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Soop's warm and welcoming kitchen for kindly folk...

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soop Sun 30-Jul-23 17:20:03

Greetings to all our marvellous Kitcheners.

Here we are again
Caring as can be
All good pals and
Jolly good company.

Buffet is ready and Champagne is nicely chilled.

THANK YOU for the comfort you have brought into my life. You are all extra special people.

cupcake wine flowers sunshine smile

soop Mon 31-Jul-23 13:34:25

Wow! It is a joy to pop into our new kitchen and see so many familiar faces. I shall sit in the "quiet corner" and enjoy your busy banter. I would love to know how many kitchens we've shared over the years. Perhaps Gransnet could enlighten us.

Ali23 You have a very good memory. Yes, I shall virtually celebrate my 82nd birthday with you lovely lot. If only it could "for real". We would have great fun and make a lot of noise. wink

Naughtyneine Mon 31-Jul-23 14:13:32

A new kitchen to share all our highs and lows... I'm hoping lots of the former for everyone.
SueD... It was the best news of the day reading about your son's results...and pray that the bloods with be good news too.
Corner....I am over the moon that it's all going ok for Mr C. I've had far too many surgeries over the years and can testify for sure that the 3rd day grumps are very real. I think it's after the the elation of coming through the op ok and thinking you'll be up and running in no time. Bless him and you. I do hope the buses behave themselves for you.
Baggs and and prayers for you and your families sent and said daily.
Talking of dogs... I've attached a couple that might make you laugh... Finlay acting as my personal dresser with bra in soon as I relieved him off it he pinched my knickers and charged off with them. The other one DOH took this morning. I had a very bad night and feel into a deep sleep at 6am and this is what happened.
I have had a few grotty nights worrying about's my sister's funeral and I have decided to go. I'm going to get there early and go and sit in the balcony so I am not immediately obvious. I don't want there to be any unpleasantness ( I would hope I brought the girls up well enough not to even consider it but you never know). DOH is driving me up but although he would attend Mass with me I think it better that he doesn't... Seeing him there might be like a red rag to a bull. It will be a comfort to me to know he is close by. I'm picking some sweet peas from the garden and he is going to give them to the undertakers to put on the coffin discretely when Mass is taking place. Our Dad grew sweet peas....he died when I was 9 and I think of him now I grow them too. We were out on Saturday with the friends that were staying and Brown Eyed Girl was played. My sister used to sing that to D1 and I did feel tears starting. I hope I'll get through tomorrow ok. At the end of the day we were sisters and I'll always regret not being able to see her and say goodbye and I know she'd have wanted the same too whatever my girls may think.

Mak27 Mon 31-Jul-23 14:57:42

Hello everybody, thank you for the warm welcome. I’m not very clever with phones but hoping I’ve managed to attach a photo of this lovely little battery lamp, it was in the sale and I could’nt resist. I have been in previous kitchens and read the morning thread for ages but decided to join in, I have had so many conversations and wishing lots of you good health and happiness. I love to know there are lots of lovely like minded people out there. I became an OAP one month before covid (I was a care assistant) and now enjoying my retirement. I look forward to everyone’s news

Yiayia4 Mon 31-Jul-23 15:45:23

Hello new Kitchen.Coffee and walnut cake on the side.I will curl up in the comfy chair and relax.

Thinking of you Corner take care.🌻

Your description of Dalmatian’s is spot on! Grandmabatty except he eats everything in sight.He’s been known to steal a picnic from families in the park.😂
All going in the right direction with the house move.🤞Hoping to get a moving date soon.

My thoughts always with Urms Soop and Baggs

Have a pleasant evening everyone.

Yiayia4 Mon 31-Jul-23 15:47:21

Welcome Make27 to our lovely kitchen.

Grandmabatty Mon 31-Jul-23 17:14:06

Good evening Kitcheners. Welcome Mak27 to this lovely thread. I have handed back the boys to their parents with gladness tonight. Dgs1 was out of sorts today. He didn't want to go to soft play, which is not like him, and he didn't want to do anything much. It made the day long for him. He did perk up a bit after wrecking my house! I was really proud of him. He helped a very elderly neighbour who walks with a stick, to take her recycle box to her back door. He told her he was glad to help her and, when she said thank you, he said she was very welcome. Such beautiful manners from a four year old. Dgs2 has been very screamy today which goes right through you. It's mostly happy screams, particularly if he sees a dog but the sooner he can talk the better. My house is a shambles so I shall spend time sorting it out before it gets wrecked again tomorrow. Brook I hope your grandchildren arrived safely and are having fun. Naughtie good luck for the funeral. Brown eyed girl is my song too. I'll be thinking of you. Soop a happy birthday when it comes. Gammon salad for dinner. Have a good evening Kitcheners

