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Good Morning Thursday 1st December 2022

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Michael12 Thu 01-Dec-22 05:47:55

Good Morning Everyone,
A dark but clear start here in brackley this morning .
Today for me is a long day , I will go to Bicester as usual , go to the cafe I use and have a breakfast bap and maybe a couple of cups of Coffee .
I then get a bus to the JR at Oxford for a 15 minute appointment with the consultant as to my condition this is early afternoon hence the breakfast bap , before returning by bus to Bicester with time to shop etc before returning home around early evening .
Take Care,

grandMattie Thu 01-Dec-22 05:59:45

White rabbits 🐇 🐇
Good morning from a still dark, overcast E Kent. The sun is to rise after 730…. A few more days before the solstice and the days get longer again.
DL is panicking needlessly again regarding her house purchase. I have asked to print and photocopy endless documents and been despatched twice to drop off letters (due to postal strike) and paperwork to the solicitor, fortunate the chambers are in our little town. She is worried about having to pay for a hotel room for two days between leaving here and moving in. She is not short of money, being able to pay cash for her flat without needing to sell her house!
My talk after the church service was interesting, about refugees based on the gospel of St. Matthew “I was hungry and you gave me food…” etc. people rarely say anything, so I appear bossy and full of myself when I drop comments.
Got my Spanish class today. I hope we have moved on from reported speech; I’m finding it impenetrable.
I hope everyone has a gentle day, full of contentment. Carpe diem 🦩🦩❤️🦩🦩🐇🐇🐇

karmalady Thu 01-Dec-22 06:06:54

Good morning, s somerset has a yellow fog warning until 2pm, oh dear, I hope the drivers are very careful

I don`t have much housework to do, just a bit of titivating to make a few things sparkly in the kitchen. I shall be jumping on my rebounder three times today, just to get a bit puffed. If I don`t then I may never be able to tackle that steep hill again on my cycle

Knitting, chatting to myself, radio, tv and a wander through town. Lots of people say good morning, as I do. I don`t expect to see many today, it will feel awfully cold and bones will be aching in this damp weather

MawtheMerrier Thu 01-Dec-22 06:23:54

(Where did November go?)
Good morning from under the duvet!
Much better night, possibly because Rosie chose to sleep in her own bed in the corner of my bedroom. (She does push) She wanted to go out around 4 and then hopped up onto the other side of the bed and is now curled up in the small of my back. Very warm and comforting!
Did I do the cards yesterday? What do you think. I thought what's the point if I can't post them- so that's today's job now grin
Wishing you all a safe and pleasant day!

Susan56 Thu 01-Dec-22 06:38:14

Good morning from Shropshire.

Up early today as childcare day.We will take H to playgroup then I have a blood test.Home for a quick lunch then school pick up for DGD👸🏼

I hope your appointment goes well today Mick.

Have a good day everyone🎄

MrsEBear Thu 01-Dec-22 06:45:13

Good morning from pre dawn Cornwall (I hope you don’t mind me joining in). I’m going to switch on the outdoor twinkle lights in a moment to welcome Advent.

The weather forecast is promising a clear day so I will make a new month resolution to spend some time enjoying it. I have a scarf to finish knitting for a December birthday so I may free range knit around the garden tidying as I go.

Thank you for this thread which has prompted me to turn my face to the sunshine and get my feet firmly on the ground for the weeks ahead.

Ashcombe Thu 01-Dec-22 06:49:55

Good morning from a dry and peaceful Torbay.

I’m sure you’ll stand firm over the departure date for your DL, grandMattie. She is lucky that you’ve done so much to support her, including the admin connected with her move. Perhaps the hotel she uses will have Turkey and Tinsel activities (popular here) which she could enjoy!

Sorry to hear of the yellow fog warning, karmalady. I'm told that yellow snow is even more worrying…..! 🙄😂
My Christmas cards also remain unwritten MawtheMerrier.

Yesterday was spent waiting indoors for a phone call from my surgery which finally came through at 3.30p.m. Unfortunately, today could bring more of the same. I do have a mobile but do I really want to discuss my health issues within earshot of others? Supposing they're eating at the time….!

Have a good day, everyone! 🦩🥰🦩💐🦩

Ashcombe Thu 01-Dec-22 06:52:10

Welcome, MrsEBear! What a lovely positive post! 😃

grandMattie Thu 01-Dec-22 06:53:56

Oh, I am being totally deaf to the departure day whingeing, Ash... I’m absolutely NOT going to budge, having shifted it forward twice! My excuse is that I need to sort out the house before leaving for Bristol late4 that week. It turns out that I won’t be leaving for another week, but that is none of her business, is it? 😂

Nannagarra Thu 01-Dec-22 06:55:57

Good morning from dark and parky Sefton.
Yesterday we signed up to use less fuel at peak time, the very point at which our DGC eat with us before going home. Forewarned, they were keen to participate. Who knew wind up torches could lead to so much excitement and fun? Granddad’s ears were still ringing an hour later. Today will be calmer: DH and I are meeting separate groups of friends to catch up.
I am very saddened by the news that MadeinYorkshire’s daughter died unexpectedly on Thursday. Sending a big GN a hug.

