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Good Morning Saturday 3rd December 2022

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Michael12 Sat 03-Dec-22 06:10:55

Good Morning Everyone,
Dark but dry and cold outside here in brackley .
Yesterdays appointment went well at the Horton in Banbury , despite delays with bus home due the Friday rush hpir.
Today , I will do Bicester as normal ,then come home and then get a Chinese Take Away later .
Take Care,

Gala Sat 03-Dec-22 08:13:37

Good morning from a dry Sefton. I can see a faint pink blush in the sky. A bit of sun is forecast.🤞
No specific plans for the day. Maybe a visit to the Christmas market in our shopping square. This evening we will join the family at our local musical theatre group's Christmas quiz.
Wishing you all a pleasant weekend.

NannyJan53 Sat 03-Dec-22 08:15:56

Good morning from a slightly damp and chilly Black Country.

It was really cold yesterday as my friend and I walked around Worcester. Popped into Nando's for lunch (never been before) it was very tasty. Didn't buy a lot just some perfume for Mums birthday in January. The train home was jammed packed!

Oooh Beechnut is that the £10 Christmas bonus? Don't spend it all at once smile

Seems like everything is ticking along GM and your DL will be moving soon. How strange a Solicitors office has no wheelchair access. I thought it was law to do so?

Sorry you cannot join your choir Kitty but your health comes first flowers

Wishing you all an enjoyable Saturday.

MawtheMerrier Sat 03-Dec-22 08:25:02

Good morning from here too!
It was cold last night , I really think I need a new winter duvet (or a second greyhound) but the cashmere bedsocks I dug out of the back of the drawer did help a bit.
Discombobulated by Strictly being yesterday I think I might just have to get on with the Christmas cards (where have you heard that before?)
I was going to do them yesterday but a trip to the charity shop with two huge bags of sweaters followed by a browse around a children’s book shop in our nearest little town put paid to that as I then had to go out for coffee (cinnamon latte ☕️😀) with a friend.
Wishing you a pleasant day and strength for the days to come.

ShazzaKanazza Sat 03-Dec-22 08:27:02

Good Morning Mick and everyone from Hull.
I’m feeling festive just reading all your posts of lovely activities and grandchildren and family gatherings.

We don’t have too much on today we will see how the day progresses. I need to write some cards to add vouchers to and send so may get that done. Tonight we have our friend’s Christmas jumper party which is always fun and we exchange gifts. She said come hungry because I have lots of treats. I don’t need asking twice.

Have a lovely day enjoy all your outings and Christmas tree decorating.
Special thoughts to those struggling with family illness 🌻🎄

monk08 Sat 03-Dec-22 08:27:03

Good morning all from a dry but dull Black country it rained overnight.
All cards posted gosh the price of the stamps nearly fainted over £20 and I thought I'd cut down on how many I send.
Busy day today DH has his fishing presentation and he's the organiser, so lots to prepare but once all trophies have been presented he can relax and enjoy the evening.
Good to hear your Mum is improving Pittcity and there are friends local willing to help.
Well usual full English calling so will catch up later.
Enjoy your Saturday and may you all find some 🌞.

Marydoll Sat 03-Dec-22 08:27:27

God morning all from a cloudy Glasgow, where its 7°C.

GM, you must be so relieved the paperwork has been signed.
I admit to feeling a tad sorry for your lodger.
She has had excellent care and support from you, but must be feeling extremely anxious about coping on her own, especially in a new environment. I know I would feel worried about what lies ahead. She will probably be feeling overwhelmed by everything.

I've had a restless night, due to my RA, the pain in both hips is agonising.
However, no point in wallowing, I have a busy day ahead.
Dollie is helping at the school Christmas fayre. and then I will take her home, to allow DS1 and DIL to celebrate DIL'S birthday.
DD and SIL have invited themselves for the day, allegedly to give me a rest. They must think I'm daft, its Dollie, they want to see! 😉
The plan is that DD will meet me later at school, no point in her coming to the fayre opening, because I will probably know most people there and spend my time chatting, according to DD. 🤣
SIL will go and keep DH company, where they will put the world to rights and discuss football, football and more football.

We have a second Christmas tree, which was always known as DD's tree, full of tat childhood memories. She has reluctantly 😉 agreed to share with Dollie and they will decorate it together later today.
DS2 has indicated that next year, our new grandchild, will also share it!
They are still squabbling, like the did as children.🤣
Mr MD, determined that Dollie has a great time, has spent the last two days, making plans and making our outside space look like Santa's grotto. Griswalds, eat your heart out. It's only since his beloved Dollie has come on the scene, that he has done this. He was never into all that.
There is no need for street lights in our cul de sac at the moment! We are indeed good neighbours!
I have to admit, it is looking very festive!

