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soop Sun 30-Jul-23 17:20:03

Greetings to all our marvellous Kitcheners.

Here we are again
Caring as can be
All good pals and
Jolly good company.

Buffet is ready and Champagne is nicely chilled.

THANK YOU for the comfort you have brought into my life. You are all extra special people.

cupcake wine flowers sunshine smile

Grannmarie Tue 26-Sep-23 22:22:31

Forgot the skis!

soop Wed 27-Sep-23 16:13:26

Thank you for sharing some marvellous photos. They are all uplifting.

Awaiting the gale force winds promised in this area. Heavy rain. Our village homes, close to the burn, have been sandbagged as the burn is a torrent.

TOYA. A group hug for you lovely lot. Especially those with worries. smile moon

brook2704 Wed 27-Sep-23 17:47:23

Lovely photos grannmarie thanks for sharing, I hope you’re having a lovely time!

Hope the storm soon passes Soop I think we’re missing most of it here, it’s just a bit windy and overcast

Nannytopsy Wed 27-Sep-23 18:07:03

Best wishes for the storm tonight soop and to everyone in the west. Here in the east, we should be untroubled by it.

Jaxjacky Wed 27-Sep-23 19:18:12

Brilliant photos Grannmarie thank you.
Batten down the hatches soop a bit breezy here down south, spits of rain.
Fin is having a great time plus three hot meals a day, he loves his food that boy!
We had the gas meter changed today, it stopped working back in June, Octopus will estimate our use, as we only joined them in early June it could be interesting.
Chicken and spinach curry nearly ready, enjoy your evening all.

brook2704 Wed 27-Sep-23 20:44:39

Good to hear that Fin is enjoying his trip away Jax especially the food! Mind you your cooking always sounds yummy too
We’ve got both DGC here just now, they’re staying for a sleepover tonight as their school is one of the ones closed due to strikes so I’m helping out with the childcare tomorrow. They’ve been warned by their mum to be good!
My planed visit to see DD1 in Cambridge this weekend has been postponed as they’ve all gone down with a nasty virus. I’m a bit disappointed that I’m not going of course but it gives them time to rest and recuperate.

Ladyleftfieldlover Wed 27-Sep-23 23:03:29

Hello all.
Well, I sent an engage consult message to the Health Centre at 8.30 am, a message came back straight away acknowledging it. At lunch time another message to say I would get a call from one of the GPs. She rang at 6.30 pm! After a quick chat she said she wanted to see me. I got OH to drive me and off we went. She was waiting for me (most of the other doctors had gone home) and I was the final patient of the day. She did all the usual checks and diagnosed borderline cellulitis which I had developed overnight and probably caused my extreme tiredness and then fainting episode. I have a batch of antibiotics to take four times a day. She checked I had travel insurance but thought I should be ok over the weekend in France. My elder son’s partner gets cellulitis very severely in her legs and usually ends up in hospital on an antibiotic drip. So, we’ll see. I’ve taken one tablet so far.

I hope you’re having a good evening. I’m thinking of Urms and others with worries.

cornergran Wed 27-Sep-23 23:34:43

Pleased you were seen ladylfl. You still sound a bit uncertain though. Hope the antibiotics do the trick.

Our last day here tomorrow, we’ll travel home in the evening. It’s done us both good to have a change of scene. I could simply while away days sitting looking out the window at the harbour activity. I’ll really miss it. We have been out, a boat trip, walks along the quay and some shops today. Mr C has coped wonderfully well. We’re hoping a corner has been turned. I’m a little anxious about driving back, foolish as I got us here in one piece.

Time I was asleep. Goodnight everyone TOYA.

soop Thu 28-Sep-23 15:49:29

Ladyleftfieldlover You have most certainly been well and truly monitored by your GP. Now it's time to take things easy and take your medication. flowers

corner Your change of scene will have done both you and your husband a world of good. I am happy for you. Remember to take things at a leisurely pace. Your husband has made much progress. Us lot send him a virtual hug.