GrannyGravy13 Thu 01-Dec-22 07:01:59

Morning Mick and all

It looks misty/foggy outside here in S E Essex.

Yesterday was a successful shopping day at Bluewater, only one AC and his wife to buy for and I am all done yippee (cards written and posted) Now I can concentrate on food, cooking etc for the day 🤣

I was amazed at how busy the shopping centre was, people seemed weighed down with bags decent bargains to be had (except in the shops I used of course 🤬)

No plans for the day which is very welcome as I have been busy since Saturday, will probably go through kitchen store cupboard and write a food list, update my online order for Christmas Eve eve delivery and have general pottering day.

Oh and I have my M & S Beauty Advent Calendar No.1 to open.

Have your best Thursday folks, white rabbits 🐇🐇🐇 🙋‍♀️🦩

GrannyGravy13 Thu 01-Dec-22 07:02:28

Welcome MrsEBear 😘

Beechnut Thu 01-Dec-22 07:06:24

No it isn’t Mattie and keep up with the selective hearing 🤣

Good Morning from foggy Severnside. Here we are pinch punch on the first day of the last month 😧

My early January dentist appointment has been cancelled by dentist and I now have to wait until the third week of March.

I’m out for a fair few hours today getting a few things done then I may do SOAP dish for my meal.

Welcome to all the new good morningers and hope everyone has a good day 🍃🍂🎄

Grandmachrisy47 Thu 01-Dec-22 07:22:17

Good morning all from a dark and cold Co Durham.
Welcome to Mrs EBear. I’m another who is putting off writing Christmas cards. We are lucky that one of the youth organisations here deliver them (for a donation) in our local area. Its maybe time to stop sending those that require posting with all the strikes that are happening.
Dgd off to a pantomime today, it’ll be an excited walk to school,
GrandmaMattie, you are amazing, I’ll Be back later to read everyone’s news.
Wishing everyone a good day.

Jaxjacky Thu 01-Dec-22 07:23:29

Good morning from a frosty S Hants, day 1 of my sparkly advent calendar. Welcome MrsEBear.
I made stuffing yesterday, lots of it, now in the freezer and picked up a bargain piece of beef in the village butcher. Cards are ready to post, I’ll do that later today.
Enjoy your day 🦩🦩

Grandmadinosaur Thu 01-Dec-22 07:25:02

Good morning from East Yorkshire. It’s still dark but dry.

A warm welcome to Mrsebear

I haven’t done my Christmas cards either. A task I also detest but thanks to dwindling numbers won’t take too long. I’m prioritising the house decorations first. Yesterday I put the Christmas duvet on in the back bedroom. I liked Grannygravy’s idea of putting cuddly toys on the bed so I’ve put a few on. GS will love to see it when he comes later. I kept myself busy by tidying the toy box in there and took loads to the charity shop. In the afternoon we went out and got a few bits and bobs. Also did a small shop in Lidl. Just orange juice and yogurt ended up costing £30. How does that happen 🤦‍♂️

I shall be going out this morning then DH will pick me up and we will go for lunch. GS coming after school. He will be be excited that he can open his advent calendar today! I did intend getting him one of the traditional ones I will see if I can get one today for him.
With being out longer than intended Urms I didn’t do the SOAP recipe for tea yesterday. I will do it one day next week as I had to freeze the meat.

Have a good day everyone.

cornergran Thu 01-Dec-22 07:27:15

Morning Mick, morning All from a foggy, chilly corner of Somerset.

Worrying PPG Meeting yesterday, the huge group practice is introducing a number of changes which will make access to primary medical care even more complex. Talking Mr C through it when I was back home I was quite emotional, all sorts trigger tears at the minute.

Today we’re off across the bridge to spend the day with our friend. She needs some help so we’ll be busy as well as enjoying a meal she has booked. Hoping the fog clears quickly today, wish us luck with the motorways.

Good to se you MrsEBear, everyone welcome in Mick’s gentle thread. Good luck today Mick, a long one for you. Oh heck Grandmattie, definitely need selective hearing now.

Thinking of everyone with worries. Hope Thursday is kind to us all.

