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Your best April Fool?

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Foxygloves Sat 01-Apr-23 09:59:31

Spaghetti trees apart - and nobody could ever improve on that one - what has caught your eye this morning?

BigBertha1 Sat 01-Apr-23 10:01:52

The one that doesn't happen. grin

Grannybags Sat 01-Apr-23 10:23:51

I've seen one from Frankie & Benny's offering 'Drone & Deliver" You can have your takeaway delivered by drone wherever you are as long as you are wearing a Frankie & Benny's tracking strap so they know where you are.

I assumed it was April Fool but you never know these days!

Fleurpepper Sat 01-Apr-23 10:27:44

I've always loved animals, and when I was about 10 I saw an article with photo in our local paper about a calf that had been born with two heads in the next village. I got on my bike and cycled there, and asked everyone where the farm was. Everyone I asked played along and sent me all over the place ... until one farmer told me to come in for hot chocolate and told me the truth and his wife took me to see the 'normal' calves.

Felt like such a fool but in a way was quite pleased the little calf did not exist.

ixion Sat 01-Apr-23 11:22:21

Quite a good one from Dulux this year!

JackyB Sat 01-Apr-23 11:31:34

I assumed it was April Fool but you never know these days!

I've often thought that. Things that were in the papers on 1 April as a gag several years ago would be quite possible these days thanks to advances in genetics and technology.

Remember when it was considered a silly joke if someone was asked what day it was and looked at their watch - which in those days would only have been able to tell the time and was powered by clockwork. To see what day it was you would have to consult a calendar. And that was printed on paper!

What innocents we were! How simple life was!

Mind you, I remember the first broadcast of the spaghetti tree thing and never thought it was clever, funny or believable although obviously a lot of work had gone into it (no CGI in those days!)

Bellanonna Sat 01-Apr-23 11:38:18

I watched the spaghetti harvest and actually believed it

FannyCornforth Sat 01-Apr-23 11:41:58


Quite a good one from Dulux this year!

ixion I wouldn’t have realised that was an April Fool!

FP that sounds really alarming! shock

tanith Sat 01-Apr-23 11:46:32

Rockhopper Penguins to be reintroduced into Gibraltar which I totally believed for an hour or two this morning.

V3ra Sat 01-Apr-23 12:13:53

This is my favourite today 😂

Susan56 Sat 01-Apr-23 13:12:53

Have hopefully attached one my daughter was sent this morning!

Squiffy Sat 01-Apr-23 13:30:36

Fleurpepper This is a photo of a genuine two headed lamb from Potters Museum of Curiosities. It used to be in Brighton and I remember going there as a child. At that age it was fascinating, but now I’m not so sure!

Fleurpepper Sat 01-Apr-23 13:31:34

Oh poor ... lambs. How long did they live?

Caleo Sat 01-Apr-23 13:36:35

Me. See me and you see the best April fool.

Squiffy Sat 01-Apr-23 13:51:43

Fleur I’ve no idea how long they lived, but not very long I should imagine. Potter created all sorts of animal tableaux (squirrels, kittens, birds etc), which as a small child I found fascinating, although I seem to remember that The Death of Cock Robin didn’t appeal to me very much!

Sue432 Sat 01-Apr-23 14:45:54

I share a birthday with this date so i have had every joke under sun for my birthdays lol

Nell8 Sat 01-Apr-23 15:17:43

I saw our newspaper on April Fool's Day in 1990 and told DH the main story was an elaborate joke! Unfortunately we soon realised the pictures of smoke, flame and general chaos in Trafalgar Square were in fact the Poll Tax Riot.

Jaxjacky Sat 01-Apr-23 15:49:13

Very good Susan56 🤣

Oreo Sat 01-Apr-23 15:54:00

DP did a gotcha on me this morning, I’d forgotten what date it was.He said dentist had rung and needs to see me today, had checked my last xray and I needed 4 teeth removed!!
I had to laugh afterwards but for a few mins was horrified.

HousePlantQueen Sat 01-Apr-23 16:00:12

There was a very elaborate and clever one on a political page I follow involving Boris Johnson being adopted as parliamentary candidate for Yarmouth. Due to boundary changes in the area. it detailed where the existing MPs would be standing, and said they looked forward to welcoming Mr & Mrs Johnson to all the best that Great Yarmouth could offer grin grin. It was very well put together, using facts and local knowledge.

Grammaretto Sat 01-Apr-23 16:07:12

I think my favourite was the invention of an idyllic island. Apparently lots of people tried to book holidays on San Seriffe despite all the place names being puns or fonts.

Grammaretto Sat 01-Apr-23 16:08:17

Are you quite sure the haircutting badge was a prank. Susan?

Yammy Sat 01-Apr-23 16:09:09

My DH is quite the one for April fool and has played some awful tricks.
One year he had to work on a Saturday and it was April fool's day. Work was a flutter because a famous actor was making a film nearby. He told someone they had ,had a phone call and the actor was coming in for Emergency treatment. She started to prepare and it was only when he heard her talking to Senior management about possible Police security he actually fezzed up. Luckily they all saw the joke and took it well. She did try to get him back the next year but he was on his guard and rumbled her,

crazyH Sat 01-Apr-23 16:12:52

Very funny

Juliet27 Sat 01-Apr-23 16:27:04

There was one from America once that reported contact had been made with extraterrestrials. I so wanted it to be true!