The dreadful gales forecast for the west coast didn't cause disruption hereabouts. The rain lashed down and filled the ditch beyond our drive. Once again, all is calm.

I have taken photos of Mother deer and her fawn. They were showing a lot of interest in carrots that Mr S had thrown across the fence. I am having difficulty downloading the images. Mr S has offered to help me resolve the matter. I shall share with you tomorrow.

Love to all my favourite Gransnetters. smile moon

soop Thu 28-Sep-23 16:03:28


Urmstongran Thu 28-Sep-23 16:36:44

‘Evening All’.

My stepfather will be 91 this weekend so I hopped on a bus at lunchtime to see him, taking his gift and a card. I hoped the trip out and the fresh air would cheer me. Owing to circumstances there will be no gathering on his birthday and I came home feeling upset. For all of us really in different ways. I am so emotional these days.

Grandmabatty Thu 28-Sep-23 16:44:27

Urmston 💐.

Ladyleftfieldlover Thu 28-Sep-23 17:37:35

Oh Urms.🌹
Life is not always a bowl of cherries is it?

brook2704 Thu 28-Sep-23 18:17:19

Thinking of you Urms 💐

Jaxjacky Thu 28-Sep-23 18:48:02

Sometimes feigning joy when your life is in turmoil is just too much Urms xx

Grannmarie Thu 28-Sep-23 18:49:42

Aww, Urms, sending love, hugs and prayers. 💕🕯🙏

Yiayia4 Thu 28-Sep-23 19:04:36

Lots of love UrmsThinking of you 🌹

Thorntrees Thu 28-Sep-23 19:59:01

Thinking of you Urms

Charleygirl5 Thu 28-Sep-23 20:02:57

soop I loved the photos of the deer, thanks.

corner it sounds as though you have had an enjoyable time away and for once the weather was in your favour. It does appear as though Mr.C has turned a corner. Hopefully you will be home by now looking forward to a night in your own bed.

Blossoming Thu 28-Sep-23 20:48:29

Good evening, I have had my flu jab today so a comfy chair and a warm blanket is called for. Hope everyone is doing okay, hugs to all who need one x

mrshat Thu 28-Sep-23 21:01:35

Warm hugs Urms flowers xx

SueDonim Thu 28-Sep-23 21:08:05

I enjoyed the photos of your holiday trip, Granmarie!
Also those wonderful deer, Soop. How beautiful they are. I’m glad you escaped the worst effects of the storm. It was wet and windy here, and again this evening, but it’s simply autumn, nothing unusual.
I hope you start feeling better soon, LLFL. flowers
Hope you have a quiet evening, Blossoming.

Urms, what can I say except my heart goes out to you. flowers

I’m recovering well from the UTI - this time I didn’t leave it a week but got help faster. It’s made all the difference. We’ve not been doing our grandparently duties but will pick them up again from tomorrow with GS.

Other people have been doing their duty, though. My book group was postponed because so many members were having to care for children off school because of the strikes! My dd took her two to a soft play place today, which, apart from children, was full of either harassed parents trying to work on laptops or grandparents gritting their teeth and pretending to enjoy themselves. grin

That’s all until tomorrow. Take care. Xxx

Ali23 Thu 28-Sep-23 21:29:24

Feeling for you Urms 🤗

I’m sure your stepfather really appreciated your pre- birthday visit.

Ladyleftfieldlover Thu 28-Sep-23 21:36:13

Hello kitchen people. I have felt so much better today, which is a good thing as we’re heading off to France tomorrow! In fact I felt well enough to cook dinner - Chicken ratatouille and rice, which was tasty. It contained two of my favourite vegetables - aubergines and courgettes. We are up at the crack of dawn tomorrow. I will pop in the kitchen when I can. Have a good evening.

gillgran Thu 28-Sep-23 21:37:14

Warm thoughts for you all, especially Urmstongran x

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