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Using things for a purpose other than for the intended purpose for which they were sold

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StarDreamer Tue 09-Aug-22 17:42:06

Using things for a purpose other than for the intended purpose for which they were sold

For example. A supermarket sells growing herb plants in the fresh vegetables section. Intended purpose is pull off the leaves and use them in cooking. Actual use, houseplant, no leaves ever removed.

A double example. An online business advertises printing a custom greetings card from an uploaded photograph file and sending it to a recipient. A supermarket sells photograph frames. Actual use, print of a card from an uploaded file of artwork produced on a home computer, sent to the customer, framed by the customer.

MissAdventure Sun 04-Sep-22 14:00:02

My egg and cheese slicers went from my mum, to my daughter, to me.

DaisyAnne Sun 04-Sep-22 14:02:28

This should become a sticky thread. So many clever ideas.

On the reaching one, I use a slice. Most things on the top shelves are in boxes. It slides under nicely, and then I can pull the box (think tea, etc.) forward, ensuring it doesn't land on my head as it drops.

I use an Ikea expanding leg (the table now has three expanding and one not, so I will have to grab the leg back if I want a higher table). The leg expands to fit in the bottom of the non-sliding French door and stops the sliding door from opening. You are pushing against the leg. You can buy security bars to do this, but I like "free".

I've added a picture of this one; I can't describe it. These are tea towel holders. They make excellent zip jacks if you use 'zip on a roll' and need to add the zip pulls.

Fleurpepper Sun 04-Sep-22 14:59:42

Been decorating, and the back of a spoon used daily to open paint tins. And large weights for my old fashioned scales to hold down bits I had to repair and glue.

Jaxjacky Sun 04-Sep-22 15:01:49

I use a metal potato masher to tamp down pots with soil in for seeds and seedlings and the kitchen one to tamp down cheesecake base in the tin.

Callistemon21 Sun 04-Sep-22 15:08:24

Teaspoons are good for transplanting seedlings.

For plant containers made out of unusual objects we need look no further than the other night's Gardeners' World and the alleyway garden.