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Good Morning Friday 17th March 2023

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Michael12 Fri 17-Mar-23 05:52:47

Good Morning Everyone,
Its a twilight start with signs of rain earlier here in brackley.
Today for me one last trip on the bus to Bicester this side of my operation.
I have later around early afternoon got to ring the Churchill Hospital for my admission time on Monday.
Today and tomorrow will be last opportunity to eat solid food such as my favourite take aways before liquids on Sunday .
Take Care,

grandMattie Fri 17-Mar-23 06:05:21

Good morning from a still dark E Kent. I’ve been awake since silly o’clock, worrying abou5vthe day I suppose.
Yesterday was spent with more sorting and things. The electrician changed the light fittings; my Spanish class went well; some of the impossibly long list of phone calls made.
Today is very busy and anxiety making… From 930,a charity is coming to collect the various electricals, china and bedding. The man from Mission for tools is collecting them and my old sewing machine; I’m going out to lunch,the buyers are coming to “measure up” but I suspect for a good nosy. The house is a tip, bad luck if they expect it to be show-house perfect…. In th3 afternoon, someone is coming to collect the loom.
I shall be pooped!
Hope everyone has a good gay. Carpe diem 🦩🦩🦩❤️

NanaDana Fri 17-Mar-23 06:11:50

Good morning from Windy Nook, Tyne and Wear, where at 6 a.m. the sun is rising into a clear blue sky. Happy Saint Patrick's Day to all. Stay safe and well out there.

Ashcombe Fri 17-Mar-23 06:23:15

Good morning from a mild but cloudy Torbay.

Enjoy your last day of normal eating, Mick! I hope all the arrangements will go to plan and I wish you all the best.

A busy day, indeed for you, grandMattie, but it will be worth it in the end. It’s good you’ve found recipients for your surplus items. Good luck with it all!

NanaDana: That saying brought back memories of my late dear father who was from Northern Ireland. He would wear shamrock in his buttonhole today, if we could find any to buy in Dorking, where we lived. Sometimes it was sold in the Belfast Linen Warehouse. I remember him very fondly for his ready smile and twinkly brown eyes although he died in 1989. The song “When Irish Eyes Are Smiling” reminds me of him.

Happy weekend, everyone! 🦩☘️🥰☘️🦩

harrigran Fri 17-Mar-23 06:44:39

Good morning from the NE where it is 8 degrees and dry. It is forecast to be 14 degrees today.
I woke at 5.30, I wanted to be up early to put the bin out but not this early.
Housework today in preparation for family coming tomorrow, must also decide what to cook for them. I am bored with all the usual dinner menus, think I will peruse a few cookery books this afternoon.
You are very organised grandMattie, I am sure everything will go smoothly.
Have a good day.

Mizuna Fri 17-Mar-23 06:55:24

Good morning from a damp but very mild south Cornwall. Today more work on my Boro jacket and sugar-soaping my bathroom walls in preparation for painting them deep purple, yum. The bluebells are flowering on my patio and at 5.30 this morning a blackbird was singing its heart out. Such a joyful sound.

BlueBalou Fri 17-Mar-23 06:57:25

Good morning from a dull, drizzly village on a Wiltshire hill, we’re apparently going to hit the giddy high of 14° today!
🤗 grandMattie, it’s going to be well worth it I’m sure.
The bookcases are finished, just need painting (booked for the end of next week!), I am absolutely delighted. The carpenter is so skilled.
Yesterday I finished the Aran hoody for my great niece, I will post it today, I’m rather pleased with it. I also spent some time in the greenhouse potting up some perennial plug plants and just faffing around- I do love my greenhouse and garden.
Today I am giving the house a good clean, change the bed etc., DDog has dog walker. I really want to start some watercolour painting too.
Hoping we all get some sunshine soon, figuratively and literally!

kittylester Fri 17-Mar-23 06:57:57

Good morning all from a cloudy North Leicestershire.

This morning I have to go to the butcher's in the next village, Waitrose in another village and then the florist and gift shop in our village.

