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Esspee Sun 14-Aug-22 07:57:25

Am fair wabbit. Jist anither dey tae thole it. Am drieding the haar burnin aff later. You?

Mine Sun 14-Aug-22 20:17:33

I'm sitting oot in the back and the sky's went pure black...Big rain draps oan ma table....Hink its gonnae bucket doon...Hid tae come bein the house....

Katek Sun 14-Aug-22 20:18:07

Grannmarie - wis in Inverness, fit a rain fell. Floods aa’ wye

Baggytrazzas Sun 14-Aug-22 20:21:13

wee ur back tae thick haar again. jist hud a few spats oh rain.

Grannmarie Sun 14-Aug-22 20:26:16

Ta, Katek, jeez oh that looks awfy!

Still dry here but awfy close, cannae git a breath. We're needin' a wee rummel tae clear the err.

Esspee Sun 14-Aug-22 21:50:32

Ah weel, that’s the heatwave over, the drizzle has reached Glesga. Cannae say I’m sorry. Four days summer is as much as ony of us can thole. It’s in oor DNA.

Night all.

Grannmarie Sun 14-Aug-22 22:34:42

Guid wee thread Esspee, thunder and lightning here in Lanarkshire noo. Car alarums goin' aff .... rain jaikit left oot fur the morn's morn.

Nightie night.

FarNorth Sun 14-Aug-22 23:03:31

Ah caa say 'Its a braw bricht moonlicht nicht the nicht' the nicht onywey.

rascal Sun 14-Aug-22 23:58:05

Am awa tae baw baws. Nicht nicht. moon

Granny23 Mon 15-Aug-22 10:23:37

Toots luvvin this threed. aat hame the noo, gawn oot efter. It's guy dreich the day.

Cherrytree59 Mon 15-Aug-22 10:34:51

Naw sucha braw day the morn.
Had m' porridge and now away doon Road fer ma messages, an' some Coulters candy fer the bairns
( Help ma Bob am soondin mair and mair like ma' gran) ??

Wheniwasyourage Mon 15-Aug-22 10:52:35

Gey dreich here the day an aa. Better nor 40º onywey!

Charleygirl5 Mon 15-Aug-22 11:04:26

Fits rain- can onybody tell me? Sun today but it is nae as hot

Aveline Mon 15-Aug-22 11:22:20

Just back fae the baths. Rerr day fur a swum.

Aveline Mon 15-Aug-22 11:22:57

(Autocorrect struggling grin). Jist!

FarNorth Mon 15-Aug-22 12:38:21

There's a bittie haar here the day but no bad.
I'm haen a wee daunner doon the road an sittin by an auld mill lade the noo.