Jaxjacky Mon 31-Jul-23 17:32:09

Hi kitcheners, another rainy day, but I was on the voluntary phone, so didn’t go far.
Curry for dinner, then quiz.
I hope MrC is staying on track and the buses are behaving for corner.
Do I hear a happy house brook, I’m sure it is, enjoy.
Blossoming by now I hope your D&V has settled down, it’s exhausting for you.
I must go and water the greenhouse, skies are dulling again.
Urms Baggs and others in need of a big hug, I’m sending one.

Jaxjacky Mon 31-Jul-23 17:33:42

Oh flip, sorry neine wishing you a gentle day tomorrow and a fitting goodbye for your sister 💐.

Grannmarie Mon 31-Jul-23 18:14:07

Neine, I'm hoping and praying that your dear sister's funeral goes as well for you as these things possibly can. May God grant her Eternal Rest. You are a brave lady and a loyal sister. 🙏💕

gillgran Mon 31-Jul-23 18:15:18

My goodness, I went to our little "home-from-home" in W. Norfolk on Friday, after a damp & very breezy 3 days, just got home to find a new kitchen! I must hunt to catch up on your news in the old one!
I love that there is always a spare chair in soop's friendly kitchen. smile.

I send warm wishes for all who are under the weather & all carers of family members. flowers

Ladyleftfieldlover Mon 31-Jul-23 18:19:53

Hello everyone. I had my pneumonia jab. Absolutely pain free and no booster is required. I posted my son’s partner’s coat (and purse) back. I have paid for guaranteed delivery before 1 pm tomorrow. Well, I made a start on packing for my trip to Australia on Sunday! I must remember to make sure there is a pudding in the freezer for OH to take to a lunch while I’m away. Talking about OH - it’s his turn to cook and he is supposed to be preparing a Chinese ready meal. I am thinking of Urms, and N, I hope all goes well tomorrow.

Septimia Mon 31-Jul-23 18:32:34

Like others, I seldom post on here but I do drop in to read what everyone has to say and to see how folk are. As has been said, it's a joy to have the kitchen for the warmth and kindness to be found here. I shall continue to read and think of you all.

creativeness Mon 31-Jul-23 18:41:09

Really lovely thread this is good wishes all

Catterygirl Mon 31-Jul-23 19:39:23

Wishing you all a relaxing evening.

Yiayia4 Mon 31-Jul-23 19:40:12

Thinking of you tomorrow Neine.🌹

SueDonim Mon 31-Jul-23 21:08:43

You’ll be in my thoughts tomorrow, Neine. flowers

Hello to the newcomers - though you feel like old friends already! ❤️

I hope MrC is feeling better today, Corner. These things always have bumps in the road, don’t they?

Australia, LLFL! How exciting! 👏

It’s almost 9pm and we are only now seeing the first bit of sun all day. It was torrential all day until about 5pm. My roses took a battering.

GD arrived at 9am. No prospect of doing anything outside so I booked a soft play session. Surely soft play centres are the tenth circle of hell!! We emerged ninety minutes later feeling as though we’d been chewed up and spat out by a T-Rex! 😂

Someone came today to estimate for window blinds but I didn’t like any of the fabrics. They were all a bit too formal for bedrooms, I’m something of a cottage flowers girl and these were too sophisticated for my taste. blush

My cleaning lady came and worked her magic on us and then we took GD home at about 5pm. Then back to ours to watch the very end of the final Test match cricket. So glad Stuart Broad went out on a high - I remember his dad playing test cricket!

I’ve been ready for my bed for the last two hours, I hope I can stay awake until bedtime. grin

Night night, all. Xxx

cornergran Mon 31-Jul-23 21:25:38

Hello everyone

Unfortunately a huge bump and pothole in the road for Mr C overnight and today. He’ll get there. On the positive side the buses worked a treat, long day though.

All good wishes for tomorrow neine, you’re a courageous woman.

Advance good wishes for your birthday soop. I fear I may be able to pop in regularly and don’t want to overlook such a special day.

Sleep well everyone. TOYA.

Charleygirl5 Mon 31-Jul-23 21:40:57

corner I do hope that Mr. C is able to be discharged this weekend. That would solve the bus problems and you can do what you like in your own house.

