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Knitwear that doesn’t go bobbly

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Musky17 Mon 06-Mar-23 16:01:16

Can anyone recommend brands of knitwear that stays looking good? I find jumpers that look lovely on hangers in the shops soon look “old” after washing. I use Woolite and have a bobble comb for special cashmere knitwear. Where can I buy good quality that lasts a y more? M & S items used to look great for years but no longer, especially when made from “ recycled” materials.

Redrobin51 Mon 06-Mar-23 16:25:30

I'm following this thread. I swear M & S are the worse offenders. Bought two woolley hoodie and despite washing them exactly as instructed they looked old after about 3 washes and they weren't exactly cheap. As for the recycled material ones they look like a bit of old rag after a few washes.

BlueBelle Mon 06-Mar-23 16:30:53

M and S are horrendous a couple of weeks jumper looked not worthy for the charity shop, indeed we would have thrown it in the rag bag
I ve taken two back to Mand S and had a refund I will never buy another from there until things change and nearly £30 isn’t cheap well not to me anyway
I bought a de bobbler off Amazon and that’s totally useless too doesn’t touch them
A real problem ‘George’ is no better and we can’t all afford the more expensive shops like joe browns and seasalt which may be the answer

Callistemon21 Mon 06-Mar-23 16:36:14

The only jumpers that I find which do not go bobbly are M&S fine merino wool jumpers - they're a fine knit, rather boring and come in rather odd colours now!

Every other make, yarn, whether cashmere or a cheaper yarn, end up bobbled.

Watching this thread 🙂

karmalady Mon 06-Mar-23 16:36:16

woolovers are bad too, I find they cannot be worn much. I threw an expensive one out last year, only one winter of use and another, thinner one went out last month, again a short use. De=bobbling would not have been enough, they just looked tatty

wrt wools, long staple wools are best for not bobbling as the ends don`t come free so easily. Merino is bad and so is lambswool. Bfl is a good wool. Having said that, I do knit some jumpers in merino because they are so warm,soft and light. I just put up with the bobbling on those

karmalady Mon 06-Mar-23 16:38:11

machine washable merino should not bobble, a chemical process changes the wool. I don`t use that sort of merino

Callistemon21 Mon 06-Mar-23 16:38:16

Don't get me started on Woolovers karmalady!

I just put some, not very old, in the rag bag for the charity shop.

Callistemon21 Mon 06-Mar-23 16:38:52


machine washable merino should not bobble, a chemical process changes the wool. I don`t use that sort of merino

Oh, I didn't know that.

BlueBalou Mon 06-Mar-23 16:43:56

I love Woolovers merino/cashmere jumpers, I don’t have a problem with them at all.
I’m wearing a 8 year old one today and it’s fine.
I wash them only when dirty, in a net bag, Woolite detergent 30° wool wash.

karmalady Mon 06-Mar-23 16:47:34

I love pure wool. I have finally sourced a locally made yarn which is merino/bfl 50/50. It should be promising. I will try it as soon as I have spare money

I hated the feel of machine washable merino when I knitted with it. It was slippery and very difficult to keep the ends from unwinding. I only used it once. The merino that I bought was falklands merino. Bfl is blue faced leicester, it has a long silky staple and is drapey, rather than poofy

karmalady Mon 06-Mar-23 16:50:59

blue balou, I bet that woolovers top has a machine washable label and has been made from chemically processed yarn. Natural wool has to be hand washed, either by hand or in a machine that does the gentle rocking motion.

Greyduster Mon 06-Mar-23 16:57:59

I am very fond of plain lambs wool crew neck sweaters and used to buy them from Edinburgh Woollen Mill. They washed beautifully, never bobbled and lasted ages. Then they changed the manufacturer and it all went down hill. I bought two of the original ones in Oxford in 2017 and am still wearing them. Others I’ve bought since have fallen to bits!
M&S are shocking - when will they ever listen to their customers!

Casdon Mon 06-Mar-23 17:05:18

I can’t wear wool, it itches. I always go for pure cotton knitwear, and actually M&S do have a reasonable selection but you have to seek it out by reading all the labels. Other good sources are Crew, and if you’re feeling rich (and chic as they have a very restricted colour palette of cream, white, and black, occasionally navy) the White Company always have some lovely ones.

Yammy Mon 06-Mar-23 17:11:33

A lot of the makes John Lewis stock including their own is as bad as M&S .I bought a green cardigan and was asked after only three wares where I had got it has gone. I traveled to DD's in a White stuff brand new Fairisle and it had bobbled all down the arms and I had only sat in the car.
It seems you have to go toward £100 to get one that will last at least two seasons and who can afford to?

Germanshepherdsmum Mon 06-Mar-23 17:19:09

I only buy cotton or merino knitwear because they’re the only ones I’ve found that doesn’t bobble. Cotton for preference, more comfortable and washes better. No matter how much I like the look of something, if it’s cashmere or lambs wool I don’t buy.

karmalady Mon 06-Mar-23 17:21:56

good pure local wool costs me £70 for a jumper weight, to hand knit. The cheaper brands like woolovers and m and s must source cheap yarns from mass produced merino and lambswool and they get the jumpers made in slave labour far east countries.

Germanshepherdsmum Mon 06-Mar-23 17:43:30

Also, cheap yarn is unlikely to be produced to good animal welfare standards.

MrsKen33 Mon 06-Mar-23 17:47:35

Woo lovers, Seasalt, Mand S all have bobbly knitwear. Seasalt used to, not so sure if they still do, offer a service at their shops to debobble. I always wash inside out and by hand. Seems to lessen bobbling but I still resort to careful use of a razor.

Ladyleftfieldlover Mon 06-Mar-23 17:54:14

I don’t buy woollen cardigans any more. Cotton or a cotton and silk mixture don’t bobble and last for ages.

watermeadow Mon 06-Mar-23 18:29:37

I wear two jumpers at a time all winter and I get given new ones every Christmas. They come from M&S, Seasalt and other makes which used to be good. They never now last for a second winter. Throwaway fashion, bad in every way.

Millie22 Mon 06-Mar-23 18:31:57

I use a razor on some of my jumpers and cardigans but after a while even that doesn't work and I have to throw them away. It's very annoying as bobbly clothing looks bad.

BlueBelle Mon 06-Mar-23 18:40:57

The bobbles pick up little bits of dust and look dirty even after washing

karmalady Mon 06-Mar-23 18:53:53

I had a thought, just realised that I am wearing a hand made knitted poncho made from my spun yarn. The yarn was merino/silk. I know that silk has a long filament, not staple and the poncho is wearing very well, no bobbles in spite of being a woollen (looser) spin and only singles plied together. It has a haze, not bobbles and looks good

Joseanne Mon 06-Mar-23 18:57:14

Where can I buy good quality that lasts more?
Expensive, but try Whistles or Basler.

M0nica Mon 06-Mar-23 19:36:33

I rarely buy anything but wool sweaters and have not had a particular problem with bobbling. It varies from wool type to wool type and supplier, without a pattern.

Why not just accept that if you buy knitted clothes, some bobbling is to be expccted and be ready to deal with it.