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What do you wear at home in this hot weather?

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Bazza Wed 10-Aug-22 14:23:30

I’m asking what you put on when you know that you’re not going out and no one is coming round! I have four loose midi cotton dresses with thin straps, and that’s it. No underwear, just one garment. A clean one every day, but it’s certainly cut down on the washing. It’s not a pretty sight but I’m as cool as is possible. I also keep a spray bottle in the fridge full of water and some 4711 cologne, remember that? Spray face and arms. Cold shower before bed and no nightie.

tanith Wed 10-Aug-22 14:43:54

Similar with loose strappy dresses but with underwear. Spray bottle, ceiling fan and good book.

Ohmother Wed 10-Aug-22 15:11:32

Shorts n t-shirt. Was never brave enough to wear shorts a couple of years ago and since losing weight and getting tanned legs I live in them when not working.

Charleygirl5 Wed 10-Aug-22 15:15:35

Underwear, trousers and a T shirt. No socks just my slippers.

MiniMoon Wed 10-Aug-22 15:20:33

Today I'm wearing light linen trousers and a cotton blouse. I could not go without bra and panties though, hot flushes are really uncomfortable without my bra.

MiniMoon Wed 10-Aug-22 15:21:02

Forgot to mention my flip flops.

Yammy Wed 10-Aug-22 15:22:52

Loose cotton maxi skirt and a loose t-shirt and open sandals.Still need the underwater though.blush

Pittcity Wed 10-Aug-22 15:49:08

Loose cotton dress or shorts and t shirt with knickers but no bra in the house.
I always cover up with light cotton shirt and trousers/skirt or midi/maxi dress when out as I don't think it's any cooler with flesh on display.

HowVeryDareYou Wed 10-Aug-22 16:05:32

Bra, knickers and a sleeveless, loose dress. Every window in the house open. Knickers at night and a loose camisole top

shysal Wed 10-Aug-22 16:12:30

Capri 'magic' pants and lightweight tops, always with underwear! I live in a terrace of houses so can be seen in my garden from the neighbouring windows. Gone are the days when I would lie out in a bikini!

Esspee Wed 10-Aug-22 16:14:57

Right now I'm on a small boat on Loch Lomond. I'm wearing a sunhat.

merlotgran Wed 10-Aug-22 16:18:51

Linen cut offs. Loose fitting cotton shirt, no bra and flip flops.

Blossoming Wed 10-Aug-22 16:20:10

A knee length linen shift dress bought from Boden years ago. So loose and comfy.

Cabbie21 Wed 10-Aug-22 16:27:03

Loose t shirt, loose cotton trousers( with a hole in! ) usual underwear. Socks and shoes as I have been gardening and driving at times. Relaxing now in the coolest room with the fan. Windows and curtains shut on the sunny side.

Bazza Wed 10-Aug-22 16:31:16

Esspee, is that all?!

SunshineSally Wed 10-Aug-22 16:34:23

Currently knee length dress, bra and pants, BUT, I am just about to succumb to a loose flowing kaftan (I have 6) and nowt else! ??

SusieB50 Wed 10-Aug-22 16:35:45

I have two linen dresses I bought years ago that I’m wearing alternately and washing each day with cotton knickers and an old cotton sports bra with just a little bit of support left ! . Can’t do without underwear I’m afraid . All my blinds, doors and windows are closed and have been since 7.30am . I opened everything at 6.30 and let all the cool air in , it’s 24 C inside and 29c in the shade outside ? Getting a bit tired of this now, not even enjoyable outside in the garden under the umbrella, as our garden faces south west and is like a furnace .

Judy54 Wed 10-Aug-22 17:15:06

Cropped trousers and a vest top (no bra). Can get away with it around the house but definitely would not go out dressed like this!

M0nica Wed 10-Aug-22 17:51:24

Same as I always wear. Pants, bra, trousers and sleeveless top. I never wear uncomfortable clothes, so feel no need to dress differently if home alone.

Hopikins Wed 10-Aug-22 18:00:10

Kaftan, I have just ordered two more. So comfortable

maddyone Wed 10-Aug-22 18:12:12

Bra, knickers, shorts, vest/sleeveless top. Flip flops.
Very loose cool pyjamas in the evening, night, and early morning. No dressing gown.
Just been out for afternoon tea to celebrate our anniversary and I wore bra, knickers, sleeveless and cool dress, sandals.

Grandmabatty Wed 10-Aug-22 18:14:16

I am well constructed and therefore I need a bra to avoid the under boob sweat. I wear shorts and a loose t shirt

Georgesgran Wed 10-Aug-22 18:19:01

I hope you’re wearing Chanel no5 Esspee (and sunscreen).

AreWeThereYet Wed 10-Aug-22 18:22:43

Jeggings/skirt with short sleeve/sleeveless T-shirt or camisole, plus underwear. Flipflops or sandals. Shorts if I'm in the garden maybe. I prefer covering up when in the sun, it feels cooler than having hot sun on my skin. We're lucky that the house never gets hot downstairs so we hide inside if it gets too hot outside.

At night knickers and T-shirt.

Fleurpepper Wed 10-Aug-22 18:22:52

Thin, loose cotton just under knees shorts and lose cotton t-shirt. If I am at home or with friends, sleeveless, if I go out, short, lose sleeves. Flat but shaped sporty sandals.