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What the....oh?!

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Ali08 Sun 25-Sep-22 19:15:41

As I scroll through various chats in here, names pop up.
One in particular always gets me going, although they are not at fault.
However, every time I see 'HowVeryDareYou' my thoughts go something like this, "What? Now what the hell have I done....oh, nothing, I'm on Gransnet! I'm ok. No problem. All's good, I'm fine. I've done nothing wrong!"
Until a few minutes later and the moniker pops up

Do any of you have similar reactions to any names in here?

FannyCornforth Sat 08-Oct-22 08:07:53

Poppylonglegs is great!
In my head, from now on, you will be BlueBelle-Poppylonglegs