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Good Morning Tuesday 14th March 2023

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Michael12 Tue 14-Mar-23 05:59:43

Good Morning Everyone,
Its twilight start but dry ,with signs of wetness on the ground here in brackley.
After a few days in Harrogate relaxing etc, I did meet up in the hotel with Gwen and Hubby Richard on Saturday .
Hotel wise dinner times offered a carvery option .
Today, a trip into Bicester hoping I do not sffer with breathlessness .
Take Care,

BlueBalou Tue 14-Mar-23 06:14:54

Good morning Mick, good to hear you enjoyed Harrogate, I’d love to go back up to Yorkshire sometime.
It’s clear skies and cold here in Wiltshire after yesterdays rain and winds.
I spent some time yesterday rearranging the materials in my little bedroom that I use as a craft room. I also sorted out my watercolour stuff so I know what I have, so that’s good 😊
Today I will start on getting bits together for the charity shop, there are (more) clothes that I realise I’m unlikely to wear so off they’ll go!
Apart from that I must get my new glasses sorted, I cannot wear them 🤬, most frustrating.
I hope today goes well for you all x

Grandmabatty Tue 14-Mar-23 06:18:20

Good morning Mick from Polmont where it's currently -2°, frosty and cold. I'm glad you had a good time on your trip.
Yesterday was a long childcare day. Dgs1 didn't have a good day at nursery and was very badly behaved. His mum and dad had to have a talk with him when I took the boys home.
Today will be a repeat of yesterday, hopefully without the behaviour problems. I'll drop dgs1 at nursery and listen to his apology to the ladies. Then take dgs2 to my house. I have a stomach upset so I won't travel far. I suspect my really spicy fajitas are to blame. Have a good day all.

Ashcombe Tue 14-Mar-23 06:18:54

Good morning from a dry and clear Torbay with sunshine forecast!

Welcome back, Mick! I hope you feel the benefit of your break but take care to not overdo it on your first day back.

My appointment was on time and the echocardiogram showed the repaired mitral valve is working well but the heart is still not pumping as it should, which had shown up before. I also had an ECG. Both results will be the subject of a consultation at a later date with my local cardiologist. As always, the staff were kindness itself, including the receptionist whom I recognised as one of the players I’d seen on stage last Friday at our theatre! She was delighted to be complimented on her performance.

I felt rather tired for the rest of the day so didn’t enjoy my exercise class as much as sometimes. Today is also busy with my regular Props session and a Committee meeting at the theatre this evening.

Oh, and in between, I’ll try to pick up DH from Newton Abbot station who is over for eight days. If he misses his connection he is happy to fend for himself with buses. He will enjoy treating himself to takeaway curry whilst I’m out!

Enjoy your day, everyone! 🦩🥰🦩💐🦩

grandMattie Tue 14-Mar-23 06:23:16

Good morning from E Kent. It is dry and the sun is just about to rise.
Welcome back, Mick. It’s nice to hear you had a good time in Harrogate.
I was supposed to have an uneventful day yesterday. Ha! The Bishop came nearly an hour late, and as he is a very old man, with health problems, I nearly telephoned his wife to find out the problem. We had a nice chat. He was horrified to learn that my exlodger had dumped me. I told him that , although it rather hurt me, it didn’t bother me as we were never great friends.
Poor DD’s train was first cancelled, then took forever to get to London. She missed her connections and finally arrived just shy of midnight. A long day for both of us…
Today, I’ve got an online view of my house, for removal. A friend is coming to see one of my 9 duvets…
DD will be helping me with paperwork, which I have never done, and we may take a ton of stuff to Emmaus in Dover.
DGS and Philip’s girlfriend are coming to dinner. Making salmon steaks en croute and lemon meringue pie.
Have a good day all. At least the horrible storm has passed andvth3 days are getting longer. Carpe diem 🦩🦩🦩❤️

Urmstongran Tue 14-Mar-23 06:23:33

No Matt he must be away.

I’m up early! Good morning everyone from south Manchester. Good to have you back with us Mick and how lovely that you managed to meet up with Gwen and her husband on your mini break.

Deliciously we have absolutely nothing on the calendar today. Not a sausage. A whole new day untouched. It’s been raining during the night. The 6:20am train into Manchester Oxford Road has just pulled into Platform 1. I’m always surprised to see so many people out and about at this time of the morning.

Beechnut Tue 14-Mar-23 06:38:55

Good Morning everyone from Severnside where it is dry and looks like the making of a nice day.

Good to have you back Mick. DD is also back from her weekend in Seville. She said there were oranges everywhere and sent a few photo’s.

