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Using things for a purpose other than for the intended purpose for which they were sold

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StarDreamer Tue 09-Aug-22 17:42:06

Using things for a purpose other than for the intended purpose for which they were sold

For example. A supermarket sells growing herb plants in the fresh vegetables section. Intended purpose is pull off the leaves and use them in cooking. Actual use, houseplant, no leaves ever removed.

A double example. An online business advertises printing a custom greetings card from an uploaded photograph file and sending it to a recipient. A supermarket sells photograph frames. Actual use, print of a card from an uploaded file of artwork produced on a home computer, sent to the customer, framed by the customer.

Nannagarra Tue 09-Aug-22 21:20:37

Not knives! Scissors.

25Avalon Tue 09-Aug-22 22:01:25

Bought mil a beautiful very expensive leather ice bucket. She turned it into a holder for cotton reels.

nadateturbe Tue 09-Aug-22 22:11:59

My herb cutter is great for slicing pizza.

SpringyChicken Tue 09-Aug-22 22:13:05

Wire hanging baskets, placed upside down in the flower bed as plant supports.

Callistemon21 Tue 09-Aug-22 22:19:49


My grandmother's steel for knife sharpening.
As did she, we keep it by the front door for burglars.
Just in case ...

ixion ?

bridie54 Tue 09-Aug-22 22:21:26

I had visiting grandchildren from New Zealand and thought I had got everything I needed.
Then 5 year old asked where the bath toys were so a quick visit to the kitchen and we found measuring cups. 2 funnels, 2 plastic jugs, a sieve and a colander plus 2 syringes used for the cats meds (no needles obviously) .
The kids had great fun.

FarNorth Tue 09-Aug-22 22:23:13

Veg drawers from 2 previous fridges, now under my bed holding important items.

nadateturbe Tue 09-Aug-22 22:26:48


Socks out of the laundry basket for dusting bedrooms with, when I can't be bothered to go downstairs for a duster,

Anything out of the laundry basket grin ?
It's a long way downstairs.

Golddustwoman Tue 09-Aug-22 22:30:42

contact lens cases to clean ear studs in

Callistemon21 Tue 09-Aug-22 22:33:31

Toothbrushes for cleaning awkward places
The layered baby box makes a good sewing box now
A toolbox holds paints, pencils and brushes for art
A metal file holder keeps tinfoil, baking paper etc. tidy

Wire hanging baskets turned upside down and placed over plant pots stop the squirrel eating sprouting bulbs and small plants.

Callistemon21 Tue 09-Aug-22 22:36:20

^Old credit card^:
- to fill holes with plaster or wood filler, then I pass the card over the surface to achieve a virtually flat surface

Great for painting in mixed media too!

henetha Tue 09-Aug-22 22:48:16

I keep an old wheelbarrow in the back garden to catch rainwater in and water plants as my hosepipe doesn't reach the back garden. This has been a dismal failure this summer due to the lack of rain. ☹️ I've stopped using the hosepipe at all now, so there's lots of watering can lugging. ?

Sago Tue 09-Aug-22 22:51:35

A spaghetti scoop thing as a window opener.
An ice bucket as a vase.
Dumbells as door stops.
Victorian wooden cake stand to hold bathroom nick nacks.

My husband once used a coat hanger to unblock a lavatory but that’s another thread!

Marydoll Tue 09-Aug-22 23:14:10


Barbecue tongs for lifting things from shelves I can’t reach. An old school wooden ruler for opening/closing the window vents.

Blossoming, I used them the other day to pick up a screw from outdoor lights, which had fallen behind my solar fountain. I was afraid I would smash it, if I bent over it to retrieve the screw. They were perfect for the job!

Today, I used a long handled pizza paddle, to get a box down from a very high shelf in the garage.

Nannagarra Tue 09-Aug-22 23:19:28

Callistemon21 is that an A4 ring file? I’m keen to adopt your idea.

Teacheranne Wed 10-Aug-22 00:23:29

Upturned wire hanging basket on top of a patio pot to prevent squirrels from digging up newly planted bulbs.

MiniMoon Wed 10-Aug-22 00:26:15

I'm another who uses a spaghetti spoon for opening the kitchen window. I use the end of my potato peeler to prise ring pulls up when I can't get my finger under them. It us actually meant for removing the eyes from potatoes.

GagaJo Wed 10-Aug-22 00:51:54

A pair of bamboo chopsticks to stir scrambled eggs while cooking. For some reason, they work better than a spoon or fork.

AussieGran59 Wed 10-Aug-22 04:35:08

I make ‘rice socks’…(yes, here we go with the rice again, ha ha)
Get an old sock, fill with uncooked rice, tie the sock securely and put it in the freezer for 24 hrs. The best cold pack ever, as it moulds to any body part and is nice and soft. Hint: make sure there are no holes in the sock!

Aldom Wed 10-Aug-22 06:10:25

AussieGran59 what a great idea. Thank you. I'll be copying this. smile

grandMattie Wed 10-Aug-22 06:27:03

Flat bedsheets as tablecloths. They are perfect for those village hall type tables. Just the right size and ever so elegant!

JackyB Wed 10-Aug-22 07:13:32


My herb cutter is great for slicing pizza.


I once saw a "hack" on YouTube for using a pizza-cutter to chop herbs! Did it last night, in fact!

JackyB Wed 10-Aug-22 07:20:37

I "hook" things down from the top shelves with a ladle, like a shepherd's crook (others have mentioned spatulas and such, but something with a bent over end gives you more purchase)

MawtheMerrier Wed 10-Aug-22 07:42:05

I too use my pasta spoon to reach the kitchen window handles to pull them to, but has anybody talked of their original use?
As a backscratcher of course!

DanniRae Wed 10-Aug-22 08:09:19

I put a frozen picnic block - not sure of proper name - in a plastic box with a damp flannel on it to cool me down in the middle of a hot night. Amazing on the back of the neck!
I measure out my dry porridge oats with a child's plastic cup as it's just the right size - the child is now 51 smile