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Good Morning Thursday 1st December 2022

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Michael12 Thu 01-Dec-22 05:47:55

Good Morning Everyone,
A dark but clear start here in brackley this morning .
Today for me is a long day , I will go to Bicester as usual , go to the cafe I use and have a breakfast bap and maybe a couple of cups of Coffee .
I then get a bus to the JR at Oxford for a 15 minute appointment with the consultant as to my condition this is early afternoon hence the breakfast bap , before returning by bus to Bicester with time to shop etc before returning home around early evening .
Take Care,

brook2704 Thu 01-Dec-22 08:04:57

Good morning everyone from Malaga, slightly cooler and a bit cloudy this morning
We had another lovely day yesterday, we went to the Malaga botanical gardens, they were still good in the winter daylight but the best thing was that in the evening they had the most beautiful magical light show with everything lit up, music and lasers etc. we really enjoyed it. Today we’re going out to Arroyo, thanks so much for the recommendation Urms and will have a walk down to the Marina for lunch.
Hoping everyone finds something to enjoy today and take care all whatever the day brings 💐

Sasta Thu 01-Dec-22 08:10:45

Good morning everyone. An interloper here, though I have seen this very friendly thread before. You all seem familiar with one another, and there’s such a nice vibe about welcoming the day and sharing your activities. But can somebody please tell me what’s the SOAP recipe 🤔? Have a lovely day all.

Marydoll Thu 01-Dec-22 08:11:41

Good morning all from a showery Glasgow, where it is 5°C.
I have woken up with a sore back and hip again ( due to lack of RA meds) and thought Mr MD was ignoring my whingeing. He has just appeared with a hot water bottle.😍

A warm welcome to Mrs eBear, looking forward to your contributions.

I hope your appointment goes well Mick, however I'm perturbed at the delay for your cancer op. Surely speed is of the essence?
I would also go easy on the coffee, given your heart condition.

GM, you sound quite unsettled this morning. 💐 Your DL knows she can rely on you, hence the piling on of tasks. Where are her other friends, when she needs them?

Yesterday was spent organising the Christmas chaos in every downstair's room. DH has no sense of order, it drives me mad.
This is the earliest, we have ever put up the decorations, but of course Dollie and DH's other favourite (still a child) girl, DD are spending the weekend with us. 😆
On a huge plus note, this is the first time in forty five years of marriage, we have not fallen out over the Christmas tree. I have mellowed!! 😂

Some disconcerting news yesterday. SIL has been referred for an ECG. He has been breathless , ever since having Covid last year and yesterday an irregular heart beat was detected.
I love him like a son and am quite concerned.
I also received a text from my friend, whose wife was on the ventilator. She is very poorly and can't -won't-- be left alone at home.
I am really concerned about his wellbeing.

Today, I'm off to chase up my missing heart meds. I hadn't realised, I was running out and there is no text from the pharmacy to say they are ready.
Its partly my own fault, my brain is mince just now, RA brain fog.
Keeping tabs (note the pun) on twenty different meds, is nigh on impossible. Both my GP and pharmacy, have tried to sync them, but have given up!
DH has run out of liquorice allsorts, so I shall take the opportunity to replenish his supply, when I'm out, he has earned them. 😉

I wish you all a pleasant day. A special mention for Megs. 💐
I need to be out sharp, so will catch up later.

Gala Thu 01-Dec-22 08:12:21

Good morning all. A grey day here in Sefton. Nannagarra says it's parky 🥶 I am reluctant to get up & find out.

Zumba class in the 'real world' this morning, fish from our travelling fish man & then the library. That's it for the day. A slow afternoon I think.

Must get up. Take care all.

GrannySomerset Thu 01-Dec-22 08:30:53

Hair dresser due shortly so only a brief visit to this thread today. Cards written yesterday so can take their chance in the postal system later. Am distressed that nothing seems to be working as it should at present - we don’t feel like a first world country. The main concern in life appears to be not needing emergency health care, not having to travel by train and not relying on precise delivery dates. Bah!

Taichinan Thu 01-Dec-22 08:32:49

Good morning all. It's to be a dark cloudy day here today - not foggy though. That's a long day ahead of you Mick. A second cop of coffee seems like a good idea!
I knew there was a difference between our sunrise times grandmattie - ours is not until 8.20, so still pretty dark here.
Good morning to you MrsEBear. Lovely to see you.
We had a lovely lunch yesterday in memory of a friend who passed away recently and whose birthday it is today. Lots of memories fondly brought to mind. We spent three hours chatting.
Today is my tai chi class. I usually go with some idea about what I'm going to do and then someone asks a question...... It's lovely to be teaching such interested people and I always enjoy it.
Tomorrow I'm off to meet a friend in the Perth direction for a long chatty lunch and some Christmas shopping therapy. The only thing is, I've been so fixated on being able to pick up some unusual gifts there that I've forgotten to buy my friend's Christmas present! I seem to be able to hold only one thing in my brain at a time these days, which doesn't bode well for the multi-tasking required at this time of year.
Well the sun has risen according to the clock anyway so off I trot. Enjoy your day everyone x

Ladyleftfieldlover Thu 01-Dec-22 08:33:15

Morning all from West Oxfordshire, I seem to have overslept. I probably needed the sleep. White rabbits. Not sure about today. We have booked lunch at my favourite restaurant but OH still had a rotten cold. Writing cards it is then! I had such a strange dream where I was trapped in a petrol station. Have a good day.

