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The King’s trip to France has been postponed

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25Avalon Fri 24-Mar-23 13:04:26

The King’s first official state visit to France has been postponed due to the current unrest. Maybe he should go to New Zealand instead. Not sure Aussies would welcome him.

Joseanne Mon 27-Mar-23 16:04:10

Thanks, that's very helpful. I'm fed up sitting by the computer and phone all day searching.

Joseanne Thu 06-Apr-23 15:27:58

Do these pesky French try to get away with as little work as possible? I had to laugh.

Today is conveniently another strike day.
Tomorrow, Good Friday. Not traditionally a national holiday, but we'll take it anyway.
Then the weekend, of course no work.
Then on into Easter Monday.

It's a good job my friends here don't mind having their legs pulled a bit.