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White, Light and Dark

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Mazgg Wed 08-Mar-23 09:48:07

During a light hearted discussion about the old days I was surprised to find that I am in the minority who still sort their washing into these categories. I don't find it difficult - especially now that I have a washing machine with the option of doing a smaller load. I had my babies in the days of terry nappies and got great satisfaction watching a load of brilliant white nappies blowing in the breeze. I was easily pleased!

Shinamae Wed 08-Mar-23 09:49:37

I don’t do this and just put a colour catcher sheet in with the wash..

BigBertha1 Wed 08-Mar-23 09:53:11

I do it sometimes but the only 'whites' I have now are sheets so sometimes if there isn't much I throw everything in on 30 degrees. If the tea towels go greysish I buy some more.

GrannyGravy13 Wed 08-Mar-23 09:58:10

Mazgg I sort my washing into darks, colours, light colours, whites.

Dusters/cleaning cloths/floor wipe heads get washed separately, as do towels and bedding.

Just how I am…

Whitewavemark2 Wed 08-Mar-23 10:25:25

Yes - whites go in at the highest temperature. Light colours and darks separated as well as delicates and wool etc. all at the appropriate temperature. So at the moment the towels and flannels are being washed at 60c - they are coloured and 60c because it is the minimum needed to kill off bugs.

It keeps them all bright as well.

henetha Wed 08-Mar-23 10:28:55

I do sort of sort it. But in a different way. I wash things which dry easily in the porch, undies, fleecy things. But wash the towels, linen etc. on days when I can hang them outside.
It's pouring with rain today so I've just done porch wash.
It faces south, and there is a small radiator in there too.

timetogo2016 Wed 08-Mar-23 10:29:32

I too use colour catchers,they are amazing.

Georgesgran Wed 08-Mar-23 10:36:58

I still sort and factor in temperature as well as type and colour! So, it’s lights, darks, towels, bedding, delicates! The thing is, I do DDs laundry, so mine just goes in with hers.

Shelflife Wed 08-Mar-23 10:37:48

Never used colour catchers , thanks timetogo, will definitely try them now.

Poppyred Wed 08-Mar-23 10:39:12

Yes I do this. Colour catchers ruined a washing machine for me. Engineer warned me not to use anymore!

silverlining48 Wed 08-Mar-23 10:46:29

I don’t have much that is white other than bedding, and wash that separately. The rest is washed together unless it’s particularly dirty /muddy. I don’t have, but will try colour catchers.
I wash everything on 40 apart from 30 for delicates. The machine has to be full before washing and it’s used about twice a week. Ditto dishwasher bath. Bath 2x pw yet our water bill is up again to nearly £800.

ParlorGames Wed 08-Mar-23 10:46:46

I sort into lights and darks - never, ever wash both together either.
If I use a colour catcher I always put it into a mess laundry bag - stops it getting into the workings of the washing machine.

silverlining48 Wed 08-Mar-23 10:49:02

Oh 😧 how do colour catchers damage machines poppy?

Blossoming Wed 08-Mar-23 10:50:08

I still sort mine Mazgg. I also keep fluffy things like towels separate.

maddyone Wed 08-Mar-23 10:50:26

I sort my washing and that keeps the whites white and the colours as they should be. I wash everything at 30 degrees as the washing powder/liquid kills the bugs and if I feel something needs extra sanitising I add laundry sanitiser (only for items that have been exposed to vomit etc.) I use detergent suitable for colours for the coloured wash and suitable for whites for the whites.

MandL Wed 08-Mar-23 10:53:36


Yes I do this. Colour catchers ruined a washing machine for me. Engineer warned me not to use anymore!

In what way did it ruin it, Poppyred?

Callistemon21 Wed 08-Mar-23 11:03:29

I sort everything, Mazgg

It's never occurred to me not to.

I know one DD does the same

Callistemon21 Wed 08-Mar-23 11:04:29


I still sort mine Mazgg. I also keep fluffy things like towels separate.

Towels get fathered up and washed together.
Except for any white ones!

Callistemon21 Wed 08-Mar-23 11:04:52

Gathered not fathered

Shinamae Wed 08-Mar-23 11:16:45

I found this…

maddyone Wed 08-Mar-23 11:19:39

I’m rather glad I’ve never used a colour catcher then.

Theexwife Wed 08-Mar-23 11:28:04

I use colour catchers and shall continue to do so, I would think it unusual for them to get under the door seal and into the pump, the same as any small item.

ParlorGames Wed 08-Mar-23 12:14:34



Yes I do this. Colour catchers ruined a washing machine for me. Engineer warned me not to use anymore!

In what way did it ruin it, Poppyred?

Sorry to jump into a question directed at Poppyred.......we used a colour catcher some months ago and forgot that it was in the wash load. Didn't think about it when unloading the laundry but some days later the washer wouldn't pump out the water. We investigated by checking the impeller filter and there we found the colour catcher sheet, screwed up and trapped in the impeller. That's why we now put them into a mesh laundry bag.

MrsKen33 Wed 08-Mar-23 12:19:35

Yes I do this. All my bedding, towels etc are white and they go in together. Next load, shirts, pants etc and last darks. Trousers, socks. I usually hand wash knitted garments and then gently spin in washing machine. My mother did it this way and now my DD does. My DiL bungs it all in together and then wonders why her washing looks grey.

LRavenscroft Wed 08-Mar-23 12:22:20

I have had soo many accidents turning things grey and pink that I now separate and separate.