I hope Mr C has a better night. Trust him to need two operations to be done at the same time. Most folk are satisfied with one!

I do not want to nag (much) but please try to have a decent meal each evening rather than beans or whatever on toast as I suspect you have been having because you must be tired.

brook2704 Mon 31-Jul-23 22:55:20

Hoping Mr C is feeling a bit better tomorrow corner and we’ll on the road to recovery, sending ❤️
Also hope your dear sisters funeral tomorrow goes as well as it can neine, I’ll be thinking of you
Yes you’re definitely hearing a happy house Jax thank you ! I picked up DD1 and two excited DGSs from the airport and they’ve all settled in. We’ve had a lovely evening, I was so relieved that the meal I’d cooked - soy and honey glazed salmon, new potatoes and veg was really tasty - after all my worrying
How lovely kind of your DGS to help your neighbour grandmabatty, at just 4 years old too 😇
Lovely to see so many friends in the kitchen, a lovely place to be, TOYA and sleep well everyone

Nannytopsy Tue 01-Aug-23 00:09:39

Good evening everyone!
Best wishes to MrC for a better night & to Neine for tomorrow.
We are working away getting ready for a family do at the weekend so there are lists everywhere. What to add to the Tesco order, what has to come out of the freezer when, what jobs need doing etc etc.
We were with DS, DD and all of theirs at the weekend. DGS2 said his first word on Friday - dog! He is besotted with their dog. DGS1 was so good with him, playing at clapping, waving etc which are new tricks. DGD was more interested in the little girls she met!
Well, NNGB and TOYA, including all of the new names.

Foxygloves Tue 01-Aug-23 08:38:06

Too late gir Naughtyneine/to see this, but my thoughts are winging their way towards you.
Losing siblings whether close or not is losing that part of your childhood, indeed of yourself. “Every death diminishes me” to misquote.
GS 2 is with me still and we had a great day yesterday-walked Rosie, bought shed paint (“Willow” a soft green although I teasingly suggested Barbie pink but he didn’t call my bluff! ) for todays project, went to “Mission Impossible” after we had watched a bit of the Ashes test - he is mad about cricket- and got home from the cinema just in time to turn on the TV and see Stuart Broad bowl the winning ball - great rejoicing!
I’m letting him have a bit of screen time now (so that I can catch up on you all) and I can send kind thoughts to Cornergran and Mr C, it’s rarely straightforward is it? And all absent friends.

Charleygirl5 Tue 01-Aug-23 12:03:15

corner I think the sooner Mr C is in an ordinary cardiac ward the better. HDU I know can be noisy with the machines working and the staff rarely sitting down.

I know for many reasons he will be exhausted but he does need some decent rest as do you!

I think it is a good job you are not slushing your way through snow as it is July/August. Very soon you will be enjoying a cup of coffee in your garden together.

soop Tue 01-Aug-23 13:15:31

Yet another...WOW! Are you lovely lot super-charged? Could you share a smidgeon of your energy please?

A very warm welcome to Mak27, Septimia and creativeness. I am not as up to date as I should be. Sorry if I've overlooked other new Kitcheners.

Naughtyneine Thank you for your delightful photos. You are in thoughts. Chin up. Chest out. Us lot are with you in spirit.

annsixty Tue 01-Aug-23 16:41:34

Good afternoon all.
I hope today has been ok for Nn a very tense and emotional day.
We have had a dull day with spits and spots but yesterday was horrendous at time with very heavy rain.
My gardeners cancelled until Thursday, I hope they can make it or I might lose Molly in the grass .
Still tired after my week away and can’t settle, relationship between my 2 lodgers is at a low point, very upsetting for me and because of severe mental health issues in one I am treading on eggshells trying to keep the peace.
“I never thought life would turn out like this”
How many is us have said or thought this?
Tomorrow will be 65 years since my H and I married, how I long for his wisdom and support when he was fit and well.

Blossoming Tue 01-Aug-23 17:52:17

Good evening all, I was exhausted yesterday! Thank you, I had a much better night and fingers crossed it will be Ok now. MrB and I have been to the recycling centre twice today, my little office is looking much better. I’m looking forward to doing some jewellery making in there, but no hammering or barrel polishing as those are noisy. Soldering will probably also be banished to the garden workshop on safety grounds.

Neine I hope everything has gone as well as it might today flowers

I have an ophthalmologist appointment tomorrow, I don’t know if there will be a further injection. The first one has helped.

Take care of yourselves my dear Kitcheners, TOYA

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