My brother came yesterday and we had a craft and computer chat. He also explained the modern light bulbs to me and we had a session of trying different ones in things 🤣

It’s my swimming day and then I will do some home work. I took my cleaner apart yesterday, identified the problem and have to get a new belt.

Take care all and have a pleasant day 🌼🦩

Sar53 Tue 14-Mar-23 06:39:21

Good morning from a dry and bright Essex by the sea.
I'm hoping that the doctors surgery will ring or text me to say I have an appointment this morning. It's so hard to get an appointment with the doctor who has asked to see me !!!
DH'S blood tests and xrays show arthritis and lots of wear and tear on his joints but nothing sinister, thank goodness .
I'm glad you had a good break Mick and recharged your batteries.
Have a great day everyone xx

Georgesgran Tue 14-Mar-23 06:40:53

Good morning from a cool, dry Durham. Today, I have a new tenant moving in to my rental.
The local council demand a new certificate for the area which will set me back £500 - it’s just a money-making scheme imo!
It’s taken over my day - most plans shelved, as I need to read meters etc there.
Late lunch with a friend, then someone is coming to look at my wonky fence.
Best wishes to all. X

Mizuna Tue 14-Mar-23 06:42:57

Good morning from a brightening south Cornwall with a promise of sun later. A strange day yesterday. Breathlessness became much worse and I ended up with three paramedics in my flat who, whilst attaching me to wires, were fascinated by my flat's town centre front and ancient woodland at the rear. Also the male paramedic was interested in my denim patchwork soft furnishings, while the ladies admired my turquoise paintwork! Spent the day being tested at our main hospital but all results were clear. The NHS at its best, considering the doctors' strike. Thank you Ash for sharing your heart journey via pm with me. Today, my plan is to sew and knit and generally be quiet. Kind offers of meals to be delivered from friends and my neighbour over the coming days so I'll take them up! Yum!

multicolourswapshop Tue 14-Mar-23 06:43:00

Good morning everyone
Thank you to a special gn who has supported me during my recent bereavement
I’m back to say good morning from a freezing cold east of Fife where there continues to be a yellow weather warning. I’ve a busy day today my beautiful daughter is coming to take me to lunch and to my local bank to sort things out since my DHpassed
Thinking of all those who may be cold and hungry today

Marydoll Tue 14-Mar-23 06:48:21

Good morning all from a snowy Glasgow.
Glad you had a good time Mick.

Of course this is the morning my car has to go into the garage at 8am and I'm not feeling my best at all.
Thank goodness, I decided to put it into a local garage, I couldn't have faced a trip to the dealership.

I wanted to offer the Glesca Grannies my best wishes for their meet up today.
I had hoped to surprise them with a short visit, but I just couldn't manage it. DH and DIL were not happy at all, when I said I was thinking about going.
I also got a telling off from DD last night, who was horrified I was considering it.
I'm so disappointed. 😕

I'm sorry your news wasn't as good as you had hoped Ash, I hope your cardiologist can help.

Thinking of Corner today.

Enjoy your day folks.

Marydoll Tue 14-Mar-23 06:50:40

Mizuna, what a fright you must have had.
However, as you say, NHS at it's best.
I hope you get a diagnosis soon. 💐

karmalady Tue 14-Mar-23 06:55:08

good morning from s somerset, it poured again last night but I see shades of blue and am hoping for that promised sun. I have a very full wash almost finished, it will be lovely to get that lot dry today

Multicolourswapshop flowers

Pittcity Tue 14-Mar-23 06:59:03

Good morning from rainy Colchester. 14 degrees yesterday, only 7 today.
Tuesday is charity shop volunteering day. Rainy days are much quieter.
Love to all 🦩 x

brook2704 Tue 14-Mar-23 07:03:26

Good morning everyone from Mojacar where it’s another gorgeous sunny day
Welcome back mick, pleased that you enjoyed your time in Harrogate and how lovely that you got chance to meet up with Gwen and her husband
That must have been scary yesterday mizuna, pleased all the tests were ok though
Another relaxing day planned here enjoying walking along the paseo and stopping for a coffee and watching the world go by. We might catch a bus a bit further along the coast but will see later
Wishing all the Glesca Grannies a fabulous meet up today, I’m sorry to be missing it, hopefully next time!
mcss take care, enjoy your lunch with your DD
Take care all whatever the day brings 💐

GrannyGravy13 Tue 14-Mar-23 07:03:36

Morning Mick pleased you enjoyed Harrogate, it’s a firm favourite of mine.

Well it was so windy here during the night, woke me several times. Bed cha ge first thing, then I am going to Lakeside shopping centre for a mooch round on my own and to get some bits and bobs for the GC’s Easter Bags.

I finally got round to my hand washing yesterday and despite being careful one of DH’s jumpers has shrunk, so that is going back to the shop this morning also.

