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Good Morning Thursday 1st December 2022

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Michael12 Thu 01-Dec-22 05:47:55

Good Morning Everyone,
A dark but clear start here in brackley this morning .
Today for me is a long day , I will go to Bicester as usual , go to the cafe I use and have a breakfast bap and maybe a couple of cups of Coffee .
I then get a bus to the JR at Oxford for a 15 minute appointment with the consultant as to my condition this is early afternoon hence the breakfast bap , before returning by bus to Bicester with time to shop etc before returning home around early evening .
Take Care,

ginny Thu 01-Dec-22 09:19:24

Good morning. We are in the last leg of our cruise , a sea day today and heading for La Caruna.
The weather is cooling rapidly , getting us ready for home.
Pictures from yesterday’s visit to Cadiz.

Wishing all a good day and thoughts with all who are poorly or troubled.

Grandmabatty Thu 01-Dec-22 09:19:55

Sasta I'm sorry I got your name wrong! Oops

ginny Thu 01-Dec-22 09:21:15

Oops forgot the photos. The last one was taken from the bow of the ship as we left Cadiz. So pretty.

Kalu Thu 01-Dec-22 09:30:08

Good morning all from Glasgow where it is misty and damp.
Good grief, December already! It seems like Christmas arrives every six months at this rate and the more time that passes, my body is falling to bits! Slightly loose molar will be left in situ until needs must.

Thankfully the strawberry netting I ordered is arriving today, crows especially are making such a mess of the garden by pecking and emptying newly filled pots and hanging baskets. Grrr.
I am pretty handy with DIY but today will be a first inserting rawl plugs to hang mirrors at either side of a window. Lots of measuring also hoping they are evenly symmetrical. Wish me luck 🤞

Such very sad news to hear of the sudden death of MadeinYorkshire’s DD
A warm welcome to you both MrsEBear and Sansta

Wishing a good day ahead for all and a more positive day for those struggling with worries and illness.

hulahoop Thu 01-Dec-22 09:37:06

Good morning from a cool West York's,it's my DS birthday today. Chrissy wreath is lovely . I posted my Christmas cards yesterday . We are going to farm shop for meat for Christmas later.
I also missed Made in Yorkshire news there are no words 🌺.

Kalu Thu 01-Dec-22 09:37:17

Lovely to catch up with you on the GM thread Maw Huge cuddles to snuggly Rosie. (((Mwah))).

Gwenisgreat1 Thu 01-Dec-22 09:53:01

Good Morning all from misty Grantham - a bit like when we left Harrogate on Tuesday!
Haven't read all the posts, hopefully will catch up later. We arrived in the area around 2pm, but knew we couldn't get into our lodge before 4pm, so we were forced to stop off at Boundary Mill, where I added a jumper and a pair of shoes to my wardrobe! Our lodge is beautifully furnished with heavy old gold curtains in the bedrooms, so we can be forgiven for sleeping in.
Karmalady I wish `I needed equipment to get puffed - just my two feet will do that!
Your DL is obviously a worrier - moving house is a worrying time. She needs to go to a spa hotel prior to her move and have all her worries massaged away (she should treat you, too, GrandMattie as a thank you for all you've done!
Hope your appointment is OK Mick and your long day goes smoothly.
Welcome MrsEBear good to see a new friend!
I made a good start with my Xmas cards yesterday, but no letters - it's funny, the menfolk just don't think it is anything to do with them? I do find my list dwindling quite a bit as well, sad - those memories.
Have the best day possibly folks.

BlueSapphire Thu 01-Dec-22 09:57:03

Good morning and White Rabbits everyone from a very gloomy Northampton. I must be late as we are already on page 3!

Not going out to my dance classes today as I seem to have picked up a bad cough and cold, not Covid, as I have done a test. Will stay in the warm and write my Christmas cards, then hope to post them at the weekend. Will decamp to the dining room table, put some Christmas music on and get in the mood.

Have a Sainsbury's delivery this afternoon, and last night added Lemsips and throat sweets to it. In fact I may have a Lemsip instead of my usual coffee this morning. I can remember our lovely ex-GP telling DH many years ago that the best cure for a cold was to go to bed with a whisky and a good woman!

Welcome to our new posters this morning; this is a lovely thread.
Happy First of December to you all!

MawtheMerrier Thu 01-Dec-22 10:37:23

We arrived in the area around 2pm, but knew we couldn't get into our lodge before 4pm, so we were forced to stop off at Boundary Mill, where I added a jumper and a pair of shoes to my wardrobe

My sympathies GiG - it’s hard, but someone’s got to do it! gringrin

Blossoming Thu 01-Dec-22 11:13:22

Good morning Mick and everyone. It’s cold, dry, still and grey in this corner of Lancashire, 6°C at the moment.

Hope the appointment goes well today Mick.

It’s so quiet around here at the moment, even the regular dog walkers are absent. I’m going to take a stroll down to the river later to greet the new month.

Hope all our poorly grans and family members are on the mend. Wishing you all a good day.

Blossoming Thu 01-Dec-22 11:18:04

Hello MrsEBear, welcome to the thread smile

Ziplok Thu 01-Dec-22 11:24:31

Good morning. I haven’t read all the posts apart from Micks yet, but thought I’d better post before the afternoon gets here and then read them all at leisure.
Hope all goes well with your appointment Mick. Very sensible to have a bite to eat first, as you never know how long you’ll actually be at the hospital waiting.
Yet another grey, cold and dismal day here - December is starting out pretty much the same as November ended, though the forecast for next weekend (not this coming one) is for even colder weather with possible sleet showers. I think that will be a shock to the system as we haven’t had any seriously cold weather yet.
Going out for lunch today, which will save me cooking a hot meal today. We’ll just have a sandwich in the evening instead.
Hope all of you who are unwell or struggling have a better day today.

Ziplok Thu 01-Dec-22 11:40:48

Welcome back, greyduster. So pleased all went well.
Hello to MrsEBear and Sasta.
Such sad news from MadeinYorkshire, devastating. Sincere condolences 💐.
Glad you’re sticking to your guns GM and I hope your DL has actually made a provisional booking at the hotel as they fill up very quickly in the run up to Christmas. If not, one of her many other friends will have to step in for a couple of days.

Blossoming Thu 01-Dec-22 11:41:40

Glad your surgery went well Greyduster flowers

Wyllow3 Thu 01-Dec-22 13:51:37

so nice to see you back in Greyduster and hope that your healing goes as well as it can x

Sasta Fri 02-Dec-22 00:44:13

SOAP! Thank you Urmstrongran Sounds yum will hunt the recipe, which should be interesting as I’m not terribly familiar with the site. And warm welcome messages too, how nice 🤗

Sarah74 Fri 02-Dec-22 01:54:55


SOAP! Thank you Urmstrongran Sounds yum will hunt the recipe, which should be interesting as I’m not terribly familiar with the site. And warm welcome messages too, how nice 🤗

Urmstongran put the recipe up yesterday.

Sasta Sat 03-Dec-22 11:52:02

Thank you Sarah74, I missed it. Nor could I find it as Urms said on Mick’s thread, I need to get my head around using this site 🤦🏻‍♀️. Look forward to trying it.