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Your best April Fool?

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Foxygloves Sat 01-Apr-23 09:59:31

Spaghetti trees apart - and nobody could ever improve on that one - what has caught your eye this morning?

shysal Sat 01-Apr-23 16:50:51

I remember enjoying the Esther Rantzen programme's Lirpa Loof zoo animal which produced purple poo.

The best for me will always be the Panorama spaghetti trees, even though it was after midday, which should be the cut-off point.

Susan56 Sat 01-Apr-23 17:04:15

Definitely a prank Grammaretto!

Grammaretto Sat 01-Apr-23 17:14:30

I can just imagine all those gullible parents patiently trying to grow their hair. Brilliant!

Susan56 Sat 01-Apr-23 17:46:52

🤣M would have loved the chance to cut someone’s hair😳😂

NanaDana Sun 02-Apr-23 06:16:09

Rather liked the Ant and Dec statement, released on Twitter, that they were in talks with the James Bond movie franchise concerning roles in the next film.

absent Sun 02-Apr-23 08:23:18

I got married to my second husband on 1 April Fools' Day. Does that count?

Maggiemaybe Sun 02-Apr-23 08:49:27

We were expecting Ofsted around that time and one of the teachers sent in a letter to the head supposedly from a new government department called Insted, which had been set up to shadow and inspect the Ofsted inspectors and would be coming in at the same time. He’d gone into great detail about what the Insted team would do at the inspection, and included some clever puns and heavy hints that it was a joke. But somehow the cleverly mocked up letter looked so official that the head fell for it hook, line and sinker. After ranting to his senior management team, he called a staff meeting to discuss the Insted inspection. The teacher was horrified that it had gone so far and really nervous when he went in to confess!

Maggiemaybe Sun 02-Apr-23 09:09:29

One of the first things I saw when I woke up yesterday was Ocado’s advert for the Kimchi and Cheese Smelt. Just for a minute until I read the comments underneath I was taken in blush. And yes, I’d buy it!

The cheddar cheese and funky kimchi are bound together by a toasted piece of bread that keeps all the oozy goodness packed in. So, the next time you fancy a kimcheese toastie, simply light your candle and enjoy the aromas of the cheese as it melts away; all that's left to do is tuck in

Marydoll Sun 02-Apr-23 09:28:23

I once sent amy very prudish teaching friend, a letter from the LA, saying that she had been selected to go on sex education training and would be delivering a course to Primary Seven boys in our cluster schools.

She was an infant teacher, who spent her career avoiding P7.
She was incandescant with rage and marched to the head teacher to vent her anger.
She was not amused when she found out it was an April Fool.

Grandma2213 Mon 03-Apr-23 03:05:06

My best April Fool was on a class of Year 9 secondary pupils that had always been a difficult class with terrible behaviour. I told them they had to do an important test given out by the government in silence and gave out papers with impossible questions like 'Who was the first King of Denmark?' 'Why did the shoe industry start in Nottingham? 'Explain how the combustion engine works' and many more. The paper started with 'Read all the questions before you start,' which of course none of them did as the last one said 'You don't need to answer the questions. April Fool!' It took a good ten minutes and a lot of shocked faces before some of them realised and started smiling, even though I had written the date on the blackboard for them to copy down. They were much easier to teach after that!!

Grammaretto Mon 03-Apr-23 06:31:53

Brilliant Grandma2218!! I wonder if you kept a straight face.
Wasn't it Gorm the old? first king of Denmark

Poor friend Marydoll . That could count as cruelty. grin

Marydoll Mon 03-Apr-23 06:43:08

Grandma2218, I love that one!

Ashcombe Mon 03-Apr-23 06:53:26

One April Fools’ Day when our (not well liked) Headteacher was out on a course, Assembly was led by a senior teacher in a Hall with four points of entry/exit. The classes were delighted when told to file in one door then straight out of another!

The senior teacher had the last laugh, however, when it came to the time to pray. Having requested the usual, “Hands together, eyes closed,” he quietly slipped out of the nearest exit!

That evening there was a governors' meeting at which I amused the attendees by relating this to them, much to the discomfort of the Headteacher. 😉

yggdrasil Mon 03-Apr-23 08:15:32

Squiffy: I remember Potters Museum , it used to fascinate me too as a child. It later was moved to Jamaica Inn in Cornwall, and eventually sold to America where it was broken up.

multicolourswapshop Mon 03-Apr-23 08:30:20

I remember yrs ago phoning Edinburgh zoo asking to speak tome G Raff caught them out every time grin