGardener Fri 13-May-22 11:55:05

I wouldn’t walk under a ladder and that’s about it. Dil who is from Italian stock, is very superstitious, won’t have lilies in the house as they represent death, won’t say cheers with water, if she says anything that alludes to something good happening will say ‘knock on wood’, won’t celebrate birthdays early as apparently it is tempting fate, the list goes on ?

BlueSky Fri 13-May-22 12:08:34

Only the main ones, breaking a mirror, walking under a ladder, 13 at the table and then of course Friday the 13th! We have a lucky horseshoe on our door and a couple of gargoyles guarding our gate. You can’t be too careful!

Blossoming Fri 13-May-22 12:27:44

No I’m not, but I was seriously injured in a road accident as a teenager on the 13th, and acquired my brain injury on the 13th, so maybe I should be!

Nothing ever happened on all the many other 13ths though grin

Esspee Fri 13-May-22 12:46:03

Not in the least. Surely in 2022 educated people have evolved beyond that stage.

ShazzaKanazza Fri 13-May-22 12:52:14

If you call saluting a magpie, not walking under a ladder and I’d hate to break a mirror then I suppose I am just a little bit. I always wished my daughter to break a leg before she went on stage as well.

BlueBelle Fri 13-May-22 13:00:23

No not at all nor do I believe in ghosts, fairy’s, leprechauns or anything else that I don’t see touch or feel
I would imagine the same people that believe in psychic happenings, believe that inanimate objects can make good or bad luck

MissAdventure Fri 13-May-22 13:03:47

No, not at all.
I find all the ritualistic behaviour interesting, though, such as throwing salt over your shoulder and that kind of thing.

Auntieflo Fri 13-May-22 13:11:48

Well, I suppose that I am a bit. I wouldn't go shopping this morning. Mum was quite superstitious . She had an everlasting? calendar, and when it was Thursday 12th, she wouldn't change the date until it was Saturday 14th.

Witzend Fri 13-May-22 13:14:45

Only when it comes to buying things for new babies before they’ve arrived safely and all is well. Daft, I know, but smacks too much (to me) of tempting Fate.

sharon103 Fri 13-May-22 13:16:38

No, whatever will be will be.

Thoro Fri 13-May-22 13:31:40

I’m quite happy to walk under a ladder………but won’t have red and white flowers in the house (from my mother, a nurse)
oh and I always say good morning/afternoon to magpies?

BlueSky Fri 13-May-22 14:45:28

Goodness me yes good morning/afternoon/evening Mr Magpie!

BlueBelle Fri 13-May-22 15:20:16

You suppose you are Auntieflo???

Serendipity22 Fri 13-May-22 15:24:32

Not in the slightest.


Ladyleftfieldlover Fri 13-May-22 15:27:16

Just the ladder thing, but mainly because I don’t want a bucket of paint falling on my head! My younger son was born on the 13th and sometimes his birthday is on a Friday. He isn’t bothered.

rockgran Fri 13-May-22 15:32:18

"Good morning Mr. Magpie - how are your wife and children?" Superstitious? Moi?hmm

FannyCornforth Fri 13-May-22 15:33:32


No, not at all.
I find all the ritualistic behaviour interesting, though, such as throwing salt over your shoulder and that kind of thing.

A few years ago, I borrowed from the library (remember them?) an encyclopaedia of Superstitions.
It was one of the best and most fascinating books that I’ve ever read.
In olden days absolutely everything was an omen of something.
It’s a miracle that they ever left their homes

FannyCornforth Fri 13-May-22 15:36:00

I realise that I’ve made up my own.
If I accidentally kill an insect, it means that something catastrophic will happen.
And if I see a worm on the pavement when it’s rained; I’m compelled to return it to the safety of some grass ?

Redhead56 Fri 13-May-22 15:53:57

No I am not I don't walk over barrel cell grids outside pubs incase there not locked properly. I don't walk under ladders incase some one is working and drops something. Not because of superstition but plain old common sense.

Kim19 Fri 13-May-22 15:59:27

Goodnees, didn't know that about lilies. Guess I should be long gone!

Chestnut Fri 13-May-22 16:06:48

I haven't even heard of some of these, and that book sounds fascinating!

I just thought magpies were 'One for sorrow, two for joy etc'. I didn't know you actually had to speak to them.

If a black cat crosses your path is it good or bad luck? Or is that on the way to a wedding? ?

CatsCatsCats Fri 13-May-22 16:14:31

Chestnut If a black cat crosses your path it's good luck in the UK; bad luck in the US.

And I've had some wonderful news today, this Friday 13th.

boheminan Fri 13-May-22 16:20:04

I won't have peacock feathers in the house and cannot cross a knife and fork on my plate (this one inherited from my mum).