Urmstongran Thu 01-Dec-22 08:33:31

Goodness, already? What happened to November then?

Back in a bit.

grandMattie Thu 01-Dec-22 08:37:20

November was wet, Wet, WET… remember Urms?

Grandmabatty Thu 01-Dec-22 08:37:28

Good morning all from Polmont where it's currently 7° and grey. That's positively balmy though! Welcome to MrsEBear and to Sangsta. It's a lovely thread to drop into.
Yesterday I visited mum who was chatty and cheerful, although very upset about my friend's health. In the afternoon I did very little and ended up having a nap. A phone number I didn't know woke me and it was the lovely tesco man outside. He had been knocking and I hadn't heard him. It's time I got the doorbell fixed. I'm finding it hard to get motivated these days when I don't do childcare.
Today I shall walk to Aldi for some things I forgot in the tesco delivery. Then I'll visit my friend in hospital this afternoon. Have a good day all.

hollysteers Thu 01-Dec-22 08:49:53

Good morning Mick and all from Cloudy Chambers northwest coast. House tidied and bits and bobs of food bought for the bookgroup meeting here tonight. With the wine and my groceries, this being a dry house these days, I was taken aback by the bill…I know some of the group know their wine, so went for a middling price.
DS and GF coming too, both having read the book and to give a hand. I’m still croaky but hope to feel better as the day goes on.
Welcome Sangsta *
MrsEBear to Mrs.Dales’ Diary😁 and thoughts to Megs and anyone with troubles.
White rabbits everyone.

Grammaretto Thu 01-Dec-22 08:50:15

Good morning all on this foggy day in the Scottish Borders.
I hope your DL will find someone else to help her after the move. You are just too efficient gMattie. grin

I hope you don't get too tired Mick. Is there nobody who could accompany you to JR?
I have to help set up the Christmas craft fair today. Luckily I can add to it as the days go on because most of my pottery has yet to be fired.
Hoping your days go well.
Hello MrsEBear and welcome

Wyllow3 Thu 01-Dec-22 08:52:12

Good Morning from SYorks.

White Rabbits.

I can’t imagine starting my day without this thread! It brings me into the world for the day as I read about everyone else’s doings. Today I am packing to drive north tomorrow to see family and maybe the cards and sadly the last visit from my support worker as she is retiring and no one to replace.

Welcome MrsEBear. Nice post, all we need is some real life sun to go with. What a gloomy November its been!

Hoping Greyduster will pop in soon, unless I’ve missed her yesterday.

Condolences to Madeinyorkshire

My guess is your guest is worried about living alone Gmattie and putting anxiety into totally unreasonable things. You’ve gone above and beyond so much, counting the days down!

Hoping poorlies and friend and family poorlies have as good a day as possible.

SunshineSally Thu 01-Dec-22 08:54:04

Good morning from a very foggy south Hants.
Have dug out my thermals and omg what a difference. Even my hands are lovely and warm!

DH is hopefully fitting the skirting and architrave today after cutting them to size yesterday. He’s very meticulous so I leave him to it and just bring him hot sweet tea when his mutterings ramp up! 🤣

Didn’t manage to get out to sort new carpet and curtains. Hopefully today plus some admin work which needs finishing.
Had a lovely sleep yesterday- first time for ages. What a difference it makes!
Have the best day you can. Thoughts to those with worries, feeling low and/or are in pain.
Hugs and 💐 for you all x

monk08 Thu 01-Dec-22 08:54:16

Good morning all from a dull Black country.
Have been writing some more cards so haven't read through yet already 35 posts.
Dinner at DS this evening so no cooking yippee.
Welcome to any newbies 👋 best wishes for anyone celebrating, safe travels those on the move and virtual hugs where needed.
Shall get me a cuppa 🍵 and catch up with all you lovelies news.
Take care and may you all find some 🌞.

Anniebach Thu 01-Dec-22 08:55:06

Good morning Auntyflo and all x

Jaxjacky Thu 01-Dec-22 08:55:53

Welcome Sasta

luluaugust Thu 01-Dec-22 08:56:53

Good morning all from a sunny W Kent. Off to last art group for the year, we take some food along and very little painting gets done, they are such a nice group of people.
Mild panic this morning as my "good" shoulder seems to be playing up now, always something to think about.
Welcome to MrsEBear.
Good luck with the hospital visit Mick
Best wishes to all

EkwaNimitee Thu 01-Dec-22 08:57:58

Good Morning Mick-hope the day goes well-and good morning everyone. Its damp and still fairly dark here in Carlisle. Typically Novemberish though I know it's really December. The sort of weather when I just feel like curling up with a book, which is not on, I shall need to be kicking my btm and get on with things like the ironing. And folk keep mentioning Christmas cards, so, yes, it's time to dig them out and get writing. A fairly short task these days as the list shrinks yearly. Just as well, the cards and postage are getting expensive.
I'm also going to organise some online presents and then Christmas is virtually done and dusted for me!