This afternoon I have a zoom Carer's course and then DH and DS1 are off to the football so I have an empty.

Have the best day possible everyone.

Beechnut Fri 17-Mar-23 07:01:57

Good morning everyone from Severnside where it is damp. The hall thermostat is showing 17.5.

You’ve a lot on today Mattie. I woouldnt know whether I was coming or going 🤣.

I’ve my weekly shop to do, pick up my prescription and get a few things from the diy shop. I took some photo’s of my bench yesterday as in the coming weeks I want to replace the wood and give it a fresh coat of paint. My dad made it many years ago so it’s a bit special.

Have a good day all 🌺

Susan56 Fri 17-Mar-23 07:02:58

Good morning from Shropshire.

Yesterdays appointment at Ophthalmology had mixed results.No treatment but review in four months.

We are setting off to North Wales shortly to get the children ready for the day and then take DGD to school.We are tired and H is tired so a quiet day I hope before collecting DGD.She is to dress in colourful clothes today and has a very intricate hairstyle for me to attempt😳

Have the best day you can everyone🦩🍀

GrannyGravy13 Fri 17-Mar-23 07:04:09

Morning all

grandMattie you seem to be very organised,I do hope your move goes smoothly. Mick fingers crossed for your procedure on Monday.

It’s grey here, we have rain forecast and apparently it should be 15° later. I am off to the gym first thing, then it’s picking up The Imp from pre-school at lunch time and no doubt more of the Gruffalo and Wallace & Grommit watching.

Have a good day folks 🙋‍♀️🦩

Beechnut Fri 17-Mar-23 07:06:03

Snap Mattie. I saved the material (because DH chose it) and these days it is a cushion cover for the seat in my new chair.

Beechnut Fri 17-Mar-23 07:06:39

Where was it

brook2704 Fri 17-Mar-23 07:12:39

Good morning everyone from Almeria in Spain, another sunny day is forecast
Hoping today is too stressful gMattie it sounds so very busy, hope you enjoy your lunch out in the middle of the mayhem!
We travelled on the local bus from Mojacar yesterday, a quick and easy journey. We’re going out exploring around the historical centre today and no doubt stopping for coffee and cake in a little square somewhere. First of all though DH will be going out in search of croissants for breakfast and hopefully not get lost
My goodness BlueBalou you sound busy doing lovely things - enjoy
Good luck with the hairstyling Susan tricky I bet
Thinking of everyone with worries and struggles, hope today is gentle and take care all whatever the day brings 💐

Pittcity Fri 17-Mar-23 07:14:40

Good morning from a grey, damp but mild Colchester. I ended up carrying my coat yesterday as it warmed up.
A day of this and that before DH and I take the short walk to one of our local theatres tonight.
Love to all 🦩 x

grandMattie Fri 17-Mar-23 07:15:24

Beech, I do really know whether I’m on my head or feet!
I loathe that IKEA chair because it moves. Because of my sight, anything jiggling is anathema, but DH loved it. I won’t have spac3 for it. I hope it gives someone in need happiness.

grandMattie Fri 17-Mar-23 07:16:02

I DON’T know…

karmalady Fri 17-Mar-23 07:24:06

Good morning, s somerset is set on to be a spring day, some sun, some cloud, some rain

I have enough fuel left for one more stove lighting, I lit it yesterday. Had been full on sneezing, then felt chilly, then had a mild headache. I think it was me ejecting covid. Back to good today

New sink was worth having, a want not a need, the old one was functional, as is a bucket to wash up in a tent. I stroke it when I walk past, it is bigger, better design and more solid stainless steel and it has been stuck down perfectly flush with a non-wobbly tap

Travelling to dd tomorrow, my car sorely needs a run, tyre pressure check later. I have a kit

Urmstongran Fri 17-Mar-23 07:29:04

Here’s Matt.

Good morning everyone from south Manchester where it’s dry and seems a bit milder out. I’ll be stripping the bed later, getting my nails snipped and gelled baby pink at the salon, coming home to pack my handbag for the airport tomorrow and then babysitting early evening. We’ve promised the Boy Wonder and L’il Miss that we’ll bring Domino’s pizza from up the road round with us.

