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Esspee Sun 14-Aug-22 07:57:25

Am fair wabbit. Jist anither dey tae thole it. Am drieding the haar burnin aff later. You?

Grandmabatty Sun 14-Aug-22 11:31:39

I'm gey peelywally anaw. Ahm hert roastit wi the sun. Oh for rain stotin aff the grun intake the stanks. Ma heid is bilin an ahm as itchy as if a ferlie wis crawlin Ower my shooders.

Yammy Sun 14-Aug-22 11:44:38

From the Scottish border.
I me an awe I'm fair mafted. I'll complain when I am chittering.
Too hot to ga for a dook,though I am pretty doft. got the midges biting like mad.

Cherrytree59 Sun 14-Aug-22 11:49:20

Grandmabatty nay need to awa an' bile yer heed wi the weather the noo ? .
Usin' ma' gamp fer a sunshade to keep ma bairn cool.

Charleygirl5 Sun 14-Aug-22 13:27:07

I come from near St. Andrews so this would be the style of talking whereus me granma came frae Kirkcaddy so I dinna unnerstaund a pickle.

Baggytrazzas Sun 14-Aug-22 13:57:27

Ah feel as tho ah've fell richt intae a Broons script fur wan oh they screen plays.

Grannmarie Sun 14-Aug-22 15:09:26

Ah wis oot in the gairden bit it wis roastin' so ah've just cam ben the hoose tae cool doon...
The weans in the street huv disappeared, pokey hat time.

grannylyn65 Sun 14-Aug-22 15:12:04


Katek Sun 14-Aug-22 15:18:21

Ach mi wirdie ! Thunder an lightning an ding bouncing off i car!

Mine Sun 14-Aug-22 15:18:30

Hiya pals
Sitting oot in the garden.The sun is beltin down...Ma man's tannin a can of beer....His feet are aw swelt oot wi the heat....Waitin oan the grandweans coming down and I'll take them for a pokey hat...Aww the best grannies fae Scotland

Grannmarie Sun 14-Aug-22 15:34:59

Grannylyn, a pokey hat is an ice cream cone.

volver Sun 14-Aug-22 15:37:14



Fit? wink

Grannmarie Sun 14-Aug-22 15:48:20

Wheraboots ur ye, Katek? It's still warm and dry in Lanarkshire...

FarNorth Sun 14-Aug-22 15:48:56

Braw wither here the day, sun an a wee bit breeze so nae girnin fae me. Ah'm ower weel.

Esspee Sun 14-Aug-22 16:31:43

Him thro the wa says he can gie me a braw price on a a/c unit. Am sair temptet but ma bidie in willnae hear o it.
Been ower tae the east coast fir lunch an ye ken it's worse, nae green tae be seen at aw.
Tak tent signs aw ower the place fir rain the day. Ay well nae sign o it in Glesga the noo but here's hoping.

volver Sun 14-Aug-22 16:36:22

Wis you somewae fine for yir denner, Esspee?

Charleygirl5 Sun 14-Aug-22 16:40:42

It's 32C in London just noo- tae hot fir me. I hate this awffy sunny weather.

Esspee Sun 14-Aug-22 17:32:21

Jist a wee Indian howf in Stirling on oor way back fae Falkirk Volver. Nocht fancy. The pakora, prawn dopiaza, pilau rice, nan and ice cream went doon well (allowing OH to charge his car for free).

Grandmabatty Sun 14-Aug-22 17:36:49

If ahd kent ye wus in fawkirk Espee I would have tellt ye to come by. Ma kettle aywes oan. Bide a wee whiley.

Aveline Sun 14-Aug-22 17:47:20

Jings its poorin' stair rods ootside at last.

FarNorth Sun 14-Aug-22 17:57:47

It's lookin gey dreich the noo, an gettin waur.
It'll likely be poorin afore lang.

Grammaretto Sun 14-Aug-22 18:05:48

Here too! Drookit n thanks tae me for hinging oot the cloaths

Esspee Sun 14-Aug-22 19:00:56

Aye ave been hearin fae pals in Fife, it’s stotting doon.

Cherrytree59 Sun 14-Aug-22 19:15:35

Canny wait te' stoatin doon,
I'm here fair wabbit oot w' the heat.
Granweans gone hame, but dinna think they'll be in baw baw yet.
Nichts fair hot, so no wee Willie Winkie runnin' through the toon.

Charleygirl5 Sun 14-Aug-22 19:20:08

If ah have any more showers I'll be swummin oot o this hoose soon. A guide job the hot watter is free as ah hae fancy solar power.

volver Sun 14-Aug-22 19:49:47


Jist a wee Indian howf in Stirling on oor way back fae Falkirk Volver. Nocht fancy. The pakora, prawn dopiaza, pilau rice, nan and ice cream went doon well (allowing OH to charge his car for free).

At sounds fine Esspee