Waiting to hear what GC will require looking after tomorrow as the schools start their two day strike.

Sorry you are not up to meeting up with your GN pals MaryDoll you have posted many times how much you enjoy these get togethers.

How very scary for you Mizuna , good to have you back multicolourswopshop

Have a good day folks 🙋‍♀️🦩

Urmstongran Tue 14-Mar-23 07:04:03

Life’s simple pleasures karmalady bring contentment don’t they?
They remind us to appreciate what we have.

Ladyleftfieldlover Tue 14-Mar-23 07:04:53

Morning all from West Oxfordshire. I’m still in bed so have no idea what the weather is like. I had intended to pop into Oxford today but decided against it. I have felt under the weather the last couple of days and Wednesday and Thursday this week promise to be very busy. The bits and pieces I had hoped to buy I have ordered on line. OH has his bee keeping course tonight so I’ll watch the final episode of Endeavour. Urms - you mentioned you and your OH sitting in separate rooms in the evening! The answer is two sets of headphones. If OH is watching football on the television he plugs headphones into the tv. I can then get on with reading a book. If I’m watching something too on my iPad, I can plug headphones too. So we are still in the same room. Works a treat.

dragonfly46 Tue 14-Mar-23 07:07:26

Good morning from a very damp Leicestershire.
Was hoping to walk with a friend this morning so hope it stops.

Sorry to hear your echo gram didn’t have the best result Ash but seeing DH should help.
What a fright Mizuna I hope you have a better day today.
Good to see you Multicolour

kittylester Tue 14-Mar-23 07:20:57

Good morning all from a soggy North Leicestershire. DD3, who lives in the 2nd highest village in the county, had snow overnight.

I had a great day yesterday. Our gardener had some good ideas for the new planting and then I did my first real life Carers' course for over a year. It helped that they were a lively and engaged bunch.

Today, I need to go and get my my glasses straightened in the hope that I can see properly after.

Then lunch in a pub in the village with some old friends.

Have the best day possible everyone.

MawtheMerrier Tue 14-Mar-23 07:30:45

Good morning all from N Bucks where it is cold and raining . I think Winter might still be lingering on as I am sure some of the raindrops looked more like sleet.
My birthday yesterday was lovely and thank you all for your good wishes. It started with a lovely phone call from D1 en route to school with the younger 2 singing Happy Birthday from the back of the car. 💕
Lunch with my Art History friends (with surprise presents and some very witty cards) followed by our class and then home to sherry with my neighbour whom I have been friends with for 30 years and then FaceTimes with the London D’s and the little boys.
Today a quick trip to Waitrose then book group in the afternoon where we are also celebrating a members 70th -so more champagne and cake, with maybe a few minutes on the book!
Wishing you all a pleasant Tuesday, safe travels if you are out and about and comfort for those in pain.

ShazzaKanazza Tue 14-Mar-23 07:37:06

Good Morning Mick and everyone from a beautiful bright Hull.

Good to have you back Mick. Harrogate is indeed a lovely place and with the added bonus of seeing Gwen.

Mizuna how scary for you but good your results were ok. 💐 take care.

Multicolouredswapshop so sorry for your loss 💐

Today I am looking after DGDs while DD goes to get new tyres on her car then I’m picking up GS from school. Hoping he is able to go to school for the next two days with the strike. He has been ok so far so fingers crossed.

Hope the Glesca Grannies enjoy their meet up sorry you aren’t well enough to go Marydoll 💐

Enjoy your day if you can. Thoughts to those suffering stress and illness 🌻🌻

Gingster Tue 14-Mar-23 07:39:40

Good morning all . I think the wind has died down - yesterday was very blowy. Our neighbour In Suffolk messaged with photos of our garage roof lining blowing and the chimney pot cover at a tricky angle.😤. Dh has messaged our lovely odd job man to see if he can fix them. 🤞.

Bridge club this afternoon and I expect cake will be on offer with our tea. Yum!

Take it easy today Mizuna.
Enjoy your meetup Glesga grans. Sorry Marydoll isn’t up to seeing you.
Hope you get your appointment Sar. Glad your dh has had ok results. That reminds me , my Dh is still waiting for blood test results.

Enjoy the day! 🌷

Alygran Tue 14-Mar-23 07:50:24

Good morning from North Yorkshire. The wind has died down and it’s clear and bright.
Enjoyable walk yesterday. We didn’t get wet but the paths were soggy after the snow. The river was in full spate too.
Today it’s coffee with a friend, a charity board meeting and History Society.
Sorry you are missing the meet up Mary. Pleased you had a nice birthday Maw.
Take care everyone and have a good day.