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Good Morning Saturday 3rd December 2022

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Michael12 Sat 03-Dec-22 06:10:55

Good Morning Everyone,
Dark but dry and cold outside here in brackley .
Yesterdays appointment went well at the Horton in Banbury , despite delays with bus home due the Friday rush hpir.
Today , I will do Bicester as normal ,then come home and then get a Chinese Take Away later .
Take Care,

Wyllow3 Sat 03-Dec-22 12:13:15

Afternoon all from family house in Durham area. DiL away so I'm the stand in but its all very easy going tho DGD1 is very disabled so always that bit extra. But even the. 4 yr old know where every bit of his clothes are, which drawer, where clean washing basket ie etc.

But hey, its so nice to get DS to myself in the evening precious time.

Its a sun/rain sun/rain situation but a trip to playground planned.

Marydoll don't let them make you feel that. What is happening is that we often have to "join the dots up" on our own care and its rather scary.

Greyduster it would drive me spare having to sleep on my back I don't know how you do it.

Taichinan Sat 03-Dec-22 15:25:20

luluaugust that "what's a tea service?" made me chuckle. I remember years ago my then five year old DGD had absolutely no idea what a saucer was! How times change and things move on - or out 😄