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Photographs 2023

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Riverwalk Thu 26-Jan-23 08:00:39

I was going to post this on the Gloomy thread but thought I'd start a new photograph thread so we can see how the year develops in pictures.

This was taken yesterday from Hungerford Bridge - it's not a great photo but shows St Paul's shining in the drizzly cold gloomy early evening.

Beechnut Thu 26-Jan-23 08:07:01

It’s a lovely photo Riverwalk. I hope we have many more to come 😀

Joseanne Thu 26-Jan-23 08:33:47

My beautiful home city!
Thanks Riverwalk for a new photo thread. After nearly 2000 lovely photos over the past years, I was rather missing the contributions.

Joseanne Thu 26-Jan-23 08:38:50

A moody sea front here, a couple of days ago at sunset.

Riverwalk Thu 02-Feb-23 14:33:40

Today's lunch - aubergine parmigiana & some past their best green beans; and colourful roast carrots which are going in the freezer

NannyJan53 Thu 02-Feb-23 16:40:17

Budapest on our trip 2 weeks ago

AreWeThereYet Thu 02-Feb-23 16:44:57

Yes thank you for starting the thread - I love to see pictures from all the posters of places they live in or have been. Or even just some snowdrops on a walk. The picture of London has given me a sudden yen to visit for one of our long walks around the City or along the Thames. I lived there for six lovely years.

peli Thu 02-Feb-23 17:20:05

A tub of daffs brightening up a rainy morning. I love seeing everyones' photos!

Ladyleftfieldlover Thu 02-Feb-23 17:31:57

I’m still enjoying the bright colours in my lounge and hall. Wait until you see the guest bedroom in a couple of weeks!

Hellogirl1 Thu 02-Feb-23 18:23:41

place is almost identical to my front room one!

Hellogirl1 Thu 02-Feb-23 18:24:16

That should read "That fireplace".

Joseanne Fri 17-Feb-23 08:13:07

When the Earth meets its Creator.
(Exeter Cathedral)

Scribbles Fri 17-Feb-23 08:25:51

The Spire memorial at the International Bomber Command Centre on a cloudy day.

Seabear Fri 17-Feb-23 08:57:20

A stag in Knole Park taken by my father in 1972. I have been going through his slide collection and digitising them which is bringing back lots of memories.

JackyB Sun 26-Feb-23 11:31:51

I'm keeping this thread open on my tablet after the experience we had with the last one which kept disappearing from the "Active" list, even when someone had just posted to it.

Auntieflo Sun 26-Feb-23 12:12:11

Beautiful picture Joseanne

MerylStreep Sun 26-Feb-23 12:37:06

/Riverwalks photo of the Thames brought back happy memories of our trips from Essex to moor at Chelsea pier for a couple of weeks.
This is us moored up at Leigh on sea waiting for the tide.

Jaxjacky Sun 26-Feb-23 12:50:55

Taken last night by a local friend.

Squiffy Sun 26-Feb-23 13:30:52

Last year’s Mother’s Day gift!

JaneJudge Sun 26-Feb-23 13:34:20

lovely photos smile your lounge looks lovely ladylfetfield!

peli Sun 26-Feb-23 17:07:09

Such lovely photos!
My pic was taken early yesterday evg in the rain.

dustyangel Sun 26-Feb-23 17:17:15

Lovely thread this.
I particularly like the one you posted of last night’s sunset Jaxjacky and that beautiful rose Squiffy.

Nell8 Sun 26-Feb-23 18:33:55

Crumbly cliff tops in February sunshine at the Seven Sisters, East Sussex. Belle Tout lighthouse is in the far distance.

Aldom Sun 26-Feb-23 19:12:08

Pots of primulas and one of my helibores.

Beechnut Sun 26-Feb-23 19:20:26

I love the colour of your hellebores Aldom. DD had them in her bouquet grown by son in law. In fact he grew all their wedding flowers.