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Microwaves been out of fashion?

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Zoejory Tue 27-Sep-22 00:07:31

Sorry for the Daily Mail link but I've just read this article about Alice Beer discussing microwaves on This Morning.

Apparently they've been out of fashion since the 80s. Nobody uses them any more. Really?

I don't think we even had a microwave in the 80s but have one now which is used 3 or 4 times a week.

henetha Tue 27-Sep-22 11:05:38

I can't believe how daft this is. Unless I've completely lost the plot. I've had one for many years, can't recall how long.
I use mine almost every day. But I will admit to being slightly wary of it and always stand well back in case the 'waves' escape and zap me. I used to have a little machine which told me if this was happening.
If microwaves are out of fashion then so am I. confused

NotSpaghetti Tue 27-Sep-22 11:08:32

In industry I believe you need to have the seals checked every so often?
I know when I worked in a kitchen years ago someone came out to check it.

timetogo2016 Tue 27-Sep-22 11:14:55

I have used one since the late 70`s.
My parents had a public house and heated food up in them for the workers at lunch time etc,and it was massive in comparison to todays ones.
And i have had one ever since.

HowVeryDareYou Tue 27-Sep-22 11:15:57

I've got the cheapest, most basic of microwaves. I occasionally defrost chicken portions in it, but don't use it for anything else.

M0nica Tue 27-Sep-22 11:39:44

I do so much with mine - and I know others use theirs even more. Defrosting warming up drinks. Heating tins of soup, cutting down on using the oven by starting cooking things in the micro wave before transferring them to the oven- baked potatoes, chicken pieces, even at times, fruit crumbles, cooking vegetables, melting chocolate or butter.

My microwave is situated in a corner, where you do not tend to standwhen it is on, but while I am aware of the damage microwaves can do, I have yet to hear of anyone being injured in anyway using a normal domestic microwave.

Blinko Tue 27-Sep-22 11:44:27

Mine's a combi. I use it every day. What planet is Alice Beer on? (I think we know what planet the DM is on).

25Avalon Tue 27-Sep-22 11:52:42

I have never had a microwave but I thought I was the one out of step. It used to be recommended for dementia sufferers living alone as they couldn’t burn the house down. I did use one in Florida and managed to blacken the chicken portions rendering them inedible and a horrible stench.

I was surprised however when my young university bar staff didn’t really know how to use the microwave and her rented flat in London has a combi oven and hob but no microwave.

Mamardoit Tue 27-Sep-22 11:53:28


I can't believe how daft this is. Unless I've completely lost the plot. I've had one for many years, can't recall how long.
I use mine almost every day. But I will admit to being slightly wary of it and always stand well back in case the 'waves' escape and zap me. I used to have a little machine which told me if this was happening.
If microwaves are out of fashion then so am I. confused

I never allowed my DC into the kitchen when we first had one. DH thought I was being ridiculous. I know I was but it hasn't stopped me doing just the same when the DGC come to visit. I can admit to that on here but not in RL!

Zoejory Tue 27-Sep-22 11:59:31

Well I think it’s the DM that’s out of date
Saturdays DT had a really good article about the role the microwave can play in keeping our energy bills down

To be fair to the DM, Maw, it was a feature on yesterday's This Morning show. Alice Beer seemed to think nobody used their microwave any more. I think the comments from there and Twitter proves she's way out of touch .

MeowWow Tue 27-Sep-22 11:59:52

I can’t remember not having a microwave. They are very handy in the kitchen. I have a combi-microwave and use it for cooking pies, oven chips, defrosting etc. wouldn’t be without it.

henetha Tue 27-Sep-22 12:31:04

Absolutely, Marmardoit I agree, there are things we can say on here that we wouldn't in RL. My family already think I'm bonkers anyway. grin
I shall continue to keep my distance when the microwave is on...just like you with your DGC, I bet.

NotSpaghetti Tue 27-Sep-22 13:06:12


NotSpaghetti How do you defrost and heat ready meals, bought or home made? Using the oven is so costly these days.

I have a ½ oven M0nica I use for smaller things and tend to defrost overnight in the fridge.

If I want to cook something from frozen I do it in this small oven.

M0nica Tue 27-Sep-22 13:09:30

you are more organised than me. I tend to get frozen meals out of the freezer when I need them, put them in in the microwave to defrost and cook while Icook the vegetables.

Norah Tue 27-Sep-22 16:09:50

We have one, rarely use it as we think the gas hob cheaper.

AGAA4 Tue 27-Sep-22 16:24:48

I am so glad my gas cooker broke down. I bought a combi oven instead and it is much more economical now energy prices are so high. I use the microwave part of it most days.

Maya1 Tue 27-Sep-22 16:28:35

We use ours daily. Heat drinks, make my porridge. Bake potatoes, etc.
I also make my cheese sauce in the microwave, saves on messy saucepan.

LadyGracie Tue 27-Sep-22 16:44:04

I've got a Panasonic convection microwave, I use it for porridge, heating milk, defrosting meat, bread etc. Warming plates, heating oatbags. I use it alot.
I'd love to use it to cook in it as an oven but the temperature does not reach anywhere near what it says, I put an oven thermometer in whilst warming plates, the lowest temperature setting is 150°c it only reaches 80°c.
Are there any better?

lovebeigecardigans1955 Tue 27-Sep-22 16:49:08

I have a microwave but don't use it very often, except to sometimes thaw things out or heat up a convenience meal. I can't imagine them falling out of favour for good.

Babs758 Tue 27-Sep-22 18:00:12

I batch cook stews and curries in the oven and freeze portions for microwaving when I have evenings on my own. It gets a lot of use…

Yammy Tue 27-Sep-22 18:18:51

I use one more in the summer when the inherited AGA is off [ I feel obliged to fill that in winter though would never buy one myself] but have always had a microwave. I even make my sauces in it and lots of other things, especially vegetables.

Grammaretto Tue 27-Sep-22 18:21:23

I'm a new microwave convert
As a family we never wanted one but now I'm on my own and without a cooker since my Rayburn failed I bought a 2nd hand combi MW.
I often do a baked potato, porridge, hot chocolate, heat ready meals, leftovers and soften butter, warm milk and
I have recently discovered you can even ripen an avocado.
I would love to learn how to use the combi part but there are no instructions.

I have a new cooker now so I use this most of the time and food tastes better.

M0nica Tue 27-Sep-22 19:38:50

Grammaretto Just go on google and type in instructions and the make and model of your microwave and they should be available.

Ali08 Wed 28-Sep-22 13:44:56

Maybe Alice Beer needs to come down off her high horse and start living in the real world!
I wonder what her gas and electric bills are like, if she doesn't use a microwave?
Ohhhh, this has amused me.

M0nica Wed 28-Sep-22 16:47:53

May be she lives in serviced accommodation without a kitchen, so never cooks.

growstuff Wed 28-Sep-22 16:53:03

I don't cook very much, especially in summer, but I make casseroles and soups in my slow cooker in the winter, freeze them in portions and then microwave them. I would struggle to live without a microwave.