Hope Friday is good to us all. Happy St. Patrick’s Day to any of our Irish grans! ☘️

baubles Fri 17-Mar-23 07:34:19

Good morning all from South Lanarkshire where it’s fairly bright at the moment.

Happy St Patrick’s Day. ☘️ My dear Grandma used to send us shamrock in the post to wear and even now I still wear something green, an old habit.

I don’t know how you fit so much into a day gM.

We had a stroll along Portobello beachfront yesterday with a coffee in one of our favourite cafés. Both children slept in the double buggy so we had quite a relaxing afternoon.

Today I have nothing much planned so will see where the day takes me.

Have the best day possible everyone.

Gingster Fri 17-Mar-23 07:36:16

Good morning all and yes GG it’s dreary here in Essex, but milder.

Just had a call from DD saying she feels so ill with withdrawal symptoms from steroids. Thanks Marydoll and GG for your reassurance yesterday.
Her friend will take DGD to school and Dd will come here for the day , so I can look after her.
It’s our friends Golden Wedding today and lunch was booked for our usual 9 but we’ll have to cancel. It’s a shame, as Dh was best man at the wedding, and I was just expecting our first baby. Oh well!

GM good luck with your day of ‘doings*. So much to do for you but you’ll get through it and reap the benefits.💐.

Sar I have PM’d you.

Enjoy the day, those who can.🌷

Ladyleftfieldlover Fri 17-Mar-23 07:36:48

Morning all from West Oxfordshire. It feels mild but who knows! I’m still in bed. OH is off for most of the day target shooting. I must sort out the admin from Wednesday’s AGM. Typing up minutes etc. Yesterday evening we decided to get a new cleaning lady. We have found someone locally. For the last year or so we have been paying a fortune to a company. They are very good and leave the house sparkling. After all the lockdowns our previous cleaner had moved on and it was impossible to find anyone nearby. But recently a few have popped up. Some might think I’m lazy and should do my own housework. Well, I did once but I have more interesting things to do and if I can afford to pay someone, then why not? OH always had a maid when he lived overseas and thought I should have help too. Gosh, this is a strange rant for this time in the morning! Have a good day everyone, especially those who are suffering in various ways.

Grammaretto Fri 17-Mar-23 07:43:57

Top o' the morning to you!
It's much milder here but a leaden sky
I could do with more sleep after the ceilidh dance class which was good but tiring. It warms you up though on a cold evening.
I'll be on the till at the community store this morning and a new girl is joining my pottery club.
gMattie you do sound very busy. It will be worth it once you have moved.
Have a nice St Patrick's Day whatever you are doing.shamrock

Marydoll Fri 17-Mar-23 07:44:09

Good morning all from a showery Glasgow, where it's 7°C.
Happy St Patrick's day to all. shamrock
My mother used to receive shamrock from family in Ireland and we would wear some pinned on our uniform. 🍀

Mick, if you must go out on public transport, please wear a mask to protect yourself. You don't want to catch anything and jeopardise your op.
I have a GP appointment today and nasks are still compulsory here.
If anyone turns up without one, they are provided with one.

If I feel ok, we are going to visit the bank and perhaps have a fish tea. DH will have to drive and he does not deal well with driving in town!
Im a bit washed out today, I used more than my spoon allowance yesterday.
I had to deal with a flooded utility room ( washing machine) and a blocked drain in the dishwasher.
Where was Mr MD? Nowhere to be seen. He was locked in his study, choosing his horses for Cheltenham and deaf to my cries for help. It was easier to clean up, than climb the stairs!
That man needs a hearing test! 🤬

GM, I hope your day isn't too stressful.

Special thoughts for my Glesca Granny pal, Grandmabatty at such a sad time.
Gingster, I hope your DD is feeling a bit better.

Have a good day folks.

brook2704 Fri 17-Mar-23 07:49:01

Hoping your DD feels a bit better soon Gingster💐