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What the....oh?!

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Ali08 Sun 25-Sep-22 19:15:41

As I scroll through various chats in here, names pop up.
One in particular always gets me going, although they are not at fault.
However, every time I see 'HowVeryDareYou' my thoughts go something like this, "What? Now what the hell have I done....oh, nothing, I'm on Gransnet! I'm ok. No problem. All's good, I'm fine. I've done nothing wrong!"
Until a few minutes later and the moniker pops up

Do any of you have similar reactions to any names in here?

HowVeryDareYou Sun 25-Sep-22 22:05:39

Prentice smile A character on the Catherine Tate programme used to say "how very dare you". That's where I got it from.

Aldom Sun 25-Sep-22 22:27:17


There’s also a poster who seems to tell us where to strike
“Hit here”

Interesting, I read this username as Hi there. smile

Parsley3 Sun 25-Sep-22 22:27:24

I love the user names on Mumsnet. Some are almost a whole sentence.

Lillianne Sun 25-Sep-22 22:28:52

I read Terribull as Terrible

BigBertha1 Sun 25-Sep-22 22:30:13

A Big Bertha is a golf club....the driver or No1 club. I used to be Teetime and posters told me I was spelling it wrong!

Callistemon21 Sun 25-Sep-22 22:36:15


Urms in my case it is because I AM - GRANNY TO THREE dgc.

I always read your name as Granny Twenty Three ?

Casdon Sun 25-Sep-22 22:39:23

I think the best name is Sue Donim, that’s clever.

Mollygo Sun 25-Sep-22 22:40:49


I think the best name is Sue Donim, that’s clever.

Yes, it’s exactly that!grin

Callistemon21 Sun 25-Sep-22 22:54:44


I have reactions but none I can repeat here ?

There's one I see and think "why, just why"?

Urmstongran Sun 25-Sep-22 22:58:50


Me too Urms. Not a new Mister Men book then grin

That really made me chuckle Blossoming! Very witty. ?

Callistemon21 Sun 25-Sep-22 23:06:58


I think the best name is Sue Donim, that’s clever.

Yes, one of the best ones.

Another name I liked but haven't seen for a while was Sloeginny (I think I've spelt it right).

BlushingSheep Sun 25-Sep-22 23:42:29

I've not been here that long but already there are some names I recognise or smile at.

Mollygo Sun 25-Sep-22 23:57:58

There's one I see and think "why, just why"?

Spice101 Mon 26-Sep-22 00:49:43


Also I do wonder why some posters use numbers in their user name.

When I joined up I had to include a number for my user name to be accepted.
Don't know why because obviously others did not have to.

V3ra Mon 26-Sep-22 01:06:22

When I joined up I had to include a number for my user name to be accepted.

Same here Spice101

Juliet27 Mon 26-Sep-22 05:47:30

I think lauraNorder is a good one

nanna8 Mon 26-Sep-22 06:49:49


^When I joined up I had to include a number for my user name to be accepted.^

Same here Spice101

Same here. There must be a lot of us.

Oopsadaisy1 Mon 26-Sep-22 07:35:06

Me too I had to be ‘1’

BlueBelle Mon 26-Sep-22 07:52:19

Prentice you said No Lucca and JaneJudge you have it quite wrong I believe it is about looking at names of posters and not about what you think of the person behind the name

I think it’s you that has it wrong prentice because of one line in the original post .
One in particular always gets me going so there we have it those few words will get some people thinking and puzzling some will think it’s aimed at them, some will puzzle over who it means, others will pass it by and not notice it but that’s they very bit that will put the cat amongst the pigeons…. without that it would have been a fun thread
Most people are playing the game and looking at the lovely clever, funny names but some are commenting on the posters themselves and I think Janejudge is correct and it ‘could’ easily slide into distaste

I m often envious (in the nicest possible way) of those that chose these witty names I just grabbed the first thing I could think of that I liked…. boring me

Prentice Mon 26-Sep-22 08:06:06

I think you are wrong Bluebelle as you and perhaps a couple of others have not read and understood the whole of the OP.
Ali08 says, ‘names pop up, one in particular always gets me going, although they are not at fault’. It is the name and not anything else.This is intended as a lighthearted thread.
If posters continue to misunderstand then of course this discussion will go the wrong way.

Prentice Mon 26-Sep-22 08:08:12


I think lauraNorder is a good one

That name is very amusing indeed.

Barmeyoldbat Mon 26-Sep-22 08:28:17

For me it was because I was always having some bright idea within our group, of where or what we could do. The response was often laughter with them calling me a Barmey……. As for other names I must admit I read a thread and at times move on because of the posters who are on it and I know I will just get bogged down. There are names that give my imagination a description of what the person looks like, one name the person is small and petit, another she is a tall country woman

BlueBalou Mon 26-Sep-22 08:35:02

I was LoopyLoo but someone else had LoupyLou so I asked to change mine. I was watching Jungle Book with my DGCs and thought of this one ?

Sar53 Mon 26-Sep-22 08:35:09

My username is my initials plus the year I was born. Not very original I know. If I could change it I would be Atomheart.

Juliet27 Mon 26-Sep-22 08:43:56

I always wondered about the significance of Flyinghandbags apart from it being the name of a gay venue in Blackpool