Chrissielou Thu 01-Dec-22 07:32:07

It's a very foggy cold start in Oxfordshire this morning. A disturbed night, so feeling a bit frazzled this morning.
I made our Christmas wreath yesterday, ordered the turkey and did some more gift shopping online.
Thinking of all those with worries, those awaiting scan results and those finding life just hardwork.

Georgesgran Thu 01-Dec-22 07:46:01

Good morning from Durham where it’s barely light, but didn’t seem too cold, when I stocked up the bird table. My cough kept me awake most of the night, but today’s trial seems to be a streaming nose! However, I must take DD2 to her hospital appointment this morning – she can’t manage on her own and her DH is taking his mother to an appointment at a different hospital at the same time. DD2 has taken a day off, so hope we can get a coffee and cake at the coast - if I can stop sneezing!
Maw and I are in the same boat - the mind is willing, but the flesh is weak - must get those pesky cards written later!
Best wishes to all. X

baubles Thu 01-Dec-22 07:51:34

Good morning all from South Lanarkshire where it’s not raining but I m sure it will.

Good luck with your appointment Mick.

Welcome MrsEBear, I like the sound of free range knitting.

Lovely wreath Chrissielou.

Sad news about Madeinyorkshire’s daughter.

Well I did write my cards yesterday. Polishes halo! 😀 😇
Our local Post Office is closing tomorrow indefinitely which is a blow for the town. There’s a chance that it may be relocated to a shop in a petrol station which isn’t in the centre of the town and will be difficult for many people to get to without a car.

I didn’t get to my yarn group as I wasn’t on top form and didn’t want to be away from the house.

Better today though so we’re off to see DS & family. We aren’t full on child minding yet as DDoutLaw is still on mat leave but we will collect the two year old from nursery at lunchtime. What we do afterwards is very weather dependent.

Have the best day possible everyone.

dragonfly46 Thu 01-Dec-22 07:54:45

Good morning from murky Leicestershire.

Stay strong Mattie not long to go.
Welcome MrsEBear.

I feel smug as all my cards are written, stamped and ready to go. I just hope the postal service obliges.
I may start wrapping presents today or I may not.
We are having our video doorbell fitted that we bought on Black Friday - hope we don’t regret it.

Hoping everyone has a good day.

Gingster Thu 01-Dec-22 07:58:29

Good morning all and we also have a fog warning here in Essex.
Thank goodness not much driving for us today.

Dd has a scan this afternoon and Dh was going to take her, but her friend ,who is recovering from breast cancer , has also got a scan at around the same time and willl take Dd.

Dh had a letter from his consultant yesterday, reporting back on the head scan he had 2 months ago. It is concerning!
I said to Dd and Dh yesterday, as we had coffee together ‘can you two stop being ill, please’ ! We had a giggle! .

I have bowls club this morning and then I’ll pop into town to get family cards, a couple of birthday cards and a gift for our Chimes leader.

Welcome MrsEBear - you sound a lovely positive person. 💐.

Lovely Christmas wreath Chrissielou. Clever lady 👍.

GM not long now ! I admire your stoicism and patience. We all like our own space and you’ve more than done your ‘bit’. 👏👏.

I do hope you all have a ‘good’ day. 🎄.

BlueBalou Thu 01-Dec-22 08:02:22

Good morning from a very foggy Wiltshire, it’s denser than ever today.
DD and her DDog went home yesterday, our DDog was exhausted from all the playing together, they barely stopped!
Today I have art group this afternoon so I must look at materials for that.
I hope everyone has a good day x

Pittcity Thu 01-Dec-22 08:02:25

Good morning December from a chilly but brightening Colchester.
I have a shopping list to tackle and an optician appointment this afternoon.
My sis says Mum is improving slowly in hospital but they are finding things that her GP has failed to diagnose. Mum has also asked for a hearing test after denying her deafness for years.
I am feeling better in myself having got some sleep and having others to share the worry with.
It's good to share with you lot too.
Mum keeps on about Christmas. I am thinking of saying Bah Humbug to it because of the stress.
Love to all 🦩 x

NannyJan53 Thu 01-Dec-22 08:04:39

Good morning from a dull Black Country.

A walk with Mum yesterday and lunch out. She had a visit from her private hearing company replacing the aid she lost. All well, then the remaining one didn't work! So that has to go away to be fixed. Luckily she has her NHS ones.

Gym this morning. Then a Christmas meal at a local pub with my fortnightly Thursday walking group at 1pm. It is only 10 minutes walk away. Have 2 more Christmas meal to come! Oh dear my poor waistline.

Welcome MrsEBear will be good to hear more about Cornwall. You are very lucky to be living there.

Sincere condolences to Madeinyorkshire so desperately sad to hear.