Yet again, yesterday was spent chasing the elusive heart medicine.
Numerous phone calls and a conversation with an obstructive and dismissive receptionist, resulted in her eventually telling me that I was already on the list for a GP call, because my meds are to be changed. Nice of them to let me know!!!!
Unsurprisingly, the GP call never materialised, just like the parcel, which was due to be delivered.
Its all exhausting and, unlike me, making me quite anxious and I am just a burden on the NHS..

Lots of family activities for posters today. I love to hear about all your plans. I will go back and read properly.
Good to hear that Ash and Grey are making progress.💐
For those, for whom the weekend may not be as pleasant, I send my prayers and good wishes.

Marydoll Sat 03-Dec-22 08:31:44

Pitt, pleased to hear your mum is being moved. My mum improved so much, once she was out of the general hospital.

Many of the solicitors' offices here, are up winding narrow staircases, in old buildings.
Unfortunately, impossible to provide wheelchair access.

ShazzaKanazza Sat 03-Dec-22 08:33:20

Marydoll Christmas vacation is our favourite Christmas movie. Last Sunday while Christmas decorating we had it on and we were both reciting the script as we know it word for word. So funny. Enjoy your day x

Urmstongran Sat 03-Dec-22 08:33:34

Sun’s up here with a lovely blue sky too! This is what warms our little apartment so well without the need for the heating on yet.

Susan56 Sat 03-Dec-22 08:44:45

Mary, you certainly aren’t a burden on the NHS.You are a victim of failures in the NHS.Stay strong💪🏼💐

BlueBalou Sat 03-Dec-22 08:48:57

Good morning, it’s a dry start here in Wiltshire, grey-skied.
Yesterday I had a lovely time with my old friend, so much to catch up on. We’re meeting again in a few weeks, I can’t wait.
Afterwards I bought myself a pair of brown suede ankle boots in a sale, very pleased with them.
Today it’s housework and cooking, nothing exciting.
Have a lovely weekend everyone x

Greyduster Sat 03-Dec-22 08:51:32

Good morning Michael and all GNs from a grey South Yorkshire. I woke up in the early hours and my face was freezing! I had a very uncomfortable night. This sleeping on my back lark is getting beyond a joke! DD is going home later today as she has a work Christmas evening out to go to, and a race she is signed up for tomorrow morning, but DS is coming down from York to babysit me overnight. We’ll settle in with Jack Ryan and a bottle of wine!
Have the best day you can folks.

grandMattie Sat 03-Dec-22 08:57:37

Marydoll, I am as supportive as DL will let me, but I’m finding it hard. She told me she worried about everything and anything and has since the year dot. Of course, she is anxious, but she isn’t helping herself.
The buildings in our little town (including DL’s) are mostly medieval so not unnaturally, the solicitor’s chambers are not wheelchair friendly.

EkwaNimitee Sat 03-Dec-22 09:03:25

Good morning Mick and everyone from bright Carlisle.
I should have been off by now for my usual Saturday run out for the weekend papers and odds and bobs. However, I have some kind of infection and my pulse rate is up so I think it best to stay home. Plenty of reading to do plus admin jobs.
Yesterday it brightened and dried up in the afternoon so I went out and planted one of my new crabapples. Not too onerous a job as it was in the well prepared soil of my fruit border.

grandMattie's experience seems to show that you really do only get to know a person thoroughly if you live with them! I do feel rather sorry for the lady though, it's stressful moving at the best of times. What a relief it will be on both sides when it's all over.

Do have the best possible day everyone.

Nannagarra Sat 03-Dec-22 09:08:45

A comparatively late good morning from nippy Sefton. Whilst I have yet to read your posts, I have noticed a wonderful photo of your DGC at Lapland Gingster.
Shopping at the greengrocer’s today as lasagne (thanks Mary Berry and Lucca) is on the menu for the family viewing of tomorrow’s match. For years I’ve consciously avoided making roasts between the end of November and the 25th.
DiL has just WhatsAppd me to have the children this afternoon. I’d better get a move on!
Whatever your plans, have the best Saturday possible.
🌲 🍁 🌲

Blossoming Sat 03-Dec-22 09:14:46

Good morning Mick and everyone. It’s frosty and bright in this corner of Lancashire, 3°C.

Today I plan to post Christmas cards and tackle the laundry.

Best wishes to poorly grans and families, hope today is a good one for us all.

