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What do you wear at home in this hot weather?

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Bazza Wed 10-Aug-22 14:23:30

I’m asking what you put on when you know that you’re not going out and no one is coming round! I have four loose midi cotton dresses with thin straps, and that’s it. No underwear, just one garment. A clean one every day, but it’s certainly cut down on the washing. It’s not a pretty sight but I’m as cool as is possible. I also keep a spray bottle in the fridge full of water and some 4711 cologne, remember that? Spray face and arms. Cold shower before bed and no nightie.

rubysong Wed 10-Aug-22 18:44:25

Sandals, pants, shorts, vest type thing. Sometimes a bra. Shower in the evening then loose kaftan, sleeveless cotton nightie to sleep in.

Cornflower Wed 10-Aug-22 19:10:42

Pants, bra, shorts and sleeveless or short-sleeve top. With thin comfortable Falke ankle socks to keep my feet comfortable.

BlueBelle Wed 10-Aug-22 19:18:52

Same as what I go out in sleeveless tops, midi shorts, white trainers

DanniRae Wed 10-Aug-22 19:34:53

Cut down trackie bottoms - just below my knee - t shirt and knickers. Just about to wrestle my pull on bra off! Animal flip flops.
Sleep in knickers and vest top - unless it's very cold that's what I sleep in all year round.

62Granny Wed 10-Aug-22 19:40:43

I wear sleeveless Jersey dresses with underwear also I like to wear knee length leggings under them that way if I am out the garden and bend down I don't show my underwear to the world , we only have a low walk between us and the road.

Patsy70 Wed 10-Aug-22 19:53:59

Shorts and a loose top. I spend much of my time in the garden and would love tanned legs!

Norah Wed 10-Aug-22 21:05:54

Underwear, jeans, top, trainers.

Grandmadinosaur Wed 10-Aug-22 21:10:38

I too have about 4 strappy midi and maxi dresses I wear. No bra.

NanKate Wed 10-Aug-22 22:04:22

Harem trousers, loose silky top from One Hundred Stars, pants and a bra, plus obligatory brightly coloured pendant.

paddyann54 Wed 10-Aug-22 22:35:57

Are you at the nudist colony Espee ? I f you're island hopping beware of the wallabies..but be kind to them Kirsty Young has bought their island and wants them culled...theres a petition to stop her ,they've been on Loch Lomond for nearly 100 years

MawtheMerrier Wed 10-Aug-22 23:10:32

I just hitch my skirt up a bit and let it all breathe

Ladyleftfieldlover Wed 10-Aug-22 23:17:26

Bra (I’d get bruised knees otherwise) knickers, shorts and a very loose top, plus sun hat and sunglasses if I’m outside.

henetha Wed 10-Aug-22 23:24:44

I've got a couple of linen mix, A line ,knee length dresses which are cool and comfy in hot weather. I do wear cotton undies. These are house dresses only: I never wear them out anywhere. Otherwise cut off trousers and t-shirts.

MissAdventure Wed 10-Aug-22 23:27:09

I've got a weird tea bag shaped thing on, and nothing beneath.
I can't stand being too hot, and its airy.

Teacheranne Thu 11-Aug-22 00:00:29


Kaftan, I have just ordered two more. So comfortable

I bought my first Kaftan last month and love it! Maxi length, very full, decent quality cotton. It is such a simple pattern that I bought some fabric and made myself another one for half the price! I only wear it in the house though, with knickers but no bra, as I don’t want to scare people outside - I look like a beached whale!

Doodledog Thu 11-Aug-22 00:13:20

Long loose linen dresses with bra under and no knickers unless I go out. They won't blow up even in a strong gale grin.

I have half a dozen of them, so it's one a day, wash and repeat in this weather.

Baggytrazzas Thu 11-Aug-22 06:49:38

Well fitting Swimsuit instead of underwear , with a very loose sleeveless viscose dress on top, flip flops, sunglasses.

Ailidh Thu 11-Aug-22 07:13:36

Bra and pants, loose dress, waist slip. Never possessed/wore a slip until I came here but I live in community, and some of them are a bit pass remarkable about my clothes - usually positively, I've discovered my inner flaunt and the best thing is some of the older women have started to be brave and experiment with flaunt too! - but I prefer not to endure comments about my see through frocks.

MissAdventure Thu 11-Aug-22 07:16:37

Ooh, it used to be quite a "thing".
Charlie's showing, or something we used to say if you saw a hint of half slip below someone's skirt!

Baggytrazzas Thu 11-Aug-22 07:19:03

It's raining in Paris?

MissAdventure Thu 11-Aug-22 07:20:51

I hadn't ever heard that.
Flying low (trouser zip undone)

Ashcombe Thu 11-Aug-22 07:23:38


Ooh, it used to be quite a "thing".
Charlie's showing, or something we used to say if you saw a hint of half slip below someone's skirt!

We would say, “Charlie’s dead!”

BlueBelle Thu 11-Aug-22 07:25:34

Yes we used to say Charlie’s dead, why ??? What the feff s Charlie got to do with it somehow we loved to tell people even if only an inch was showing

PollyDolly Thu 11-Aug-22 07:25:53

At present it is either a cotton dress or shorts and a tee shirt plus bra and pants during the day and probably just pants for sleeping. - depending on the night temperature, if it drops cool I wear a cotton nightie.

I never go without a bra during the day regardless of how tempting it is - the 'girls' need support and I have no intention of introducing them to my nether regions! Breast tissue is very fragile and can be irreparably damaged by wearing no support.

MissAdventure Thu 11-Aug-22 07:26:59

Oh yes, that's it!
Charlie's dead.