A Tesco delivery will arrive later and should include my first mince pies of the season. I used to start in on them as soon as they appeared in the shops i.e as soon as the schools went back in early September. I realised they were contributing to the expansion of my waistline so they got cut out and I haven't missed them.

Hello MrsEBear and Sasta...hope we hear more from you both.
And the best possible day to you all.

Greyduster Thu 01-Dec-22 09:00:49

Good morning Michael and all GNs from a grey South Yorkshire. Thought it was time I got back in the saddle. I hope your appointment with the consultant goes well today Mick🤞🏻. My surgery went well and I’m chugging around on my crutches. Not sleeping though but nothing to do with the hip. My DD has been absolutely sterling but she said this morning that she’s not getting enough exercise so she’s going to do a four mile walk to the supermarket. Which is a ten minute walk down the road! DS came down yesterday afternoon “just to make sure they put your leg back on the right way round, Mother!” I’m going to have a shower this morning. It’s not a bed of roses this, and very frustrating, but we’ll get there!
Welcome to all new GNs.
My sincere condolences to MadeinYorkshire. I can’t imagine what you are going through dear lady💐

ShazzaKanazza Thu 01-Dec-22 09:04:58

Good Morning Mick and everyone from Hull I think a mixed day of weather today.

Thinking of advent calendars Granmadinosaur reminded me of the old fashioned ones I loved where on the 24th there was a picture of the nativity.

Welcome to MrsEBear and Sasta 👋👋

GG I’m so envious of your Christmas organising.

I’ve missed the post from MadeinYorkshire about her DD that’s so tragic💐

Marydoll I worry about my DS he had covid in May 2020 and was close to going into hospital. I watch him when he’s kicking the ball around and he seems to get breathless quickly I think he has long covid.

DH is a touch delicate this morning after an afternoon and night out with 11 gym friends his only job is to make a hamper up for our friends. He’s really good at arranging them. Picking up GS from school and DS will stay for a chilli before going home.

Wishing everyone a good day. Virtual hugs to those struggling with life’s stress and worries. 🌻🌻

Sar53 Thu 01-Dec-22 09:09:59

Good morning from a chilly Essex by the sea.

DH left early for a hospital appointment. This has been cancelled numerous times and he is not best pleased.

I have cleaning and admin to do today plus we may go food shopping when DH returns.

I'm sorry to hear that so many of you have family worries, I hope things get better.

I really must get round to writing my Christmas cards and get them in the post, a job I don't particularly relish.

Have the best Thursday you can whatever you may be up to xxx

ShazzaKanazza Thu 01-Dec-22 09:12:06

So pleased your operation went well Greyduster and my best wishes for your ongoing recovery💐

Urmstongran Thu 01-Dec-22 09:12:55

Here’s Matt.

Good morning everyone from south Manchester. It’s dry but looks chilly out. No plans for today (good) after our boozy get together with family in Manchester. It were great!

I got up a bit later and then our Yorkshire Lass rang me on her at into work. Hands-free of course driving a very quiet bit of motorway. It was nice to chat. We were discussing Christmas arrangements, (their) mortgage repayments - fixed or variable? - the ’bluddy Tories’ (her opinion) - all as you do at 8am when you’ve not long been awake ha!

Himself has just suggested we go to the Trafford Centre ‘while it’s relatively quiet’ before the weekend rush. See how we feel later. We could walk (it’s dry) or get the bus from outside Sainsbury’s using our passes. Or car. Or not bother? I used to be indecisive but now I’m not sure.

Reading through, I had the same thought as you Maw so snap! What’s that saying grandMattie likening visitors to fish? 👋 to you MrsEBear and Sacha. The SOAP dish is sage, onion, apple and pork. I posted the recipe yesterday on Mick’s thread. I hope your appointment goes well today Mick and that you enjoy the train into Arroyo brook and lunch on the marina. I can picture you being there! I hope you’re not disappointed. I love that Christmas wreath Chrissylou it’s gorgeous. I’ll bet Dollie will love your Christmas grotto house Marydoll and well done not arguing over the decorations! We usually bicker about the lights ... and Pittcity I hope your mum continues to improve in hospital. She will be fretting about your dad too I expect. It’s good your sister is sharing the load today.

Time for my second brew now. Enjoy Thursday all who can.

Urmstongran Thu 01-Dec-22 09:17:12

Apologies Sasta about your name!
X posts with so many too as I typed. Good, you’re back Greyduster!