Taichinan Sat 03-Dec-22 09:29:01

Good morning all from a paler shade of grey in the Angus coast. Urms I have blue sky envy!
Glad your day went to plan yesterday Mick, and glad your convalescence is going well Ash. Marydoll I share your empathy with DL. To say she must be feeling discombobulated is understating it - it must be so hard to go from a busy independent life to total dependence. She has been so lucky to have you throughout this awful time in her life grandmattie and I'm sure she will be forever grateful 💐
I had a lovely lunch yesterday with my young friend - my late partner's son's ex-wife. We've always kept in touch but only meet up a couple of times a year, so when we do we talk for our country'! The world is most definitely put to right. We talked for so long that my plan to be home before dark (about 3.30 just now) went out of the window. So now I know that I am still capable of driving in the dark! Just as well!
I can see a shaft of sunlight over the town below (through the raindrops on the window) and inching towards me so I must gird my loins and do something while this energy lasts. Please all have a lovely day x

hulahoop Sat 03-Dec-22 09:31:14

Good morning from West York's it's a bright cold morning,nothing planned for today ,might do some wrapping of presents must admit it's not my favourite task but love watching all being unwrapped.Hope all with worries and illness see a bit of 🌞 .

dragonfly46 Sat 03-Dec-22 09:33:42

Lapland looks so beautiful!

dustyangel Sat 03-Dec-22 09:44:17

Good morning everyone from a sunny but chilly Algarve. We’ve had a lot of outpatients appointment over the last ten days or so. Apart from my eyes, they’ve all been for DH as he’s had follow ups for the colonoscopy, has to go back in January but he’s also been zapped for sun damage on his head and had a suspicious mole removed from his back. Which necessitated frequent visits for changes of dressings etc.
Today when DH returns from the market we have an ‘empty’, so are hoping to take ourselves out for our regular Saturday lunch.
Needs must do at least a little housework before then so I hope you all have a good day and I’ll catch up with your doings later.

SunshineSally Sat 03-Dec-22 09:47:35

Good morning everyone from a chilly south Hants. Late today - horrid night's sleep and then found it hard to get up!
Painting went well yesterday and DD pleased. My reward of a fajitas lunch went down very well 👌

Today we’re definitely off to get carpet and underlay for spare bedroom - fingers and toes crossed there’s a bargain there 🤞.
Dog walking in a minute so need to get a move on.
Will come back and read your posts later.
Have the best day you can 🦩🦩
Hugs and 💐 for you all x

luluaugust Sat 03-Dec-22 09:59:50

Good morning from a grey W Kent. DS coming this morning to help DH move boxes in the garage, this should all have happened in the Summer! Goodness knows what will turn up as some of them haven't been looked at since we moved in over 20 years ago. I am looking forward to viewing the family china, although I suspect nobody wants it and one DGD said "what is a tea service" smile
I am glad the Contracts are signed gM
Marydoll please don't start thinking you are a nuisance, the NHS is in a total mess.
Good wishes to all.

Kalu Sat 03-Dec-22 10:10:40

Good morning all from Glasgow. No sign of frost but sunny and dry.

As I was entering M&S food hall in our small local shopping mall, DD2 in Aus. FaceTimed me. When I told her where I was she she replied, oh Mum, I wish I was there with you. As it was fairly quiet, no busy shoppers, I switched the camera around and we both did some window shopping, chatting as we strolled along which cheered both of us up.
We finished watching a very good TV series last night, The English, starring Emily Blunt. I would highly recommend it.

You are certainly not a burden or in any way at fault Marydoll You are thé patient who is being badly let down by your medical team, GP and Pharmacy. None of whom seem capable of joined up thinking and appallingly lacking in their duty of care.
Enjoying a cinnamon latte sounds like a much better option than the dreary job of writing cards Maw

Wishing all a good day and caring support for those coping with worrying times.

Ziplok Sat 03-Dec-22 10:21:50

Good morning. The sun is out today which makes a very welcome change. Off out shortly to the Christmas fayre, helping on a stall. It will be cold, so I’ll put on plenty of layers and my fur lined boots to help keep my feet warm.
Wishing everyone the best day possible, and to those of you feeling unwell or dealing with worries I hope today is a better day for you. 💐

hollysteers Sat 03-Dec-22 10:41:45

Good morning Mick and all from Sunnyside northwest coast.
After taking up a recovery position yesterday due to the bookgroup/wine/late night/remnants of cold the night before,
the head feels clearer and I must get my bag out and pack for the south to stay with DD and see Dsister tomorrow. What to wear? Is always the cry..
Glad things are moving grandMattie and thoughts to all with worries of any kind🌼