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Petition re. plastic packaging on supermarket fruit and veg.

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grannydarkhair Tue 14-Mar-23 23:18:40

This is a petition calling for the removal of plastic packaging from the top five most wasted fruit and veg sold in supermarkets - apples, bananas, carrots, onions and potatoes.

Wheniwasyourage Wed 15-Mar-23 18:37:08


Only yesterday, we were in our local big supermarket. Veg and fruit is in pre-packed bags or loose so the customer can choose either. They used to supply plastic bags for loose items and brown paper bags for loose mushrooms. This same supermarket has removed all the plastic bags made available for loose items and now promotes the sale of mesh bags at 30p each instead BUT it has also removed the brown paper bags for the loose mushrooms. Customers are expected to purchase a 30p bag for the mushrooms too.
I am not a huge fan of mushrooms so we don't buy many - just a few for MrP so having to buy a 30p bag for around 80p worth of mushrooms did alarm us.
I realise these 30p bags are reusable but honestly, who remembers to take them shopping?

I remember! We bought some a while ago from Lakeland and use them every week, then put them back in the shopping bag like grannydarkhair.

Granmarderby10, why shouldn't you take some carrier bags which have been put into the recycling bin? After all, Reuse comes before Recycle in the mantra. One thing about being a mature woman (which your username suggests you may be) is that if anyone challenges you, you just need to give them a Paddington stare and ask what their problem is.

Since the soft plastic recycling bins appeared at our local Tesco, the amount of rubbish in our residual waste bin has diminished by an astonishing amount. I put in any plastic which would adapt its shape to conform to what it contains - read that somewhere, but I can't remember where.


grannydarkhair Wed 15-Mar-23 18:38:54

Fleurpepper Unfortunately yes there is quite a lot. I think it depends on the picker. E.g. bananas usually have the price label stuck directly on to them but there have been times when they’ve been in bags. I’ve also had spring onions in bags now and again. Because of this I try to buy most of my fresh produce outwith my deliveries.
What really gets my dander up is when they put already packaged produce in a red bag (Tesco), e.g. bacon. When I queried this with the driver at the time of my first delivery, he said it was to stop smells and also in case of packets bursting/tearing.
And before anyone says I should be buying bacon from a butcher, I only buy it once in the proverbial blue moon.

Fleurpepper Wed 15-Mar-23 19:52:00

'I realise these 30p bags are reusable but honestly, who remembers to take them shopping?''

I do, always. Those 30 p bags are very tough. What do you do with them? Landfill?

And yes, it is a political problems. Local authorities and Country Governments can and do make decisions and ask businesses to comply. MacDonald and other fast food outlets have to serve meals in recycled cardboard in many countries, no polystirene allowed. Festivals and other fairs, events, etc, are not allowed to use disposable plates and plastic cutlery and glasses. When they are not allowed to, they find a way and abide, or lose their business.

Callistemon21 Wed 15-Mar-23 20:19:06


Either is wrapped or in most cases you have to put loose veg in a plastic bag, you can’t just have 10 potatoes and 20 carrots with mushrooms and lettuce all loose in a shopping trolley

You can buy reusable net bags from most supermarkets.

Callistemon21 Wed 15-Mar-23 20:21:16


Many years ago I made some drawstring bags from charity shop voile curtains. I am still using them for all loose produce. I had some funny looks from people at the time, but not now.

I have noticed that a lot of the packaged fruit and veg in Asda is now in the type of bags that can be recycled in large supermarkets. I take these, along with my cat food pouches, to my local Co-op where the bin is well used.

Well done, shysal

Mollygo Sat 18-Mar-23 20:26:11


do weigh the bag next time and report back, please.

Sorry it’s late but I had to wait till I wanted to buy something.
My 4 mushrooms cost me 53p out of the bag and 61p in the bag. Obviously I left the bag. I could have had a 10p reusable carrier for 2p more.

Callistemon21 Sat 18-Mar-23 23:19:26

The compostable bags provided by some supermarkets are good.

We have the net bags, Mollygo and yes, although they're light, the weight is still a consideration.

Maggiemaybe Sat 18-Mar-23 23:37:57

Signed. One of my bugbears, and nothing much has changed over the last 40 years, when I first made a stand at a local fruit and veg shop that refused to let me just put my fruit purchases straight into my shopping bag. They couldn’t come up with a sensible reason then for wanting me to put them all into plastic bags and I’m sure they couldn’t now. What a dreadful waste.